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Why did Communists hate religion so much? Anonymous  12/06/19 Срд 15:11:03 594081
soviet-anti-rel[...].jpg (379Кб, 1000x1332)
Why did Communists hate religion so much?
Anonymous  12/06/19 Срд 15:28:26 594102
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Anonymous  12/06/19 Срд 15:28:28 594113
Anonymous  12/06/19 Срд 15:32:06 594124
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Anonymous  12/06/19 Срд 15:32:42 594135
What does religion have to do with Communism?
Anonymous  12/06/19 Срд 17:17:56 594176
Anonymous  12/06/19 Срд 19:30:46 594187
Anonymous  13/06/19 Чтв 06:50:14 594288
Anonymous  13/06/19 Чтв 13:39:41 594329
Anonymous  14/06/19 Птн 10:33:12 5944210
>>59408 (OP)
It was a contradiction to dialectical materialism marxist ideology was found on.
Religion is a pre-modern concept. Marxism is a modern concept. So that hatred was basically a cultural conflict.
Anonymous  14/06/19 Птн 14:27:52 5945011
>>59408 (OP)
Because religion is anti-progressive and dumb people down?
Anonymous  14/06/19 Птн 14:39:33 5945112
But it was progressive about 2500 years ago...
Anonymous  14/06/19 Птн 14:52:32 5945213
Well, it's not 500 BC anymore, thankfully.
Anonymous  19/06/19 Срд 22:13:40 5953314
Communism stems from the ideas of the christian sects such as Diggers. The sectarian image of Eden coming down to earth and to living people generally matches the communist promise of utopian future. It was Marx who concluded that religion serves the purpose to fortify the old order and better life conditions could be achieved through science.

Communists and christian sectarians are not in opposition. They are close competitors for the same audience consisting of naive idealistic people prone to brainwashing.
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