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russia is the last bastion of the white race and based traditionalism on earth. Anonymous  03/12/19 Втр 11:17:00 630601
1566850558805.jpg (134Кб, 540x704)
russia is the last bastion of the white race and based traditionalism on earth.
Anonymous  03/12/19 Втр 14:56:08 630642
khHfrkRzHw4.jpg (109Кб, 1024x682)
>>63060 (OP)
what does ᛗ rune stand for? is black sun the moon?
Anonymous  03/12/19 Втр 17:16:50 630673
удали.jpg (16Кб, 302x167)
удалинааах.jpg (9Кб, 244x206)
Anonymous  03/12/19 Втр 18:29:53 630704
Fully agree. Russia is the only one that will keep white race indeed.
Anonymous  03/12/19 Втр 19:06:21 630735
dougstanhopejoh[...].jpg (39Кб, 500x525)
We'll teach europeans what to do, that's how we'll keep white race free from dirt not leaving our sofas. we'll teach them how to deport their misbehaving guests the way they'll like it (sent home to be new elite in their homelands)
Anonymous  03/12/19 Втр 21:28:17 630746
hol up
>steals 100 million rubles
so u sayin
>sends activist to jail for standing up against tyranny
that we wuz
>buys land in Germany
Anonymous  04/12/19 Срд 04:37:09 630827
russianniggers.jpg (110Кб, 700x436)
kurbanbayram.jpg (182Кб, 910x607)
kurbanbayram2.jpg (172Кб, 1000x563)
kurbanbayram3.jpg (43Кб, 590x391)
04/12/19 Срд 06:30:04 630848
>>63060 (OP)
Traditionalism is degenerate. You will only understand this when you find out that in 24 hours the asteroid will destroy the Earth.
Anonymous  04/12/19 Срд 11:09:22 630889
Will it only destroy traditionalists ot what?
Anonymous  04/12/19 Срд 12:52:26 6309010
yes, it's a traditional asteroid
Anonymous  04/12/19 Срд 21:27:03 6309811
what year do you post from? 1914?
Anonymous  05/12/19 Чтв 00:42:52 6310412
i am posting in year 2019 when feminism and transgender marxists had taken over the west while the SLAVIC europe is keeping itself traditional and bastion of white civilization
Anonymous  05/12/19 Чтв 00:56:24 6310513
russia is like 15% muslim at this point
muslims are A LOT WORSE than niggers, if you think niggers are bad go to minneapolis see how muslims behave
Anonymous  05/12/19 Чтв 01:26:34 6310614
shut up muslim russia is 99 percent white
Anonymous  05/12/19 Чтв 12:17:11 6311515
Slavic europe was way ahead of the west in their pursuit of marxism and feminism.
Anonymous  06/12/19 Птн 01:23:40 6314116
what schizophrenic phantasy did you take this from
Anonymous  06/12/19 Птн 01:35:32 6314217
Anonymous  06/12/19 Птн 01:41:24 6314418
Anonymous  06/12/19 Птн 01:41:50 6314519
autism (symptom of schizophrenia)
Anonymous  06/12/19 Птн 01:52:39 6314620
Anonymous  06/12/19 Птн 06:58:52 6314821
first ill ask you what is to be "trad" in 21st century only honest answers what does it entail
Anonymous  06/12/19 Птн 08:27:24 6314922
1557430029386.jpg (2938Кб, 3840x2160)
white christian based no feminism all women are virgins before marriage with tight pussy waiting to be ravaged by their first mate no tranny shit no gay shit clean moral manly beautiful EVROPEAN CULTURE

>pic related
Anonymous  07/12/19 Суб 06:08:22 6317423
what from your list is in any way relevant to russia
moscow is a tranny central
Anonymous  07/12/19 Суб 07:07:50 6317724
Anonymous  07/12/19 Суб 07:09:19 6317825
Anonymous  07/12/19 Суб 09:36:56 6318126
Anonymous  07/12/19 Суб 14:31:04 6318327
>russia is 99 percent white
Stop this shit please. Russia has big % of asiatic people, and that people is good in most of %.
Anonymous  07/12/19 Суб 16:36:52 6318928
>>63060 (OP)
Why Turkey is crossed-out?! It is even more traditional than Russia
Anonymous  08/12/19 Вск 22:47:06 6323729
>>63060 (OP)
russians are russians. we are own race. we have noding to do wit yurop
Anonymous  08/12/19 Вск 22:49:56 6323830
all turks are pidors in secret. they are pretty europian(degenerate)
Anonymous  05/01/20 Вск 20:05:16 6391831
Anonymous  06/01/20 Пнд 00:53:20 6392932
race traitors like yuo will be burnt alive while me march onto the capital of moscow in the name of the white rvce
Anonymous  06/01/20 Пнд 11:42:45 6393533
Anonymous  27/01/20 Пнд 15:52:05 6432634
14-180853.jpg (355Кб, 800x541)
>>63060 (OP)
Not last bastion. We just need to crossbreed more with white women of Scandinavia, Deutschland, Baltic countries, Serbija. To enrich what's left of initial types of the white race

Invasion of arabian and african people can't be stopped already, as it is sponsored by aliens. Angela Merkel' is their biorobot, Hitler's "rib"
Anonymous  28/01/20 Втр 01:58:49 6434635
>Not last bastion. We just need to crossbreed more with white women of Scandinavia, Deutschland, Baltic countries, Serbija. To enrich what's left of initial types of the white race
Anonymous  28/01/20 Втр 02:02:56 6434736
le moscow face.jpg (18Кб, 230x251)
>march into moscow
t jose hernandez domingo

you can take all moscow my friend, its a shithole anyway.
Anonymous  28/01/20 Втр 03:57:50 6435237
15798862387111.jpg (111Кб, 811x811)
>>63060 (OP)
>durr hurr muh whute race :(
Fucking retarded amerifat
Anonymous  28/01/20 Втр 05:27:48 6435438
rootless aids-ridden cosmpolitan scum. You will get the rope when the time comes.

dont worry we will raze rest of mongolrussia

stop raping white women you vile mongoloids rapists.
Anonymous  28/01/20 Втр 08:01:38 6435739
Anonymous  29/01/20 Срд 15:51:22 6438940
15798540146650.png (149Кб, 600x610)
Anonymous  29/01/20 Срд 20:02:17 6439741
Я думал немцы больше не фашисты
Anonymous  29/01/20 Срд 23:15:55 6439842
Anonymous  07/02/20 Птн 19:27:14 6461343
Anonymous  08/02/20 Суб 06:31:16 6462244
Anonymous  08/02/20 Суб 06:42:28 6462345
Anonymous  09/02/20 Вск 22:27:56 6465546
>>63060 (OP)
Agree. Russian state is Fasist state right now.
Strugatsky are the greatest Russians sci-fi writers, and B. Strugatsky wrote this article in 1996:

We even have discussion about it in Russian politcal incorrect board /po
So, I've saved a thread:
If you don't understand Russian, than let's check google translate:
Anonymous  10/02/20 Пнд 01:58:24 6465747
Anonymous  10/02/20 Пнд 02:42:43 6466048
this is a totally ahistorical gibberish. Fascism and nationalism are not same things as liberal republics had been perfectly willing to use the same brutal measures when the situation willed it. Calling fascism as a new feudalism threatening the bourgeoisie order is even more absurd when you actually examine what fascist movement was.

Instead of an attempt at fedual restoration, fascism was completely in line with modern capitalism with every function fundamentally remaining the same. The reproduction of capital and all other goodies of capital and such continued in Nazi Germany with little difference. The fascist movement is also not necessarily racist as how Italian fascism wasn't based upon race. Even through Italian fascists were racists, that couldn't be called as feature of fascism as their racism wasn't any more than Churchill's gassing of Kurds and American eugenics.

>What followed was less a coup d’état than a transfer of power with the support of a whole array of forces. The “March on Rome” of the Duce (who actually took the train) was less a showdown than a bit of theatre: the fascists went through the motions of assaulting the state, the state went through the motions of defending itself, and Mussolini took power. His ultimatum of October 24 (“We Want To Become the State!”) was not a threat of civil war, but a signal to the ruling class that the National Fascist Party represented the only force capable of restoring state authority, and of assuring the political unity of the country. The army could still have contained the fascist groups gathered in Rome, which were badly equipped and notoriously inferior on the military level, and the state could have withstood the seditious pressure. But the game was not being played on the military level. Under the influence of Badoglio in particular (the commander-in-chief in 1919-21) legitimate authority caved in. The king refused to proclaim a state of emergency, and on the 30th he asked the Duce to form a new government.

>The liberals — the same people anti-fascism counts on to stop fascism — joined the government. With the exception of the socialists and the communists, all parties sought a rapprochement with the PNF and voted for Mussolini: the parliament, with only 35 fascist MPs, supported Mussolini’s investiture 306-116. Giolitti himself, the great liberal icon of the time, an authoritarian reformer who had been head of state many times before the war, and then again in 1920-21, whom fashionable thought still fancies in retrospect as the sole politician capable of opposing Mussolini, supported him up to 1924. Democracy not only surrendered its powers to the dictator, but ratified them.

>We might add that in the following months, several unions, including those of the railway workers and the sailors, declared themselves “national”, patriotic, and therefore not hostile to the regime: repression did not spare them.

Fascism is very simple, it's another expression of a capitalist society.
Anonymous  10/02/20 Пнд 02:48:48 6466149
Anonymous  10/02/20 Пнд 02:55:01 6466250
>Only, for God's sake, do not confuse nationalism with patriotism! Patriotism is love for one’s people, and nationalism is hostility towards someone else’s

One leads to another. No point in differentiating them.
Anonymous  10/02/20 Пнд 07:51:09 6466351
>>63060 (OP)
>russia is the last bastion of the white race and based traditionalism on earth.
What a moron, imagine being this idiot.
Anonymous  10/02/20 Пнд 09:18:07 6466452
dasdsdasd.jpg (65Кб, 795x470)
Go back to Africa you disgusting nigger corrupting white christian RODINA. Or else...
Anonymous  10/02/20 Пнд 10:16:27 6466653
>Let ME, the brainless redneck, tell you about your country! You're cuntry are da saviers ov da Whiet race! Budin arr da world brezidend!!!
Fuck you.
Anonymous  10/02/20 Пнд 11:15:32 6466754
Anonymous  10/02/20 Пнд 14:20:46 6466855
Еее негры
Anonymous  10/02/20 Пнд 16:30:14 6467156
I bet you don't even know who that hero is.
Anonymous  10/02/20 Пнд 21:54:01 6467357
bq-5be6173ba359[...].jpeg (1205Кб, 4032x3024)
>>63060 (OP)

You'r wrong

US and South Korea are the last fortress of Western Culture and civilization. Based and redpilled. And yeah, im unironically.
Anonymous  11/02/20 Втр 04:34:07 6467958
>US and South Korea are the last fortress of Western Culture and civilization.
OP is fascist. Yes, he is write - Russia and China is the lastest Fascist fortress.
It does not mean that it's civilization fortress
Anonymous  11/02/20 Втр 06:13:14 6468159
oliveira061.jpg (20Кб, 580x340)
1572906815169.jpg (34Кб, 598x398)
oldboysplitcho.jpg (29Кб, 468x234)
yes I do

no. stop corrupting white pure russia you evil shitskin muslim scum.
Anonymous  11/02/20 Втр 11:31:11 6468660
Anonymous  11/02/20 Втр 12:24:14 6468761
Fuck r*ssia shithole full of mudslimes, fuck allah and especially fuck you, hilly-billy brainlet.
Anonymous  11/02/20 Втр 16:50:21 6469062
I need a hero.mp4 (19687Кб, 424x240, 00:04:35)
i literally mean redpilled population such as americans and koerans
OP is Right.

I tottally agtree with you but imo US and Korea (South one) are more redpilled than any CIS country
Anonymous  11/02/20 Втр 16:57:07 6469163
Thats for ya'
>FU. i literally mean redpilled population such as americans and koerans. >>64690
Anonymous  11/02/20 Втр 16:58:22 6469264
DHH0fWeUQAAey4x.jpg (131Кб, 910x1178)
VanguardAmerica[...].png (60Кб, 870x1126)

God Bless United States. The Last Stand of White Civilization.
Anonymous  12/02/20 Срд 20:24:01 6472865
felles-front-mo[...].jpg (119Кб, 726x1034)
kjemp-mot-islam.jpg (346Кб, 1563x2272)
Anonymous  13/02/20 Чтв 08:47:02 6476066
If the Soviet Union still existed you know they wouldn't put up with these refugee bullshit in Eastern Europe
Anonymous  13/02/20 Чтв 15:32:23 6476767
Yeah, no fam. That’s exactly where you are wrong about refugees an shit. Soviet Union was, in fact a Union of people from different nationalities, where such things as ethnicity and religion were erased to make everyone equal. There was no white man > black man or Slavs > everyone else. No, Soviets put everyone in the same line. Armenians, jews, Georgians, Chinese, Chechen, Africans - everyone would be on the same level if not above white Slav. Soviet Union is the reason why we have black people in Moscow.

With that in mind, Soviets would welcome all the refugees only to make them their devotees. Sure, they would abolish Islam, but other than that, nothing would change. People would still praise Allah in their private rooms, while going outside and taking white mans jobs, their wifes, their kids, because that’s what Soviet Union wanted.
Anonymous  13/02/20 Чтв 17:32:25 6476868
Anonymous  13/02/20 Чтв 18:00:38 6477069
I wish I was white as Russian
Anonymous  13/02/20 Чтв 18:44:33 6478270
15785396063902.jpg (748Кб, 1920x1536)
"Bastion". Russia is a shithole and a terrible place to live. It's hardly a bastion if anything except for, maybe, stagnation, corruption and degeneracy.
Anonymous  13/02/20 Чтв 18:47:31 6478371
Anonymous  14/02/20 Птн 20:42:14 6481072
Anonymous  15/02/20 Суб 08:19:19 6481573
S4u2l61.png (310Кб, 1000x570)
Anonymous  15/02/20 Суб 18:00:45 6484074
Выглядит комфортно и атмосферна
Anonymous  15/02/20 Суб 22:49:43 6486175
gondola.jpg (64Кб, 604x453)
Anonymous  16/02/20 Вск 01:37:49 6487276
what the fuck? Dude, ussr highly pushed they ideas of feminism and multicultiralism (while fags were illegal which is nice), uniting all the republics from asia and caucasus. And you say russia is 99 percent white? lol
at least look up for some data on google, don't be an idiot
Anonymous  16/02/20 Вск 01:44:11 6487377
i thought u guys hate whiteniggers
Anonymous  23/02/20 Вск 17:26:18 6502778
Look at this pic. Now think that there are more Muslims in Sweden than in Russia.
Anonymous  23/02/20 Вск 17:35:39 6502879
Seriously, what are you going to do with the Muslim situation in Russia? Will Russia remain ethnically Russian? Will Russia even remain a country for Russian people?

The worst case is that they will outbreed you, rise in power, and them subjugate you.
Anonymous  23/02/20 Вск 21:34:22 6503180
Rus population.JPG (234Кб, 724x955)
we russians are not white. we have nothing to do wit europe or asia.
Anonymous  23/02/20 Вск 21:55:48 6503281
Anonymous  23/02/20 Вск 23:05:09 6503382
hes on proxy, not finnish guy.
Anonymous  24/02/20 Пнд 01:28:35 6503583
15823318196520.jpg (47Кб, 566x600)
15821224649951.png (1314Кб, 1122x664)
Anonymous  24/02/20 Пнд 09:07:12 6503784
We are in an even more shittier situation because democracy is a fundamentally flawed system. Russia on the other hand will remain strong as long as the ruling elite doesn't turn against Russians.

It is funny that Russia likes to LARP being a democracy.
Anonymous  24/02/20 Пнд 20:39:51 6504985
image.png (94Кб, 448x283)
Anonymous  26/02/20 Срд 04:46:22 6508086
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