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what is ЛЕВ ПРОТИВ Anonymous  04/06/19 Втр 08:49:03 591211
250px-Левпротив.jpg (34Кб, 250x333)

What does an average Russian think about him? He has a lot of thumbs up and I thought Russian normies would be 95% supporting alcoholisation. Who supports him? Nazis? They support a guy who looks like a Chechen??
Isn't he some kind of Chechen? There's a lot of Westernized Russians with dyed hair and Western clothing too. Weird.
If he tried that 'stop drinking here and now' shit in Poland he'd end up badly for sure.
Anonymous  04/06/19 Втр 11:15:18 591242
Anonymous  04/06/19 Втр 12:32:32 591253
>>59121 (OP)
Fuking asshole who think he has the right to tell people what to do. IF he stands for sober society he can enlist in druzhinniki and help police patrol the street no punch people faces. Fucking vigilante or small criminal is who he is.
Anonymous  04/06/19 Втр 12:38:18 591284
Why does he have so many likes under his videos? Do Russian nationalists support him?
Anonymous  04/06/19 Втр 13:05:28 591295
Because he is "upholding the law" and I guess Russian normies love it when people suck up to the government and the police. It's not that he is against alcohol; just that he is "fighting" alcohol consumption in public, which is against the law. Still makes him a asshole for exploiting this to start fights with random kids trying to have fun.
Anonymous  04/06/19 Втр 13:35:59 591326
It seems like he's very well known and normies don't even try to phyiscally confront him. Must be because of that group of fighters (?) he walks around with.
Anonymous  04/06/19 Втр 16:25:40 591367
>>59121 (OP)
>in Poland he'd end up badly for sure
He will in Russia too. Few years ago there was a Tesak (Максим Марцинкевич) who caught pedophiles and humiliated them in front of the camera. He's in prison now.
Anonymous  04/06/19 Втр 18:30:10 591428
So is he a Chechen or not?
Anonymous  04/06/19 Втр 19:19:50 591439
Yes, of course. It is a Chechen man from the private Ramzan Achmatov army. Be afraid of him.
Anonymous  04/06/19 Втр 22:44:00 5914810
Anonymous  05/06/19 Срд 08:42:34 5916311
Russian youtube auditory is wide but not show opinions of all people, most of people don't know who he is. People just love confrontation. Same was with stopham videos - provocation of conflict often ended up in violence. Great youtube channel content. Beatings drunk muscovities on a streets every non-Moscow russian dream))
Anonymous  05/06/19 Срд 11:03:30 5916512
He fights degeneracy
Same with stopham, or should i say stopscum
Anonymous  06/06/19 Чтв 00:05:34 5919113
any other interesting Russian channels you can recommend?
Anonymous  06/06/19 Чтв 16:06:41 5920014
Anonymous  06/06/19 Чтв 20:23:58 5920415
Anonymous  06/06/19 Чтв 20:24:17 5920516
Anonymous  06/06/19 Чтв 21:13:18 5921217
>He will in Russia too. Few years ago there was a Tesak (Максим Марцинкевич) who caught pedophiles and humiliated them in front of the camera. He's in prison now.

That guy is a complete idiot. He was several times in prison for some nazi-shit and never learned, that authorities are stronger.
When will he be reliesed?
Anonymous  06/06/19 Чтв 21:43:04 5921518
>Стоп, попрошайки! Стоп Харам
unironically based
Anonymous  06/06/19 Чтв 21:50:55 5921619
607635731453463[...].jpg (129Кб, 1024x1821)
Looks like Rushkas the next, who will be cucked by muzlims.
Anonymous  07/06/19 Птн 08:38:19 5922520
Anonymous  09/06/19 Вск 00:01:03 5927121
Anonymous  09/06/19 Вск 00:11:50 5927422
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