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Question for Russians Anonymous  25/05/19 Суб 18:09:32 588281
1557854210670.webm (1985Кб, 640x800, 00:00:10)
If I was Russian would it be looked down upon in society to date a Tatar girl or any of the beautiful Yakut girls? Or even ossetian girls? What about Armenians and other caucasians

What about your families will they care?
Anonymous  25/05/19 Суб 18:21:29 588292
a7bbdfead3d43a9[...].jpg (90Кб, 800x562)
>>58828 (OP)
Nobody would even notice. Here we fuck whoever we like.
a comment to the picture "they all mixed up!" (on the left are nominally russians, on the right are nominally tatars)
Anonymous  25/05/19 Суб 19:35:47 588353
Ah thats very good then. How hard would it be to date a Caucasian girl, you think you could convert them to orthodox?
Anonymous  25/05/19 Суб 19:39:41 588364
russian patriot.jpg (25Кб, 288x494)
>>58828 (OP)
you dont get concept of "russia" its not a country, its an empire.

also russia is not racist, most racist and nationalist is just cosplay or frustration. if you feel attached to russia you are russian.

russian is not genocidal like germans or anglos, its more of a rapist, it forces itself upon other nations and rapes them and it says constantly "you like ? you like it ?". so its rare that russian male will take tatar girl, but its more common that some other ethnicity will take russian girl so kids will be russian by blood. most of what you see as "tatar" "yakut" etc do no exist anymore, the are mixed with russians already long long time ago. russia is over 1200 years old. this are 10 generation. everyone is russian now, just larp as somethingelse.
Anonymous  25/05/19 Суб 19:52:01 588375
allahu akbar.jpg (190Кб, 1000x600)
their are more orthodox caucasians then muslims. caucas have its own mentality when it comes to women. caucas men will beat up kyrgiz men if he dates with caucas women. even if hes muslim. armenians or georgians are also caucas and orthodox but will not let their women date someone not like them. but its so irrelevant because they are very small people, nobody would notice them. their is forced marriage anyway.

"lets cut up some pussy", it happening right miau in russia xD
Anonymous  27/05/19 Пнд 05:44:56 588856
They all hach
Anonymous  27/05/19 Пнд 08:57:41 588957
15433389095690.png (366Кб, 900x900)
Left 2 from kazakh mother and 2 from tatar mother
On the right is everything from the Russian mother
Anonymous  03/06/19 Пнд 16:07:03 591048
>>58828 (OP)
Naw dawg dating some ethnic chick is totes okay. I married a half-Uzbek girl, she's pretty awesome. For girls to date Caucasian dudes is a bit more questionable as they become "chernilnitsa" (inkwell, or blacked) but as you may guess they don't care much about what others think if they go as low as to let an unwashed khach cock inside her.
So basically it's not about racism, it's all about Russian cucks being jelly.
03/06/19 Пнд 18:45:54 591069
>1200 years old. this are 10 generation.
lolwut? it's 60 generations.
Anonymous  03/06/19 Пнд 23:22:46 5911410
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