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what do dvacz anons think about jews? are you anti-semite? Anonymous  01/09/19 Вск 10:09:25 611461
1566415341513.gif (2218Кб, 388x356)
what do dvacz anons think about jews? are you anti-semite?
Anonymous  01/09/19 Вск 12:15:51 611472
Jude.webm (11058Кб, 850x480, 00:02:11)
Muuh 2ch is a garbage full of commie

For sure any adequate person is an anti-semite but not there.

There are very few normal people: not leftist, not pidorashkas, not libtards etc tho
Anonymous  01/09/19 Вск 12:48:00 611493
Antisemites in Russia are hillarious, most of them IRL are vatniks and brain-rot Slavic nationalists. I don't know about the boor calling themselves antisemites on the internet, they must be way worse than their irl representatives.
Anonymous  01/09/19 Вск 13:51:57 611524
1566579358254.png (735Кб, 776x1008)
yeah there is globally raising "antisemitism", I can see it by lurking 4chins /pol/. but if you ever read talmud you will know why is that.

I personally believe that talmudic jews are literally synagogue of satan as Jesus said. and the jews in New Testament are not the same jews.
Anonymous  01/09/19 Вск 15:17:42 611535
Yeah totally agree.

As u can see as i predicted here we have a first russian-slavic libtard and pidorashka >>61149

Thats why post-soviet countries has no future
Anonymous  01/09/19 Вск 18:24:01 611596
they are just rich tribals, they don't see people who come from outside of their clan as fellow humans

i don't care about politics, hitler was right about them not because of retarded conspiracy theories but because it's a pain in the ass to deal with jews IRL
Anonymous  01/09/19 Вск 21:28:08 611637
alexjesus.jpg (33Кб, 640x480)
>and the jews in New Testament are not the same jews.
New Testament
…23But Jesus did not answer a word. So His disciples came and urged Him, “Send her away, for she keeps crying out after us.” 24He answered, “I was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.” 25The woman came and knelt before him. “Lord, help me!” she said.…
15That is why I am so eager to preach the gospel also to you who are in Rome. 16I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, first to the Jew, then to the Greek. 17For the gospel reveals the righteousness of God that comes by faith from start to finish, just as it is written: “The righteous will live by faith.”…

lol polish intelligence
Anonymous  01/09/19 Вск 21:47:59 611648
Go back to 4chan, scum.
Said a cucked jew-polish-turkic-slavic quarteron from Cucklostan.
Anonymous  02/09/19 Пнд 01:30:56 611689
Че за дичь вы тут устроили?
Anonymous  02/09/19 Пнд 12:08:09 6117310
jews hate Jesus.png (149Кб, 881x703)
you germ can't even quote properly?
talmud was created ~400 years after Jesus birth. it means you idiot, that these jews followed Jesus, and became first Christians.

also pic related how these talmudic jews hate Jesus.

Я не играю ни в какие игры, я пытаюсь узнать правду
Anonymous  02/09/19 Пнд 20:14:31 6117911
Anonymous  02/09/19 Пнд 20:15:26 6118012
правда в торе и талмуде
Anonymous  06/09/19 Птн 08:08:08 6123613
"first to the jew, then to the goyim." t rabbi jesus

how is that not "talmud" ?
Anonymous  06/09/19 Птн 09:48:34 6123714
я нацисрач любл[...].png (49Кб, 541x284)
Anonymous  06/09/19 Птн 14:06:29 6123915
jesus.png (19Кб, 1214x126)
Anonymous  06/09/19 Птн 14:56:58 6124116
dude i can't read these hieroglyphs from screenshot.
Anonymous  07/09/19 Суб 21:03:58 6126417
Anonymous  08/09/19 Вск 13:50:57 6127518

Anonymous  11/09/19 Срд 02:44:48 6131719
Antisemite had hopped a tram:
Jew is behind 'em and in front of 'em;
Gaijinы, gaijinы, minna wa gaijinы
Anonymous  11/09/19 Срд 03:09:27 6131820
Anonymous  11/09/19 Срд 14:08:28 6132721
>>61146 (OP)
a jew is a biological weapon of russian federation against the western world.
Anonymous  12/09/19 Чтв 06:31:00 6134122
Intro-vuchichev[...].jpg (52Кб, 400x281)
15457628523350.png (2449Кб, 959x960)
15416494762520.jpg (104Кб, 500x700)
15534299107670.jpg (302Кб, 800x1104)
Жидам нужно устраивать погромы как раньше.
Anonymous  08/10/19 Втр 21:35:38 6172423
15673590449980.jpg (12Кб, 240x210)
Deutschland erwache aus deinem bösen Traum! Gib fremden Juden in deinem Reich nicht Raum! Wir wollen kämpfen für dein Auferstehn! Arisches Blut soll nicht untergehn! Wir sind die Kämpfer der N.S.D.A.P.: Treudeutsch im Herzen, im Kampfe fest und zäh. Dem Hakenkreuze ergeben sind wir. Heil unserm Führer, Heil Hitler dir!
Anonymous  08/10/19 Втр 21:39:10 6172524
15702609783630.jpg (60Кб, 450x604)
Anonymous  08/10/19 Втр 21:40:42 6172625
Анон, полностью поддерживаю, эти суки ассимилируют нас с мигрантами и лишают прав, а потом пиздят о россия 2к как жидким в германии плохо
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