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Europes most unwelcoming nation Danny  10/09/19 Втр 23:05:53 613141
eu-map.jpg (130Кб, 800x684)
Sup folks! What is the one number one nation in Europe Schengen area that hates everyone outside their ethnicity/nationality. I am talking about a nation which openly hates absolutely anyone outside their kind. Is there one left in our age of political correctness?
P.S. This is an honest question, please keep insults to yourself - I want to establish this to have an absolutely unique experience in Europe. Cheers!
Anonymous  10/09/19 Втр 23:41:44 613152
Пацаны, что он написал? Я эльфийский не понимаю.
Anonymous  11/09/19 Срд 02:40:33 613163
It depends on whether you really need 'hate'. I'd assume that Lux' can allow themselves to detest and/or pity everyone else
Anonymous  11/09/19 Срд 06:32:18 613194
A certain island to the top left of the map, a birthplace of steam engine, modern slavery ans street culture as we know it :)
Anonymous  11/09/19 Срд 06:33:03 613205
its not schengen tho
Anonymous  11/09/19 Срд 06:36:02 613216
but honestly saying the more eastern bloc the county is the worse will be your experience as a tourist

portugal, certain islands in greece are honorary eastern bloc too
Anonymous  11/09/19 Срд 09:17:41 613227
Anonymous  11/09/19 Срд 16:02:36 613288
Cock holes are not allowed here.
Anonymous  11/09/19 Срд 16:33:19 613299
Anonymous  14/09/19 Суб 19:59:30 6137410
Anonymous  14/09/19 Суб 20:36:38 6137611
Why do you think everything is broken, and everyone is miserable and a wanker? We did that. America had a nightmare and we told the dumb pricks it was dump that the whole world wanted to sleep in and curl out every night, like dementia rise and shine.
Anonymous  15/09/19 Вск 15:58:15 6138812
15/09/19 Вск 15:58:46 6138913
Anonymous  15/09/19 Вск 23:24:59 6139414
bonaparte.jpg (75Кб, 1000x541)
I like britain, but sorry we russiasn kicked you out of EU. france is more cute :3

ps you can have all the meaningless islands and the waves :P
Anonymous  16/09/19 Пнд 04:29:58 6140015
download.jpg (52Кб, 968x725)
and I thought it was a photoshop..
Anonymous  16/09/19 Пнд 08:54:37 6140316
obamas daughter.jpg (1436Кб, 2604x3472)
>using photoshop ever

dude, the world is cool enough if it stay in orginal way.
Anonymous  16/09/19 Пнд 20:25:21 6141817
what do you think the yellow jackets are revolting against
Anonymous  16/09/19 Пнд 22:22:55 6142018
Anonymous  17/09/19 Втр 00:23:50 6142119
Anonymous  06/10/19 Вск 21:48:50 6170120
Anonymous  07/10/19 Пнд 02:14:27 6170521
В гугли забанили? Знакомая ситуация, не бойся, помогу.
SUP люди! Какова нация номер один в Европе Шенгенская зона, которая ненавидит всех вне их национальности / национальности. Я говорю о нации, которая открыто ненавидит абсолютно всех, кто не в их роде. Есть ли в нашем веке политкорректность?
Постскриптум Это честный вопрос, пожалуйста, держите оскорбления при себе - я хочу установить это, чтобы иметь абсолютно уникальный опыт в Европе. Ура!
Anonymous  08/10/19 Втр 21:49:32 6172722
Anonymous  09/12/19 Пнд 01:43:49 6324123
Is that fucking it? So you're saying that England number one? Then what does the half of the bloody world is doing there? Feeding on hate I presume... Will check out that nice island one day.
Albania then. The Balkans seem like a total doodle but fun and cheap too - I believe Kusturica on this.
As for the Basques - I should check them out I guess, my Spanish is just enough (zero) for that.
I hoped for more, but I guess hate is sth generally between the nations because of shitty history or not having one.
Kepp coming here for updates and thx to all but fuck to all the spammers
Anonymous  09/12/19 Пнд 01:46:39 6324224
Lux seems interesting, should check it out ..
Anonymous  11/12/19 Срд 18:25:53 6328025
>>61314 (OP)
>outside their ethnicity/nationality.
you all got sick with these nations. nation state has a very short history. before there were Kingdoms, and no nations (natonalities, but noone cared)
Anonymous  11/12/19 Срд 18:27:29 6328126
>>61314 (OP)
>. I am talking about a nation which openly hates absolutely anyone outside their kind
openly hates?.. where do you live in your mind. racism is punished openly
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