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STOP RIGHT THERE Enable manual breathing right now thank you for your attention Anonymous  30/08/19 Птн 22:35:27 611301
1541764646531.png (68Кб, 554x400)
Enable manual breathing right now
thank you for your attention
Anonymous  30/08/19 Птн 23:05:56 611312
pepe.jpg (40Кб, 800x587)
>>61130 (OP)

Instructions unclear

You are now blinking manually and aware of your tongue
Anonymous  31/08/19 Суб 15:38:15 611393
1542901816358.gif (48Кб, 554x400)
you are now aware of your legs position
Anonymous  31/08/19 Суб 22:23:51 611434
1.jpeg (35Кб, 800x685)
Haha noice! I'd like to play with ya'

You are now loosing your garbage-country to some sandniggers and aware your meaninglessness as a nation!
Anonymous  01/09/19 Вск 18:13:50 611575
1566644727679.jpg (65Кб, 424x554)
Anonymous  01/09/19 Вск 18:36:48 611606
oldi na meste.jpg (82Кб, 1200x800)

I am impressed by this reference, though I did not expect it, especially from the French
But anyway you are wrong. I don't loosing my country unlike you <3

So what about french nation? John 7:49
Anonymous  01/09/19 Вск 20:05:45 611627
15051393954660.png (32Кб, 812x727)
>I don't loosing my country unlike you <3
Anonymous  01/09/19 Вск 22:18:38 611658
heavy breathing.jpg (18Кб, 373x344)

There are 2 persons even if one of them french so its not real "person" tho but anyway arguing about world's problem so please dont interfare pidorashka.

Your opinion ain't count here anyway.
Anonymous  01/09/19 Вск 23:17:15 611669
15390675776140.png (143Кб, 510x456)
>please dont interfare pidorashka.

hohloswine pls
Anonymous  02/09/19 Пнд 00:55:42 6116710
hryusha.jpg (278Кб, 720x528)

Your pidorashn opinion ain't count when 2 white europeans argue each other
Anonymous  03/09/19 Втр 21:22:36 6119411
Anonymous  03/09/19 Втр 23:40:53 6120012
15358734254820.jpg (58Кб, 724x907)
Typicall France my friend
That's the reason why noone loves french
Anonymous  04/09/19 Срд 20:32:18 6121513
a22064dfc229722[...].jpg (48Кб, 600x340)
well i did not expect that
Anonymous  05/09/19 Чтв 08:53:59 6122214
shut up bich aayyy lmao
Anonymous  08/09/19 Вск 20:48:52 6127915
nobody loves khokhols

fixed you, you're welcome.
Anonymous  08/09/19 Вск 20:54:17 6128216
macron with his[...].jpg (31Кб, 480x480)
>>61130 (OP)
i am thinking of making france the leader of europe. but after britain is gonne. i dont think germans are good leaders. france and russia have same tricolour.
Anonymous  08/09/19 Вск 21:28:47 6128317
Macron1.png (308Кб, 703x716)
Macron2.png (241Кб, 629x567)
Vive La France! Macron le roi de l'europe !
Anonymous  08/09/19 Вск 21:40:09 6128418
Macron Putin.jpg (76Кб, 900x506)
White Blue Red united. To Rule europe without anglosaxons.
Anonymous  08/09/19 Вск 21:40:28 6128519
Macron Putin.jpg (76Кб, 900x506)
russian-flag9.jpg (246Кб, 2560x1600)
flag-france-XL.jpg (138Кб, 1500x1000)
The Fastest Men on the Planet. Anonymous  08/09/19 Вск 21:54:09 6128620
athletisme-chri[...].jpg (100Кб, 1260x708)
usain-bolt-chri[...].jpg (64Кб, 1200x628)
christohpe.jpg (75Кб, 1050x590)
French guy with[...].jpg (75Кб, 594x429)
Anonymous  08/09/19 Вск 23:33:15 6128721
narmandiya.jpg (454Кб, 1607x1059)
just like in the good old days
Anonymous  09/09/19 Пнд 19:42:39 6129522
I need a hero.mp4 (19687Кб, 424x240, 00:04:35)

What a cuck
I bet you are a kinda proxy-french i definetely know that Germans and all other nations despising the french
Anonymous  09/09/19 Пнд 21:12:28 6129723
putin-fantomas.jpg (114Кб, 800x531)
>despising the french
Why tho ? Iam not german, iam russian guy in germany. Iam not communist, not tankie or whatever iam pro europe but it should be led by the french. Paris should be capital of europe.
+military strong
+fantastic language
+good leaders
+fantastic food
lol Anonymous  09/09/19 Пнд 21:30:46 6129824
otdihaem.jpg (63Кб, 581x1024)
Anonymous  11/09/19 Срд 20:04:31 6133325
oldi na meste.jpg (82Кб, 1200x800)
>Iam not german, iam russian

As i predicted huh
Only 1 nation that could support France is Russia

What culture? Somerhing like that >>61194 ?

Tf r u talking about? France has been raped throughout its history by all countries

>military strong
Compare to? Vanuatu? New Guinea? Anyway in case of war France army has no chance. Proved by history

Yeay i fckng love french tradition >>61194

>fantastic language
Most retarded language. I bet u r judging only by movies? I pretty sure about dat

>good leaders
Socialist and leftist scum like now. Or traitors like in WW2.

>fantastic food
name one native french food. Maybe frogs?

Anyway u r fucking russian opinion with proxy-german doesnt count,
The entire world despising France. Just check this thread up. Noone gives a fuck about France.
i bet if i created thread and write something bad about %insert any country name .% there are would be tonns of people which would try to prove im wrong. In case with France - u r only one who supported him. Even french guy is surrendered in this argue lmao
Anonymous  11/09/19 Срд 20:56:48 6133626
>Noone gives a fuck about France.
seems like you do. cuz u wouldnt reply then.

also why you post this ugly ass bitch boys germans who lost all wars ?
Anonymous  11/09/19 Срд 21:03:43 6133727
gulag.jpg (58Кб, 604x604)
>seems like you do. cuz u wouldnt reply then.

Dat is kinda hobby humilating fernch huh

>also why you post this ugly ass bitch boys germans who lost all wars ?

>All wars
>dunno 'boutta Franco-Prussian War

Btw might be Germans lost two World wars but they lost it against almost entire world
And both times Germans fucked France in the same way: WW1 was saved by Britan, and in WW2 even Britan couldnt save france so pathetic dat country was
Anonymous  11/09/19 Срд 23:46:43 6133928
Anonymous  12/09/19 Чтв 19:55:43 6135029
Anonymous  12/09/19 Чтв 21:16:46 6135130
Anonymous  12/09/19 Чтв 21:44:54 6135231
Anonymous  12/09/19 Чтв 21:55:37 6135332
Anonymous  17/09/19 Втр 22:14:07 6143133
I've got erect from that, is it okay?
Anonymous  18/09/19 Срд 23:08:59 6145634
Anonymous  22/09/19 Вск 14:04:11 6148335
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