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Why Abu sold Dvach? Anonymous  18/05/19 Суб 20:21:05 587051
15577689458570-[...].jpg (32Кб, 399x521)
To kremlebots, red lahta?
Why there ara so many scripts (auto thread, auto answers)?

Why you need to destroy this site?
Anonymous  18/05/19 Суб 20:59:03 587062
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>>58705 (OP)
i am kremlebot
abu didnt sell dvach, dvach was made by russian intelligence using usmanov/ the puppet is abu. 4 chan is also russian, facebook is chinese. to gather information on population and manipulate the youths.
Anonymous  19/05/19 Вск 01:09:29 587103
Anonymous  19/05/19 Вск 19:34:37 587164
Anonymous  20/05/19 Пнд 06:32:12 587205
AXAXXAXAXAXAXAX right in tochka))
Anonymous  20/05/19 Пнд 06:32:47 587216
This doska is called DVACH. Those who disagree goes to na hui.

Anonymous  21/05/19 Втр 07:45:41 587287
And it was around for two years, meanwhile this site is open for ten years (if we're counting tirech times). This begs the question which dvach is the true one.
Anonymous  09/06/19 Вск 04:00:49 592798
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