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what is this poetry ? what is this beauty ? it is just some rotten fruit juice, you Anonymous  11/08/19 Вск 06:37:54 606781
la cyrrhose.png (71Кб, 886x886)
what is this poetry ? what is this beauty ? it is just some rotten fruit juice, you call it wine, vodka, spirituals whatever, it's just some rotten fruits, but how come such miserable product elevate so much the human soul ? how come the artist soul gets so much inspiration and creative thoughts from some rotten fruit juice ? if anything, alcohol represents more the irony of this world, because it's nothing but a simple, miserable, and absurd rotten juice fruit, but when you drink it Bacchus takes you to an infinite travel, a travel that will makes you ascend to a higher consciousness and this conscouiness is only achievable by drinking rotten fruit juice... deep
Anonymous  11/08/19 Вск 06:40:58 606792
i also forgot to mention that this rotten fruit shows our true face, when you are drunk you show your true soul, some people gets nice and wants to show love to their fellow humans but most people gets violent and selfish when they are drunk, this says a lot about humanity

DRINK, because a bottle you empty is a heart your fullfill
Anonymous  11/08/19 Вск 19:30:32 606993
>>60678 (OP)
its not rotten fruit, its poop of bacteria

alcohol come from arabic Al Kuhl=The Spirit.

everything you said is correct.
Anonymous  12/08/19 Пнд 07:06:10 607214
>>60678 (OP)
make it shorter preferably in one sentence better if text is me rate and add excusite picture to your post. This what a good post is.
Anonymous  12/08/19 Пнд 11:18:07 607285
drunk.jpg (1268Кб, 2122x1415)
It's not the human soul. It's brain poison. It's brain poison that distorts reality. The feeling is pleasurable because reality is pain.
Anonymous  12/08/19 Пнд 23:12:23 607416
i dont feel pain in reality. my life is pleasurefull.
Anonymous  13/08/19 Втр 18:48:27 607577
stupid anglo puritan
i'll stick my BBM (big bordeaux médoc) up your ass
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