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Burger here. Ask me anything Anonymous  10/08/19 Суб 00:02:32 606271
flag.png (18Кб, 1520x800)
Burger here. Ask me anything
Anonymous  10/08/19 Суб 00:08:02 606282
Is it true you can buy guns at Walmart?
Anonymous  10/08/19 Суб 00:09:55 606293
Anonymous  10/08/19 Суб 00:14:15 606314
When I went to WV they were quite common but where I live ammunition is much more common.
Kroger and Dick's also sell them.
Anonymous  10/08/19 Суб 00:49:40 606395
Anonymous  10/08/19 Суб 01:17:40 606416
I'm not using a proxy. I'm genuinely an American asking questions on this /int/ board.
Are there are any russian imageboards besides this one?
Anonymous  10/08/19 Суб 02:36:20 606427
America First.jpg (253Кб, 1480x832)
VanguardAmerica[...].png (60Кб, 870x1126)
america-first-a[...].png (68Кб, 500x522)
>>60627 (OP)

US is the last stand of white race, do you realize that?

So please annex Russia, Ukraine, Belarus etc and make here a nuclear firing field, then enslave all slavs and force them to work in uranium mine, cause all slavs are mentally based leftists-subhumans.

Heil Trump o/
Anonymous  10/08/19 Суб 06:34:41 606448
Anonymous  10/08/19 Суб 10:42:50 606479
>Hi. Where are th burgers?
Am burger.

>US is the last stand of white race, do you realize that?

Such as?
Anonymous  10/08/19 Суб 10:59:32 6064810
>>60647 and, from the top of my head. The former is an animufag version of dvach while the latter is sll about being nice to each other.
Dunno if there is an international board on either of those or if there is anyone left there altogether but I'm sure if you just go there and start a thread in the local /b/ they'll be happy to chat with you.
Anonymous  11/08/19 Вск 03:35:17 6067411
>>60627 (OP)
You visited the Gucci store in St. Petersburg where they sucked you like a penis???
Anonymous  11/08/19 Вск 06:08:04 6067712
hqdefault[1].jpg (8Кб, 480x360)
Anonymous  11/08/19 Вск 14:59:37 6068513
Are you fat? Don't lie.
Anonymous  11/08/19 Вск 19:22:07 6069614
Anonymous  11/08/19 Вск 19:36:12 6070115
I'm not fat. I'm actually underweight.
Anonymous  11/08/19 Вск 21:24:48 6070716
>>60627 (OP)
Is it true, that every american have a car or multiple cars? How much is the lowest price for used car and which models? Do they repair cars by themselves or alvays use service? Do you have alternative fuels like propane, metane, ecogas, hydrogen, electric cars?
Anonymous  11/08/19 Вск 22:11:25 6070917
So i gotta work for 5 years to get a green card right
Anonymous  11/08/19 Вск 22:42:54 6071118
The lowest price for a car is $1 for any non-luxury model. Those are normally running cars but with some issues that would be too expensive to fix. There are also many electric cars in US and companies have parking lots with a charging station.
11/08/19 Вск 22:46:14 6071219
Cock holes are not allowed here.
Anonymous  11/08/19 Вск 23:14:02 6071320
Which country do you like better, US or Belarus?
Anonymous  12/08/19 Пнд 07:00:45 6071821
How can you even dare to put best country on Earth and sucky murrica in one sentence?
Anonymous  12/08/19 Пнд 07:40:59 6072522
Anonymous  12/08/19 Пнд 11:15:00 6072723
drunk-russians.jpg (22Кб, 373x281)
rus HIV.jpg (12Кб, 267x189)
average russian[...].jpg (11Кб, 266x189)
Russia mlp.jpeg (114Кб, 650x1138)
Anonymous  12/08/19 Пнд 13:46:16 6073224
>>60627 (OP)
What's your opinion of 'on'? 'about'? immigrants from different countries? For example, lots of russians don't like people from Caucausus and middle East for their rude behavior and high crime rate. Is there something like that in the USA? I've heard a bit about that Mexican stuff, is it only about politics or regular people also care?
Anonymous  12/08/19 Пнд 19:00:59 6073925
Anonymous  13/08/19 Втр 08:46:30 6075026
Anonymous  13/08/19 Втр 09:14:53 6075127
Anonymous  13/08/19 Втр 16:22:58 6075628
>>60627 (OP)
Do you know any languages other than English? Spanish, probably?
I've heard that 'muricans think that they're special so everyone else should learn English.
Anonymous  13/08/19 Втр 23:19:33 6076129
>that porhub statistics
How many Russian even watch pornhub? A hundred people? Two hundred? Most Russians use pornolab instead of this bourgeous bullshit site.
Anonymous  13/08/19 Втр 23:22:57 6076230
Anonymous  13/08/19 Втр 23:35:32 6076331
Anonymous  17/08/19 Суб 23:09:56 6086632
Anonymous  18/08/19 Вск 06:22:35 6086733
holy shit. another /int/. is it the same cancer as 4channel?
Anonymous  18/08/19 Вск 06:23:45 6086834
Anonymous  18/08/19 Вск 18:13:18 6087835
26579c96fce4f95[...].jpg (22Кб, 400x338)
Anonymous  19/08/19 Пнд 01:18:14 6089436
jews, irish, russians, pakis, sandniggers, etc
Niggers and spics are the worst though on average, in that order
of course there is always exceptions to that
Anonymous  18/10/19 Птн 22:28:11 6201037
Anonymous  20/10/19 Вск 01:09:40 6204338
JUST FUNNY (62).jpg (87Кб, 464x474)
Anonymous  25/10/19 Птн 08:18:54 6213639
Sonic or flash? Who faster?
Anonymous  25/10/19 Птн 08:20:16 6213740
Anonymous  26/10/19 Суб 10:44:07 6215641
Anonymous  26/10/19 Суб 12:29:38 6215742
Chicago pizza or ny
Anonymous  26/10/19 Суб 12:59:11 6215843
Why do you eat as if you had free healthcare
Anonymous  26/10/19 Суб 23:40:48 6216944
Anonymous  27/10/19 Вск 21:29:53 6219445
Anonymous  07/11/19 Чтв 17:12:24 6256246
Anonymous  08/11/19 Птн 00:27:06 6256547
Anonymous  08/11/19 Птн 16:16:52 6256748
I hate american sucks
Anonymous  09/11/19 Суб 23:16:28 6259049
>>60627 (OP)
Do you really have districts where white people will be in danger?
Anonymous  10/11/19 Вск 13:38:47 6259950
wher are u bürger?
Anonymous  10/11/19 Вск 18:56:31 6260351
Anonymous  11/11/19 Пнд 06:58:22 6262552
Подсасывать у запада это максимальное куколдство
Хочешь верь хочешь нет но Америка по загниванию от рашки не отстаёт
Anonymous  11/11/19 Пнд 07:01:28 6262653
>Heil Trump o/
absolute worst post i've seen in a long while
Anonymous  11/11/19 Пнд 19:22:38 6263154
USA makes science
RUSA makes cryings
Anonymous  15/11/19 Птн 21:46:53 6270755
I like Gabon and Russia most of all.
Anonymous  16/11/19 Суб 01:36:54 6270956
Anonymous  18/11/19 Пнд 10:52:04 6274357
I do not understand your bipartisan system. It cannot reflect all opinions in society. it's like a riddle with 2 chairs. There are 2 chairs. on one stool, peaks are pointed, on another stool dicks are fierce. what you will sit on and what mother you will sit on.
Anonymous  18/11/19 Пнд 23:16:22 6274658
Vn here
Anonymous  23/11/19 Суб 06:31:31 6283659
изображение.png (64Кб, 1310x737)
>I do not understand your bipartisan system. It cannot reflect all opinions in society. it's like a riddle with 2 chairs. There are 2 chairs. on one stool, peaks are pointed, on another stool dicks are fierce. what you will sit on and what mother you will sit on.

могу говорить на двух языках я сам из Белоруссии Мнение общества здесь никого не колышет, здесь власть действует так как она считает правильным, но увы я сам недопёр почему именно Демократы и Республиканцы так что не ко мне вопросы...
Anonymous  27/11/19 Срд 09:19:01 6295460
So Hitler was a radical and all the guys who opposed him were reactionaries?
Anonymous  27/11/19 Срд 09:21:21 6295561
You want hamburger too bad you get my cum.
Anonymous  27/11/19 Срд 12:04:00 6296262
Anonymous  27/11/19 Срд 15:01:14 6296763
QT-728812.jpg (34Кб, 590x350)
Anonymous  27/11/19 Срд 15:06:20 6296864
comfortablecozy[...].jpg (48Кб, 640x426)
Anonymous  27/11/19 Срд 15:18:48 6296965
Anonymous  28/11/19 Чтв 12:06:29 6298166
Anonymous  29/11/19 Птн 20:56:59 6300667
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