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Hrushovka Anonymous  05/11/19 Втр 04:00:28 624811
hrushevka.jpg (105Кб, 780x438)
Im doing a presentation on these soviet apartment complexes, "Hrushovka"s (Хрущёвка). I already know the basics about these buildings, their history, their construction, etc.

Tell me some interesting facts about them. Do you live in one? How is it? Post some pics of your building, or don't. Did they build Hrushovka's in China? Any information is appreciated.
Anonymous  05/11/19 Втр 12:59:54 624962
they have very thin walls, so you can easily hear what your neighbor do
i live in one so i know well
Anonymous  05/11/19 Втр 19:00:14 625073
1E110C6E-6404-4[...].jpeg (60Кб, 1200x628)
>>62481 (OP)
I did live. It’s pretty good. There’re different types of them. Built from panels or bricks. There are apartments with connecting rooms (where you access another room after passing through the first one), other have separate rooms. Kitchen is usually not big, but it’s ok. There were small windows from the kitchen into the bathroom, for insolation purpose. Such windows had a long history, it’s not an invention of хрущевка, but it was a known feature of these apartments. These windows are not featured in modern buildings.

Regarding walls, it depends on the type of the building, brick ones have better walls and are more soundproof even than some modern buildings. And also it depends on your neighbors. If they’re good calm people then there won’t be serious issues.

The key advantage was the green calm districts around these buildings. The building isn’t too high, nor isn’t too big, or long. There’re trees around, calm yards, where you can walk or kids can play, a lot of green scenery, no high traffic around. Districts were built with schools, kindergartens and clinics in mind, and all of that was easily accessible by walk, without cars.

In 15 years there were built over 20 or 30 million apartments and 100 million people moved into their own apartments, almost a half of the Soviet population in 1970. It was the most massive and fast construction project in history designed to solve the housing issue and give people their own home. And for such speed the quality was really good.

Thery were also built in Eastern Europe and there were similar housing projects in Western Europe even before this project. They had various success but no one had such scale. Almost every city and town here have at least a few of those buildings.

Panel ones are being destroyed (in Moscow) now and replaced with higher buildings, but the brick ones are still good and can serve for years.

I found a mention of a production factory line (for building хрущевка) which was send to Cuba, Vietnam and China. But I’m not sure one could find those buildings in China. Even if they built something most probably it’s already destroyed and replaced by something else. China has its own projects but I heard they have a worse quality.

You can find more pictures here:Хрущёвка
Anonymous  05/11/19 Втр 22:38:00 625144
>>62481 (OP)
Do you know how we live withaut frezzer?We have
cabinet under the window in the kitchen
Anonymous  05/11/19 Втр 22:43:52 625155
>>62481 (OP)
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Anonymous  06/11/19 Срд 08:11:23 625278
svdtall.jpg (118Кб, 544x1125)
Anonymous  06/11/19 Срд 08:48:02 625289
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Anonymous  06/11/19 Срд 18:37:39 6253510
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Anonymous  09/11/19 Суб 09:21:15 6257912
table.jpg (199Кб, 840x901)
sofa-bed.jpg (78Кб, 1000x665)
wash-machine.jpg (96Кб, 1280x720)
>>62481 (OP)
While many people criticize those apartments, I want to point out what was the alternative. There were many families living in barracks where only a curtain separated one household from another. More successful were living in "communal apartments" confiscated by bolsheviks from repressed people. Those were normal apartments but shared by several families, where each family resided in a separate room but they all had to share a kitchen, dining room and a bathroom.

So, while hrushovka was small, it was underlined as an apartment for a single family. A pass-through room and a small dinning room made it impossible to share it with another family. So, if we assume that the task of hrushovka designers was to design an apartment for a single family and to move people out of barracks, they surely succeeded. It was initially planned as a temporary residence but socialist economy failed to produce more housing.

What could be interesting for your project is to observe the compact furniture used in hrushovka:
- drop-leaf table was present in almost every houshold
- all sofas could be converted into a bed, some arm-chairs too
- compact washing machines
Anonymous  11/11/19 Пнд 11:45:24 6262813
baraki.jpg (247Кб, 1280x960)
i was living in barrack as a kid. its not so bad. it was realy good, we had a cellar where we put veggies in bankas. people wer friendly to eachother. it was romantic.
Anonymous  12/11/19 Втр 02:56:17 6263614
OP here. Thank you guys for all the information. I presented today, so no more information is needed.
Anonymous  15/11/19 Птн 00:12:44 6268515
>>62481 (OP)
I live in one and they look better than other commie blocks because there are only 5 floors in the building. And as a rule, they do not have a garbage chute and an elevator (it is quiet and there are no problems with insects). And they are very cozy in the summer, because usually around a lot of trees and trees reach the last floors due to the fact that there are only 5 floors.
Anonymous  17/11/19 Вск 14:31:59 6273216
>>62481 (OP)
original design of the corridors between rooms was changed to fit a coffin
Anonymous  19/11/19 Втр 22:07:13 6275517
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Anonymous  20/11/19 Срд 14:52:03 6276618
123123123123.jpg (48Кб, 640x480)
i live in a xrushchyovka like this one. It's quite aright, neighbors are mostly old people so noise isn't an issue and as some posters above noted there's always parks / some sort of nature / schools etc in walking distance. Can't complain really
Anonymous  20/11/19 Срд 15:04:29 6276719
Anonymous  20/11/19 Срд 15:43:30 6276820
i live in one ask anything

tell about "the bowling neigbours upstairs phenomenon" but it isnt very chruszcziowka specific
Anonymous  20/11/19 Срд 15:51:23 6276921
akh so

the keypoints (the only things that are ) should have been
1. the window from kitchen to bathroom to peek on your mom
2. ubiquituous bowling ball phenomenon (google "dropping marble sound old buildings")
3. it's nuclear era architecture designed to quickly and easily collapse and be quickly built in another place if anything
4. it's probably the first of its kind or at least first mass public flat project realized at this scale, but infa not 100%
Anonymous  21/11/19 Чтв 11:38:22 6278322
80s era concrete panel apartments also have the ghost ball issue, i hvae not expererienced it myself in years, perhaps due to the seams between sections being regurarely fixed
Anonymous  22/11/19 Птн 10:46:08 6281223
Anonymous  22/11/19 Птн 21:06:16 6281924
Anonymous  30/11/19 Суб 09:44:23 6301425
i still own all of these items! the table is super useful to host big parties, malyutka washing machine still warks after 30 years, armchair-bed is shit tho
Anonymous  03/12/19 Втр 11:14:47 6305926
Somebody plz help!!!Get me out of russia!!!
Anonymous  03/12/19 Втр 13:27:14 6306127
You seem like such a kind soul.

Panel houses ocassionally have mosaic decorations outside of them, but that happened to other house projects too. Schools and large houses among small ones had these mosaic murals. You drive or walk, then see those and it's like ahh. Urbanism is art. - 3 main projects of soviet buildings

Ukraine also has these mosaical balconies, but I only managed to find these examples:,30.7242609,3a,75y,314.33h,92.11t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1ssiV46ZnBj9aUojcZaA-z-A!2e0!!7i13312!8i6656,30.7275072,3a,75y,72.95h,91t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1syTyp7sz7MvEkgc4bxEWuqQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

If you postsoviet anons know more examples of balcony ornaments, please post <3
Anonymous  03/12/19 Втр 18:05:06 6306928
So what did the audience think?
Anonymous  07/12/19 Суб 08:30:00 6317929
i skipped a bit of information because I was nervous, but overall I think it wasn't bad and they applauded at the end
Anonymous  07/12/19 Суб 09:15:45 6318030
Oi mista!Where are you sckrolling shit ?I mean in what boards?4chan?
Anonymous  08/12/19 Вск 12:29:00 6321831
Khrushevka wasn't stand alone building. It was part of large city complexes including school, kindergarden, daycare, clinic, magazine, club, sports, park, stolovaya, etc and of course something where most these people work in, like plant, manufacture.
Anonymous  11/12/19 Срд 04:55:57 6327132
I use 4chan /k/ and /vg/ primarily
Anonymous  11/12/19 Срд 23:36:05 6328833
>>62481 (OP)
They built some in the eastern part of Germany
Anonymous  23/01/20 Чтв 23:29:26 6421534
180774071371584[...].jpg (186Кб, 1200x800)
oozqvbq2.jpg (227Кб, 1116x638)
v130na37.jpg (162Кб, 697x581)
qflvp3vw.jpg (247Кб, 818x744)
>>62481 (OP)
What's so interesting for you in hrushchjovki ? This perallelepipeds are ok only for North Korea.
I'd suggest you to become more interested in so called "stalinki"
Anonymous  25/01/20 Суб 23:55:55 6426435
The chruscevka is interesting in the context of research the life of pidorascus vulgaris.
Anonymous  27/01/20 Пнд 14:22:21 6431336
1ceb27dc27ac1a4[...].gif (36Кб, 240x240)
Anonymous  27/01/20 Пнд 14:32:44 6431537
Learn geography, dvojecznik.
Anonymous  27/01/20 Пнд 16:26:21 6433238
Your flag represents circumsized english Georgia?
Anonymous  27/01/20 Пнд 19:57:42 6433739
My flag represents circumsized Russia.
Anonymous  27/01/20 Пнд 20:45:54 6433840
Anonymous  27/01/20 Пнд 23:06:52 6434541
Looks like a bloody jam rag.
Anonymous  28/01/20 Втр 02:17:54 6434842
I like Sniper Ghost Warrior more.
Anonymous  13/02/20 Чтв 09:03:00 6476243
When people say panel vs brick, what are the panels made out of? Just concrete?
Anonymous  13/02/20 Чтв 14:56:02 6476644
Anonymous  13/02/20 Чтв 18:04:25 6477145
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