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Hi russians! Добрый день How do I get Russian gf? I like slav girls for Anonymous  06/07/19 Суб 11:57:03 598791
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Hi russians! Добрый день
How do I get Russian gf? I like slav girls for some reason and Eastern European culture in general, been in SPb twice and once in Kyiv and liked both. I don't want to go to international dating sites since most women there either for "just language practice xDDD" or seek for migration, not relationships.
Where can I find nice Russian (Ukrainian, Belorussian) gf? I'm normal guy 24 yo with job and friends, not some neet creep. I want nice relationships and family with slav girl who will make varenyky for me and I'll make bbq for her and we will listen Grazhdanskaya Oborona together.
Any advises?
Anonymous  06/07/19 Суб 12:07:30 598802
>>59879 (OP)
Holy crap ou-see mate here. Grab your boat and swim to Khabarovsk or Vladivostock you can find nice pizda there. Sankt peter's burg my ass it's 12 hour flight or so?
Anonymous  06/07/19 Суб 12:08:34 598813
>>59879 (OP)
Also how is your +14 degrees winter going? Do you wear a beanie?))
Anonymous  06/07/19 Суб 12:17:17 598824
>it's 12 hour flight
It's more than 24 hrs of flight. Not including transfers in airports.
> Grab your boat and swim to Khabarovsk or Vladivostock
I don't have time for traveling since I work full time. My next vacation will be only in March 2020
>+14 degrees winter
Today it was about +20C, some people even wear shorts these days. We have warm winds coming from the continent so weather is much warmer than it usually is.
Anonymous  06/07/19 Суб 18:33:53 598905
Find local tusovochka of russian chicks then like public vk or facebook group or ask around where are slavs comunicate in your local city or any big city around.
Anonymous  07/07/19 Вск 04:02:24 599006
Most slav girls in Australia are already taken by someone, also they are mostly in their 30's while I'm in my mid 20's
Anonymous  07/07/19 Вск 11:55:52 599027
>>59879 (OP)
Same how do I find a genuine Slav girl to be with?
Ден  07/07/19 Вск 13:19:27 599038
Shit, i've been on some sport competitions near Vyborg, and meet guys from NZ and Australia. Could you been among them?
Just surprised that people from another side of planet are visiting Russia.
I can advise you to visit some musical fests, should be easy to pick girl there
Sorry for grammar and other mistakes
Anonymous  11/07/19 Чтв 07:24:53 599649
Anonymous  11/07/19 Чтв 21:36:36 5996910
>>59879 (OP)
Didn't read the thread. Just approach any rus/ukie grill and say "peace coup dush e-butt". And flash your passport. That's the important part.
Actually just flash your pass and whip out your dick, that'll be enough.
Anonymous  12/07/19 Птн 10:21:11 5997811
>peace coup dush e-butt
That's one smooth line right here OP, pay attention.
Anonymous  12/07/19 Птн 19:34:53 5998112
I have never had a gf
Anonymous  13/07/19 Суб 20:00:58 5999513
you cant own anything in this world, everything is temporarly. only thing that you own is mitzva
Anonymous  14/07/19 Вск 06:41:42 6000314
Anonymous  14/07/19 Вск 15:52:56 6000915
still not the most disgusting of your savage traditions
14/07/19 Вск 22:02:27 6001516
leave your email or any other contact
may be it's me you are looking for
14/07/19 Вск 22:03:51 6001617
Anonymous  15/07/19 Пнд 04:24:52 6002018
Anonymous  31/07/19 Срд 00:56:55 6032519
Anonymous  23/08/19 Птн 01:48:40 6097020
Anonymous  24/08/19 Суб 10:29:32 6098921
You are australian and this is enough. You go to ANY girl in ANY city and say “hi, i am from Australia and i you looks really great! Would you like to meet me this evening?” or smth like that. They loves money and foreigners. But you should be ready that slavic women can love only money, not you or any other men.
Anonymous  24/08/19 Суб 12:04:04 6099122
Yeah OK but how do you find a non-whore wife?
I'm Orthodox and learning Russian if that helps.
24/08/19 Суб 13:37:07 6099323
Anonymous  24/08/19 Суб 22:42:50 6100024
OP: "or seek for migration, not relationships"
> They loves money and foreigners.

>slavic women can love only money, not you or any other men.
ew fuck

>>59879 (OP) is your best bet.

You will need to get thru "съебать из россии" filter somehow, because many of ruskies want to emigrate. But if/when you do that - you will find out that regular russian girls is just regular girls. From poor but still same "european" society.
Anonymous  25/08/19 Вск 09:58:01 6100625
Anonymous  28/08/19 Срд 23:22:36 6110026
>non-whore wife?
If you are orthodox, you should know that wife is given by The Almighty. If you are a criminal you will get a whore, if you are zhadik you get a modest women.
Anonymous  08/09/19 Вск 20:50:53 6128027
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