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Why no smile, Americans? Anonymous  15/05/19 Срд 23:56:40 586501
sadamericans.jpg (314Кб, 1000x667)
I heard Americans smile all the time unlike us Russians. Why are these soldiers so gloomy?
Anonymous  16/05/19 Чтв 09:58:03 586562
>>58650 (OP)
They realize it's hard to aim at such a jumper.
Anonymous  16/05/19 Чтв 17:07:50 586653
ricardo milos.jpg (26Кб, 500x374)
>>58650 (OP)
because they are closer to russia now and know they are fucked. they are scared. they think "we gonna die for this clown in blue pants and silly hat".
Anonymous  16/05/19 Чтв 21:07:09 586684
Because they are soldiers standing at attention and they have to be serious. They probably smile all the time when they're aren't standing in formation.
Anonymous  17/05/19 Птн 11:24:42 586775
But they are watching a man dance. He's trying to entertain them. Isn't that awkward to be all "shit is serious" when you're danced to?
Anonymous  17/05/19 Птн 20:13:16 586856
its ukranians. very dangerouse animal.
Anonymous  17/05/19 Птн 23:07:05 586877
1558123610537.jpg (39Кб, 400x446)
Anonymous  17/05/19 Птн 23:24:29 586888
Anonymous  18/05/19 Суб 14:03:54 586979
only animals it's your mother, fucking gay
Anonymous  18/05/19 Суб 19:15:28 5870310
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