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How do I tap into the mysterious Russian soul? t. Russophile Anonymous  12/05/19 Вск 20:13:11 585741
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How do I tap into the mysterious Russian soul?

t. Russophile
Anonymous  12/05/19 Вск 20:23:17 585752
Anonymous  12/05/19 Вск 20:26:32 585763
Anonymous  12/05/19 Вск 21:40:24 585784
Anonymous  12/05/19 Вск 22:02:43 585795
>>58574 (OP)
its simple wordl is battle between soul and materia

body wants opposite of what soul wants

russian goverment creates such conditions that the russian suffer so much that body is in constant pain, thus the soul is in high pleasure since it does always opposite of what the body does.

i never saw a poor guy go to a domina
Anonymous  13/05/19 Пнд 04:44:18 585886
>>58574 (OP)
Russia does not exist, it is a quantum hallucination
Anonymous  13/05/19 Пнд 04:53:46 585897
>>58574 (OP)
The other day I spoke with a good friend about the past “March against scoundrels”. I expressed disappointment at the fact that in general few people came to defend orphans. It seemed to me that on this occasion, hundreds of thousands were to go on the march.

- What are hundreds of thousands? What are you talking about? To the majority on the drum what is happening around, the acquaintance answered very emotionally and continued: “There is no mysterious Russian soul. This is our myth for complacency.

I will not hide, and he occasionally used this term when he did not find a clear explanation for this or that event. Politicians and philosophers, writers and scientists spoke and talk about the mysterious Russian soul. As a rule, these arguments are reduced to a simple and abandoned, as a road to a cemetery, postulate: we are a special people, and we have a special path of development. This topic usually pops up and it begins to be actively pedaled during the crisis state of our society, when the country as a result of the next “special path” turned out to know where.

After a conversation with a friend, I once again wondered: what is the "mysterious Russian soul"?

This definition itself - “the mysterious Russian soul” - was introduced into the turn of the 17th – 18th centuries by foreigners who, as part of embassies, trade missions, or simply in search of adventure, visited and sometimes lived in Russia for a long time. Many of the things seen here amazed their imagination. First of all, vast territories, harsh climate and abundance of natural resources. Scientists believe that it is these circumstances that determine the peculiarities of the national character of a particular people - the territory, climate, nature. For these reasons, the Russian state for a long time considered itself self-sufficient, as the American diplomat accurately noted in his notes of the second half of the 19th century:

“The Russians negotiate in a manner that clearly indicates that they have very little interest in them. In this, as in all other similar cases, they believe that Russia is fully provided with everything necessary, its territory and resources are so large and extensive that interest in the products of other countries is insignificant, because it is able to fully live at the expense of domestic wealth and wants of this. "

Due to these and other circumstances, the idea of ​​the essence of the Russian soul was formed, which Fyodor Dostoevsky most succinctly formulated: “To become a real Russian, to become completely Russian, maybe it means only ... to become a brother of all people, all-human ... Indicate the outcome of European longing in his Russian soul, all-human and all-unifying, to contain in it with the fraternal love of all our brothers, and in the end, perhaps, utter the final word of the great, general harmony, fraternal final consent of all the tribes in Christ ! Vangelskomu law "This language of the writer referred to the idea of" universal sympathy ": patience, compassion, love, self-sacrifice - that its constituent components.

Since then, a little over 130 years have passed. And where is this soul, "the all-human and all-uniting"? Where is the “future generation” in which the great writer saw such qualities? There are absolutely opposite processes that Dostoevsky dreamed of. In all areas there is a process of degradation: culture, science, education, morality. Money is the best gift. We kill and maim each other for a hundred of land, per square meter. We envy and scum at the same time. Separate bursts of "humanity" once again prove and show how low we have fallen. But the bottom, to push him away, is still not visible.

I will try to present my version, why it happened this way and not otherwise. From the time of Rurik until the end of the 80s of the twentieth century, the country lived practically behind the “iron curtain”. If they went there, just not to return. The authorities in every way guarded the citizens from the "pernicious influence of the West." As far as it is pernicious for the authorities, we well remember the consequences of the foreign campaign of the Russian army in 1814.

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, we rushed there, and they went to us. Meeting with us for strangers was painless: we went, saw that the same two-legged people lived in Russia, the bears did not drink vodka in the squares, and returned to their normal life. Their “influence” crushed us to the ground, about the way the Indians met up with the Spaniards: it suddenly turned out that we were pleased with their mass culture and consumer goods, but in a perverted form. What is good for foreigners, we turned into evil.

Our “specialty” grew not only on the basis of isolationism, but was also fed by various kinds of myths that permeate our history right up to today. We stick out some facts and shamefully keep silent about others. From the popular prince Alexander Nevsky with a transfer on the Romanovs to the stop “Putin is our everything”. These are not historical personalities and real politicians, but fabulous heroes who are endowed with unrealistic qualities.

We, as we can (we can ill), are proud of our heroes. To the place and out of place we are talking about the readiness of the Russian people for self-sacrifice. Allegedly, this is the "mystery of the Russian soul." But there are two points that need to be clarified. The Russian people were more likely ready not for self-sacrifice, but for the fact that they would be sacrificed to those who had power over them. The wars were won thanks to the principle: the soldier is cannon fodder, which is plenty in the Russian open spaces. The bosses and rulers did not spare Russian lives for the sake of themselves and their allies. During the First World War, the Allies in the Entente said: "We are at war until the last Russian soldier."

And the victory in the Great Patriotic War was largely achieved on the same principle. Even a suitable definition was: “Put life on the altar of victory.” The consequences of such an attitude are still being touched by us. The participant of the war, the writer and philosopher Grigory Pomerantz said this very precisely: “Was it possible, after the monstrous losses of the 41st and 42nd years, to reach Berlin? Yes, you can, we got it. But due to the deep distortion of the popular soul. With the help of the ghost of the world conqueror, who has risen from the grave. Batyi, Genghis Khan. Such a victory is the witch's drink. And the people who swallowed it will long remain poisoned, and after several generations the poison acts as a rash - portraits of Stalin on the windshields. ”

Of course, any nation is designed so that it honors only its heroes. But we must understand that in every nation there were people ready for self-sacrifice. There is no mystery or any special mission. They (the heroes) were brought up this way, the way it was. We have customized and continue to customize their heroes under some special, unknown to other standards. Stupidity and pharisaism.

A soldier who honestly performs his duty cannot but be prepared for self-sacrifice, no matter what form he wears. Unless throw of Matrosov on the enemy machine gun will cease to be a feat if we learn that the German army also had its Matrosovs? Not less than a hundred Wehrmacht soldiers closed the embrasure with their bodies. The feat of Nikolai Gastello was repeated by about 80 fascist pilots, more than 20 Englishmen.

Will we stop bowing to the courage of Alexei Maresyev, if we learn that the Luftwaffe also had its own Maresyev? Pilot Hans-Ulrich Rudel was shot down 30 times, wounded five times, landed behind the front line six times to remove the downed crews. After another injury, Rudel had his lower leg amputated, but he continued to fight without a leg.

And in modern history one can find many facts that the readiness for self-sacrifice is not a purely Russian trait. You should be proud of your heroes. It is bad when pride is replaced by arrogance - we are special, we have our own pride, our own Russian way, etc., etc.

You just have to live and love, appreciate not only the state as a whole, but also the people who surround you. Stop living on two mutually contradictory principles: "we are a God-bearing people" and "my hut is on the edge." And then, perhaps, Dostoevsky’s prophecy will come true: “In order to judge the moral strength of the people and what they are capable of in the future, we must take into consideration not the degree of ugliness to which it can temporarily and even in the majority fall. but one must take into consideration only that height of spirit to which he can rise when the time comes for that. ”

It remains only to find out when the time comes. In Russia, there is nothing more permanent than temporary. If we continue to revel in our peculiarity, it is possible that never. We are no more mysterious than the Japanese and the Germans, the British and the Chinese. The list is endless.
Anonymous  13/05/19 Пнд 06:39:36 585928
>t. stinking edge of butthole of rotting gayrope
Anonymous  24/05/19 Птн 16:08:54 587969
Anonymous  24/05/19 Птн 20:14:14 5880410
1. Learn the Language
2. >>>/b/
Anonymous  25/05/19 Суб 01:12:35 5881611
>>58574 (OP)

Try to astral project to Russia. I feel that Russia is for Russians though. I don't think I could survive there, and I am barely surviving in America. I've had only a handful of short visits in spirit form.

Russian Military - Вооружённые Силы Российской Федерации ft Astral Projection - Trust in Trance

Also note that the Russians are a mysterious and magical people. It is common for Russians to have some degree of paranormal skill such as moving objects with the power of their mind, and floating in mid air. However, they do not want to draw attention to themselves as evil doers often want to use those skills for destructive purposes.

Valeria Lukyanova Amatue - Endless eternity
Anonymous  25/05/19 Суб 17:56:27 5882712
Anonymous  25/05/19 Суб 20:07:27 5883913
>moving objects with the power of their mind, and floating in mid air.
Yes my uncle could levitate. My other uncle from my cousin side could read your mind, lol was scary, you think something and he says exactly what you think with his mouth. We had this witch she could transform her body, once someone saw a pig with her scarf and out curiosity cut lil bit of the ear of that pig, latter that grandma had a bandage on her ear. And once i got scared as a baby and my mum went to some witch, so they used candle or lead, i dont remember and it came a dogs head, turned out i was scared by a dog when he barked. Russia is full of witches and satanism lol
Anonymous  25/05/19 Суб 20:15:32 5884014
abuhellook.jpg (38Кб, 375x604)
>I don't think I could survive there
lol its all lie dude, you get free healthhcare and free education dont need to pay your whole live studentloan or die of no money for medicine. if you are not total retard you can get a normal job and live decent live, but even as a retard you get yellow card and pension for live.

haha we have this guy in our town, he finished 3 universities and went crazy mentaly, so goverment put him on pension. now all he does is writing poems and grab schoolgirls ass and tits, but he never touches maried women ;)
Anonymous  27/05/19 Пнд 02:07:41 5888315

Are you a Russian citizen living in Germany? I'm an American with German ancestry, but I feel neither American nor German. This must be because of my life experiences: a loss of identity and essentially being treated as a nonperson in my native country. I have much to say, but perhaps foremost that magic, spirituality and the supernatural are not something to be believed, but rather to be experienced.

In your first post all of what you said could be dismissed as fantasy even if it was completely true. But people shouldn't believe anything, only experience what is real. I've had some notable lucid dream experiences with Russians. For those that don't believe in the astral dimension, these experiences could be simply explained as telepathic connections that occur between two or more people as they physically sleep.

I'm overdue for another trip to the Russian sphere in fantasy land. Perhaps I should start a blog about my journeys and trips to the spirits' realm of Russia.

GEMS - Sinking Stone (audio)
Anonymous  27/05/19 Пнд 07:10:32 5889116
>I'm overdue for another trip to the Russian sphere in fantasy land. Perhaps I should start a blog about my journeys and trips to the spirits' realm of Russia.
Yes its very good idea. come visit our country.
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