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About russian imageboards Anonymous  13/02/20 Чтв 22:49:40 647921
3kgetlegendary.jpg (51Кб, 674x416)
The history of Russian anonymous forums is rich in dramas, deaths, conflicts and holywars. So, at the moment, we can distinguish several major Russian imageboards.
1. (Also Sosach, eaepy, earlier It's largest russian and european imageboard. It is the Russian analogue of the 4chan. To seem like a person who understands the history of Russian boards, remember: is not true 2ch/Dvach ( This site is only the image successor of Dvach. is very strictly moderated, has a lot of unoffical rules for each board, which is completely different from that of Dvach. Cooperation with the federal goverment is widespread (to the extent that in September 2016 was sold to the mail company ru controlled by an oligarch - a friend of Putin). Our admin is good man. The ideologically loyal successor to Dvach is Nullchan (0chan).
2. (early, now ). 0chan was the second most popular Russian imageboard. At the close, she had about 10 million posts in /b/. This imageboard was a strong competitor to; as a result, after a large-scale DDOS attack hosted by the administrator of, it was closed in 2014. It was reborn on April 1, 2017, but was again closed a year later. After closing, was created a clone - It's similliar.
3 . It's oldest working imageboard. The second most popular (not including the Nullchan). It features extremely strict moderation and a strong focus on aniye. Originally created as a moderated alternative to Dvach in 2007 (Dvach was created in 2006), but by 2009 it had become a very special imageboard, unfriendly to newfags. They like tohou project very much. The archive is preserved .
4. .Initially, the meme of iichan (iichan was called Dobrochan (Dobro - good in russian) (Dvach is an evil chan)), now it is an anime imageboard with a slightly more liberal administration than in iichan.
5. Many small imageboards.
We wrote magazines ( most popular is ), books, studentbooks on lucid dreams and a lot of interesting things. If this interests you, I’ll talk more about the history and culture of Russian imageboards.
Anonymous  14/02/20 Птн 00:48:02 647952
Anonymous  14/02/20 Птн 08:29:02 647983
So were posting on Russian govt imageboard ? Haha
Anonymous  14/02/20 Птн 14:52:14 648014
good post
Anonymous  15/02/20 Суб 03:10:34 648135
so, whats the proper way to refer to this imageboard? Dvach? Sosach? Dvach tochka h k?
Anonymous  15/02/20 Суб 04:52:43 648146
>>64792 (OP)
> Our admin is good man.

It used to host on .so domen and the name stuck. Fits perfectly.
Anonymous  15/02/20 Суб 17:31:15 648357
tumblrne4eoqcpW[...].jpg (499Кб, 1280x856)
Anonymous  16/02/20 Вск 00:44:40 648708
Anonymous  16/02/20 Вск 01:28:59 648719
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