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Europes most unwelcoming nation Danny  10/09/19 Втр 23:05:53 613141
eu-map.jpg (130Кб, 800x684)
Sup folks! What is the one number one nation in Europe Schengen area that hates everyone outside their ethnicity/nationality. I am talking about a nation which openly hates absolutely anyone outside their kind. Is there one left in our age of political correctness?
P.S. This is an honest question, please keep insults to yourself - I want to establish this to have an absolutely unique experience in Europe. Cheers!
Anonymous  10/09/19 Втр 23:41:44 613152
Пацаны, что он написал? Я эльфийский не понимаю.
Anonymous  11/09/19 Срд 02:40:33 613163
It depends on whether you really need 'hate'. I'd assume that Lux' can allow themselves to detest and/or pity everyone else
Anonymous  11/09/19 Срд 06:32:18 613194
A certain island to the top left of the map, a birthplace of steam engine, modern slavery ans street culture as we know it :)
Anonymous  11/09/19 Срд 06:33:03 613205
its not schengen tho
Anonymous  11/09/19 Срд 06:36:02 613216
but honestly saying the more eastern bloc the county is the worse will be your experience as a tourist

portugal, certain islands in greece are honorary eastern bloc too
Anonymous  11/09/19 Срд 09:17:41 613227
Anonymous  11/09/19 Срд 16:02:36 613288
Cock holes are not allowed here.
Anonymous  11/09/19 Срд 16:33:19 613299
Anonymous  14/09/19 Суб 19:59:30 6137410
Anonymous  14/09/19 Суб 20:36:38 6137611
Why do you think everything is broken, and everyone is miserable and a wanker? We did that. America had a nightmare and we told the dumb pricks it was dump that the whole world wanted to sleep in and curl out every night, like dementia rise and shine.
Anonymous  15/09/19 Вск 15:58:15 6138812
15/09/19 Вск 15:58:46 6138913
Anonymous  15/09/19 Вск 23:24:59 6139414
bonaparte.jpg (75Кб, 1000x541)
I like britain, but sorry we russiasn kicked you out of EU. france is more cute :3

ps you can have all the meaningless islands and the waves :P
Anonymous  16/09/19 Пнд 04:29:58 6140015
download.jpg (52Кб, 968x725)
and I thought it was a photoshop..
Anonymous  16/09/19 Пнд 08:54:37 6140316
obamas daughter.jpg (1436Кб, 2604x3472)
>using photoshop ever

dude, the world is cool enough if it stay in orginal way.
Anonymous  16/09/19 Пнд 20:25:21 6141817
what do you think the yellow jackets are revolting against
Anonymous  16/09/19 Пнд 22:22:55 6142018
Anonymous  17/09/19 Втр 00:23:50 6142119
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