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should i learn russian im interested in reading like Dostoevsky and tolstoy and Stuff and also soviet history/political theory do u think it will be worth it Anonymous  12/06/19 Срд 02:53:34 593931
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should i learn russian im interested in reading like Dostoevsky and tolstoy and Stuff and also soviet history/political theory do u think it will be worth it
Anonymous  12/06/19 Срд 07:04:49 593942
>>59393 (OP)
No, Dostoevsky Tolstoy is maculature and the history of the USSR is shit and not worth the time spent.
Anonymous  12/06/19 Срд 07:08:53 593953
You really fucked if in a world with the Internet and rockets you are going to read this garbage, a hundred years old.
Anonymous  12/06/19 Срд 10:49:46 594014
you will have to take studying russian as a life long project if you someday want to read dostoyevski and shit in its original form. could be fun though depending on what you like
Anonymous  12/06/19 Срд 11:31:22 594025
>>59393 (OP)
If you're not really into languages, I won't recommend you to study russian. I know that it seems to be fucked up for foreigners.But don't listen to those sosachers, who try to show russian literature miserable. They are total cucks, shame on them.
Anonymous  12/06/19 Срд 11:40:18 594046
>>59393 (OP)
> do u think it will be worth it
worth what? if you're a language geek you don't need to ask self-hating russians whether you should learn it or not
otherwise, if you have doubts, then you probably shouldn't waste you're time learning such a difficult language
Anonymous  12/06/19 Срд 13:48:24 594077
Anonymous  12/06/19 Срд 15:36:16 594148
>>59393 (OP)
its to deep for you. different kind of frequenz of understanding.

learning russian would be benefical if you want to survive upcoming revolution in USA
Anonymous  12/06/19 Срд 19:57:49 594209
>>59393 (OP)
It depends on what you're going to do in life.
Anonymous  13/06/19 Чтв 00:01:50 5942510
>>59393 (OP)
Well it's more useful than most other meme languages, so I would say yes.
Anonymous  13/06/19 Чтв 12:54:36 5943011
aru.png (101Кб, 1366x768)
kore.png (89Кб, 1366x768)
sore.png (74Кб, 1366x768)
>>59393 (OP)
Learning foreign language is understanding your own language deeper, because they're always related. m is me in igbo (and I'm yet to find out if it's european influence or independent ancient form)
Russian is between English & Japanese: we have lots of lexics common with English (even though they're not easy to recognize by dictionary: to squeal has similar cognate in russia: скулить [skulitt] russian ть is english to
Druid could be recoginzed in russian as Drevnii (ancient, древний) though I'm not sure it's a valid etymology, but who cares if it's recognized for mnemonic means.
And we have grammar more similar to Japanese: -no for Genetivus, -i for adjectives, and something else. You share with them are here there as aru koreこれ sore - even google translator translates are as あります (arimas) where mas is a respecable suffix.
Anonymous  13/06/19 Чтв 17:44:38 5943512
what's wrong with studying russian?
Anonymous  13/06/19 Чтв 18:23:20 5943613
Anonymous  14/06/19 Птн 10:22:45 5944114
>>59393 (OP)
It's the same for any language. Do you see any use for it aside from reading classic literature?
If you don't then I don't think it'd be worth it. It'll take too much time and effort to learn and the payoff would be modest at best.
Not trying to put you off, just being realistic. You need to find good motivation.
Anonymous  15/06/19 Суб 12:33:56 5946715
>>59393 (OP)
Should. Every sucky murrican nowing russian is closing our victory in language war.
Anonymous  22/06/19 Суб 11:19:53 5957616
>>59393 (OP)
Tolstoy was writing in french, so you should reconsider the language you plan to learn.
Anonymous  24/06/19 Пнд 02:13:42 5960517
Anonymous  24/06/19 Пнд 02:14:10 5960618
Anonymous  28/06/19 Птн 20:54:50 5969919
I'm learning Russian so I can read my paystub in the future after America collapses if it tries to push for another stupid war.
Anonymous  01/07/19 Пнд 07:51:02 5977920
pyOcUTlF8gE.jpg (54Кб, 300x300)
>Word cases
>Weird grammatics that even russians don't know
>Different type of language synthetic instead of analytic
Anonymous  01/07/19 Пнд 12:14:46 5978221
>synthetic instead of analytic
Which one analytic?
Anonymous  01/07/19 Пнд 12:28:27 5978322
Anonymous  01/07/19 Пнд 12:36:10 5978423
Anonymous  01/07/19 Пнд 17:13:17 5979124
Anonymous  01/07/19 Пнд 18:01:08 5979225
Anonymous  01/07/19 Пнд 18:03:44 5979326
Also, Ithkuil is the best language ever created, nodiscuss
Anonymous  04/08/19 Вск 19:26:52 6046527
Anonymous  04/08/19 Вск 21:03:39 6047928
>>59393 (OP)
did u read them in english? u need a lot to study toread them in original. and i`m not sure u will like them
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