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Message from a Turkic man to the Russian Crackers Anonymous  24/05/19 Птн 17:09:08 587991
Mapofindependen[...].png (73Кб, 1896x854)
You hate us. We hate you. There is no compromise between our peoples.

How can two mortal enemies live under the same roof? We can't. We must separate. A Turkic Union for us, a Russian Union for you.

My only demand is that each year you will send us 900 billion dollars as reparations for what you did to the Central Asia and to Ottoman Empire. This is our reparations. If you do this, we will respect your right to existence. But only if you pay us the reparations. Or else we breed your white bitches
Anonymous  24/05/19 Птн 18:53:27 588002
1558441988971.webm (2940Кб, 640x800, 00:00:08)
>>58799 (OP)
>Bulgaria and Romania not included into Empire
Leftoid cuck detected
Anonymous  24/05/19 Птн 19:18:20 588013
Anonymous  24/05/19 Птн 20:08:59 588034
1554401309533.jpg (152Кб, 501x713)
>>58799 (OP)
Hi, Turkic anon. Fuck off, Turkic anon.
I think, both our peoples are equally nice and you are just another retard who jerks off to the West.

Best regards and very truly Yours, Russian anon.
Anonymous  24/05/19 Птн 20:52:10 588055
typical kazak m[...].jpg (69Кб, 1024x576)
>>58799 (OP)
>You hate us.
Russians dont hate turks. Russians kill turks like wild dogs. Its not hate just necessity. We will take over you. Why you think you have so many tourist ? You learn our language...we will assimilate you like kazakhs. If you dont, we kill you like circassians.
Anonymous  26/05/19 Вск 14:14:56 588586
>>58799 (OP)
пососи мои яйца, мой борщ друзья классные
Anonymous  26/05/19 Вск 14:51:20 588667
>>58799 (OP)
No, we really don't care about you. People from Russia, dont give a fuck own country, do you really think that they have any original thoughts about Turkey?
Anonymous  26/05/19 Вск 14:59:02 588678
>>58799 (OP)
You probably can't even count on Russian Natasha anymore. They changed their tastes and switched to black people, who are now very much in Moscow. Penis more and do not have to accept Islam.
Anonymous  26/05/19 Вск 15:00:54 588689
>>58799 (OP)
>Or else we breed your white bitches
They prefer Africa because of the big penis, or at least the Chinese because of the big salary.
Anonymous  26/05/19 Вск 17:07:03 5887010
>Germany as a Turkic country
Nice touch.
Anonymous  26/05/19 Вск 19:29:08 5887811
its mostly krypto kurds tho.
Anonymous  26/05/19 Вск 19:56:25 5887912
>>58799 (OP)
Lol, how Trurks are related to Central Asia? You drunk, go away.
Anonymous  27/05/19 Пнд 06:39:27 5888813
>>58799 (OP)
Sure we can talk about this but only after you return Constantinopole back to Grease.
Anonymous  27/05/19 Пнд 06:58:20 5889014
R1adistribution[...].jpg (274Кб, 863x560)
j2.jpg (148Кб, 1280x720)
Anonymous  27/05/19 Пнд 08:33:41 5889315
тебя это ебать не должно
Anonymous  27/05/19 Пнд 10:41:10 5889716
>>58799 (OP)
Have you already paid reparations that you owe to Serbs, Greeks etc?
Anonymous  28/05/19 Втр 02:39:38 5891517
Which kind of europeans are N?
Anonymous  28/05/19 Втр 05:40:15 5891718
пидорашки из нарвы
Anonymous  28/05/19 Втр 16:08:36 5893419
Heh, most Turks are genetically half Greek and half Armenian anyway.
Anonymous  28/05/19 Втр 22:01:33 5893920
>>58799 (OP)
> How can two mortal enemies live under the same roof? We can't. We must separate.
Quite on the contrary, we must reconcile our differences and unite! You'll join as as the Byzantine Krai. Erdogan will be its Governor with the seat in Tsargrad. Your Turkish bois will come to Moscow to do their twirly dances on the Red Square and fuck Natashkas. You will contribute to our culture and sports with that awesome oily butt fisting wrestling. We'll start a whole new butt wrestling sporting federation – surely our Chechen bois will be glad to compete.

We'll restore Hagia Sofia to what it was always meant to be, a kickass Orthodox cathedral, and we'll throw the traitor patriarch batch into the Black Sea and install our Kirill man in his place.

Hey, we may even pay off your debts like we always do for our little bros by giving Mount Ararat to Armenians as reparations for the genocide.

Come, join us! It's gonna be awesome!
Anonymous  29/05/19 Срд 00:12:57 5894321
finnish and some baltic states.
Anonymous  29/05/19 Срд 00:13:26 5894422
mostly greek, but kurds are persian.
Anonymous  01/06/19 Суб 08:03:40 5902623
Turko-Russian aliance sounds good but for the love of god exclude Erdogan as he is trying to destroy Ataturks legacy
Anonymous  01/06/19 Суб 16:21:11 5903524
Anonymous  01/06/19 Суб 20:00:09 5904725
google earth.png (1778Кб, 1163x783)
no, russia have only two allies, kyrgistan and uzbekistan
Anonymous  01/06/19 Суб 21:06:29 5905626
Турок и наташка.mp4 (12306Кб, 202x360, 00:05:50)
>>58799 (OP)
>Or else we breed your white bitches
So it is happening already i guess
Anonymous  01/06/19 Суб 22:08:38 5906027
fff.JPG (9Кб, 115x93)
>no moaning
>short thrusts
>mfw short dicklet asian xD
Anonymous  02/06/19 Вск 09:04:50 5907228
Anonymous  03/06/19 Пнд 11:50:46 5909629
How often do you feel Turkish dicklets, Herr Deutscher Kuck?
Anonymous  03/06/19 Пнд 22:59:30 5910930
iam not deutscher

all dicklets are angry all the time.
Anonymous  04/06/19 Втр 13:17:33 5913031
15578592371140.mp4 (12967Кб, 1280x720, 00:00:26)
>>58799 (OP)
>My only demand is that each year you will send us 900 billion dollars as reparations for what you did to the Central Asia and to Ottoman Empire.
Imagine thinking that T*rkey, the country who still gets their ass beat regularly by a few mountain dwelling guerrillas with slavshit guns, is in any position to demand anything of any other country.
Anonymous  05/06/19 Срд 12:08:07 5916632
15576795351820.jpg (88Кб, 600x717)
Anonymous  05/06/19 Срд 13:59:54 5916733
Kebab can speak?
Anonymous  05/06/19 Срд 22:27:32 5918334
Anonymous  08/06/19 Суб 20:31:33 5926835
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