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what are some good russian books? i have read dostoyevsky's "devils" Anonymous  25/06/19 Втр 21:53:00 596321
dolbayob.jpg (920Кб, 1003x1569)
what are some good russian books?
i have read dostoyevsky's "devils" and "crime and punishment" and i liked it but it felt like i'm missing a lot becasue i don't know russian history very well((((
what's a good starting point into russian literature? should i try tolstoy?
Anonymous  25/06/19 Втр 23:14:07 596332
>>59632 (OP)
I do not like Tolstoy.
Read something interesting:
Mikhail Bulgakov "The Master and Margarita"
Alexander Griboyedov "Woe from Wit"
Anonymous  25/06/19 Втр 23:40:40 596343
Gogol, "Overcoat", "Nose", "Night before Christmas" and other stories
Chekhov short stories and maybe his longer plays
Bulgakov's short prose like "Dog's heart" or "Doctor's Notebook",
Zamyatin "We",
Shalamov "Kolyma Tales"

It all depends on the time, whether you want to read 'classic' or 'modern '.
Anonymous  26/06/19 Срд 00:07:19 596354
Anonymous  26/06/19 Срд 00:19:54 596365
Have some MONSTER ENERGY and play another game on your PS3, scum.
Anonymous  26/06/19 Срд 02:16:19 596376
>Mikhail Bulgakov "The Master and Margarita"
The worst of his works to my taste. I even dare to think it was written by his wife.
Anonymous  26/06/19 Срд 03:20:47 596387
Anonymous  26/06/19 Срд 04:58:30 596418
Москва Петушки
Anonymous  26/06/19 Срд 07:54:14 596439
Anonymous  26/06/19 Срд 09:03:17 5965010
>>59632 (OP)
Neznayka trilogy by Nosov. Best part is Neznayka on the Moon where repulsive capitalism face is bared to it's true nature. Great reading from kids to old age.
Anonymous  26/06/19 Срд 09:04:30 5965111
You know the real shit, Korea.
Anonymous  26/06/19 Срд 10:16:33 5965912
You can read Солженицын - Раковый корпус I give it recommend~
Anonymous  26/06/19 Срд 12:07:14 5966013
Read 2ch threads... peak Russian literature.
Anonymous  28/06/19 Птн 00:08:10 5968714
в минуты разоча[...].png (292Кб, 550x544)
куда податься м[...].png (59Кб, 543x485)
рабочий сука не[...].png (25Кб, 534x238)
я нацисрач любл[...].png (49Кб, 541x284)
Anonymous  30/06/19 Вск 21:25:37 5975615
>Master and Margarita
Overhyped mystical gibberish. Heart if the Dog is much better, even if the message feels kinda controversial nowadays.
Anonymous  30/06/19 Вск 21:29:07 5975716
image.jpeg (226Кб, 400x400)
Счастлив, о боги, Аноний, в безжалостном споре
Чью правоту Оппонентус признал, безутешно
Гордую выю склонив перед злым аргументом:
"Мать я твою познавал, да и не однократно".
Anonymous  30/06/19 Вск 22:41:40 5976417
heartbreak kid.jpg (65Кб, 1440x598)
heartbreak kid..jpg (67Кб, 1440x602)
heartbreak kid...jpg (74Кб, 1440x601)
Rye of rhymes hides silly thoughts
Just as makeup covers thots
You used rhythm and no rhyme
For there's nothing to berime
Anonymous  02/07/19 Втр 17:21:51 5981418
>>59632 (OP)
1) Trip from Petersburg to Moscow
2) Pushkin Captain's daughter
3) Pushkin Hunter's diary
4) Gogol Taras Bulba
5) Turgenev Fathers and Childs
6) Bulgakov Master and Margarita
7) Dostoyevsky Idiot
8) Saltikov Shedrin's Golovlevs
9) Gorkiy Life and Death of Klim Samgin (its fucking long)
Anonymous  02/07/19 Втр 17:26:20 5981519
>Shalamov "Kolyma Tales"
Librashka semi-lie shit. Mass killers represented as a suffering heroes.
Anonymous  02/07/19 Втр 17:32:53 5981620
>3) Pushkin Hunter's diary
Oh what im writing?
"Повести покойного Ивана Петровича Белкина" its 5 novels set
Anonymous  03/07/19 Срд 19:01:29 5982721
9780452011878cu[...].jpg (54Кб, 948x1432)
The most popular russian author in the world.
Anonymous  03/07/19 Срд 21:13:42 5982822
Absolutely american-minded book
Anonymous  03/07/19 Срд 22:47:34 5982923
with introduction by "leonard peikoff" means he wrote thaat book, but payed rand to be the strawwomen.
Anonymous  04/07/19 Чтв 01:45:32 5983224
image.jpeg (156Кб, 512x512)
Herpa derpa derpa derp
Hoopla doopla woopla twerp
See me rhyme your precious rhyme
Rim my butthole one more time.
Anonymous  05/07/19 Птн 22:08:49 5986525
Anonymous  26/07/19 Птн 03:37:51 6018326
The ideas presented in the book match her biography. She also defended them in all her philosophy works and interviews during her lifetime. It is likely she wrote it.
Anonymous  26/07/19 Птн 03:40:27 6018427
Russians are very american-minded. They love american brands, american music and movies most of all.
Anonymous  31/07/19 Срд 01:06:46 6032828
Anonymous  31/07/19 Срд 09:26:43 6033529
32545.jpg (247Кб, 612x931)
Try this one.
Anonymous  11/08/19 Вск 13:33:00 6068430
>>59632 (OP)
I feel that 19th century literature is A BIT outdated. I have no idea why the west is still chewing on Chekhov, Tolstoy and Dostoevsky. Too irrelevant topics, too boring and heavy reading style i.e. tons of redundant details that do not play a role in the story.
I've read all the classic Russian literature + most of the other RU writers, so I can compare and say there are lot of Russian writers 1000 times better!
here is my Top-rating

Alexander Green - Scarlet Sails
Александр Грин - Алые паруса

Alexander Green - The Shining World
Александр Грин - Блистающий мир

Vladislav Krapivin - Dovecote in the yellow meadow
Владислав Крапивин - Голубятня на желтой поляне

Vladislav Krapivin - On the night of the big tide
Владислав Крапивин - В ночь большого прилива

Vladislav Krapivin - Eternal Pearl
Владислав Крапивин - Вечный жемчуг

Vladislav Krapivin - Distant Buglers
Владислав Крапивин - Далкие горнисты

Sergey Lukyanenko - Emperors of Illusions
Сергей Лукьяненко - Императоры Иллюзий

Sergey Lukyanenko - Dream Line
Сергей Лукьяненко - Линия Грёз

Sergey Lukyanenko - Night Watch
Сергей Лукьяненко - Ночной Дозор

Sergey Lukyanenko - Day Watch
Сергей Лукьяненко - Дневной Дозор

Lukyanenko, Perumov - This is not the time for dragons
Лукьяненко, Перумов - Не время для драконов
Anonymous  12/08/19 Пнд 15:01:03 6073631
>>59632 (OP)
Turgenev and Leskov are better for the beginning
Anonymous  12/08/19 Пнд 15:04:19 6073732
Also try Belyaev and Efremov (sci-fi)
Anonymous  12/08/19 Пнд 16:05:16 6073833
Anonymous  25/01/20 Суб 18:11:48 6425134
4782276606.jpg (141Кб, 777x1200)
>>59632 (OP)
Tell those polsk publishers that they awkwardly translited "бесы" as "бьесы" at that book cover.
And i can suggest to read ukrainian-russian fairytale for adults: Gogol' "Vij"
Anonymous  27/01/20 Пнд 00:50:14 6429935
Anonymous  27/01/20 Пнд 03:43:20 6430336
communist scum. people like you are reason why russia is still a shithole unlike poland
Anonymous  27/01/20 Пнд 12:39:07 6430937
lmao poland is even more of a shithole you dumb burger
Anonymous  27/01/20 Пнд 14:38:09 6431738
Anonymous  30/07/20 Чтв 11:06:34 6810539
>>59632 (OP)
I love, for example, Annenkov's "Letters to Turgenev". Both style and atmosphere.
Anonymous  30/07/20 Чтв 11:47:51 6810640
that’s either nabokov or dostoyevsky
Anonymous  01/08/20 Суб 03:11:09 6811441

you are mentally deficient and bring shame on this country
Anonymous  01/08/20 Суб 10:06:35 6811742
GDP.jpg (72Кб, 500x397)
paying for cup of coffe 20$
Anonymous  02/08/20 Вск 12:02:47 6814143
Anonymous  02/08/20 Вск 14:33:56 6814244
1581283156272.jpg (43Кб, 688x692)
Anonymous  02/08/20 Вск 15:22:13 6814345
Anonymous  02/08/20 Вск 18:58:31 6814846
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