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Its not just in USA. Kikes want to mix you out to! Anonymous  15/02/20 Суб 09:08:55 648161
1581741159525.png (479Кб, 640x836)
Its not just in USA. Kikes want to mix you out to!
Anonymous  15/02/20 Суб 09:39:19 648172
1569397586652.gif (2493Кб, 480x256)
>>64816 (OP)
I can understand them: they are taught that they're the best. But cruel reality explains to them that they're in between.
So they want to change the reality according to their beliefs.
That's a completely healthy instinct, it's only their dnst3 messes it all up: they want to downgrade the rest of the population, when in reality they have to work on upgrading humans up to the god's image.
15/02/20 Суб 10:32:05 648183
>>64816 (OP)
All people came from Africa, and all Africa came from the beginning of the universe. There is no god. Start a fire.
Anonymous  15/02/20 Суб 11:29:12 648194
>>64816 (OP)
лучшие друзья русских девушек - черные мигранты
Anonymous  15/02/20 Суб 11:51:17 648245
803509831753023[...].jpg (152Кб, 1080x1350)
searching for niggers in russia
Anonymous  15/02/20 Суб 17:59:24 648396
Anonymous  15/02/20 Суб 22:13:51 648577
толерасты леваки и жидовские пидорасы, сосите нигерские хуи сами
Anonymous  15/02/20 Суб 22:45:59 648598
Anonymous  15/02/20 Суб 22:58:44 648629
AleksandrDugino[...].jpg (222Кб, 800x822)
stop hating white race you evil mongol rapist
Anonymous  15/02/20 Суб 23:07:51 6486310
i have 0% asian dna. we destroyed mongols during their peak performance. we destroyed whites teutonic and germans. we will destroy usa and nato too. dont worry. the black brothers will help us.

Anonymous  15/02/20 Суб 23:33:39 6486711
1580147824143.jpg (807Кб, 1330x1694)
stop lying you mongol vile murderer
Anonymous  15/02/20 Суб 23:43:13 6486812
15817805798690[[...].webm (733Кб, 320x240, 00:00:20)
Anonymous  16/02/20 Вск 00:43:27 6486913
i wish i had, dont get me wrong, but i dont have.
Anonymous  16/02/20 Вск 10:36:14 6487814
0KVBfRnh7M.jpg (49Кб, 1008x154)
ats mah nigga!
> Shvonder, of course, is the biggest fool of all. He doesn't understand that Sharikov represents a greater threat to him than to me. At this stage he'll make every effort to sick him onto me not realising that, if someone in their turn decides to sick Sharikov onto Shvonder, there'll be nothing left of him but a few flying feathers.
Anonymous  16/02/20 Вск 23:12:31 6490415
Anonymous  17/02/20 Пнд 02:27:43 6490816
Anonymous  20/02/20 Чтв 10:35:01 6496017
15821393610951[[...].webm (7915Кб, 640x480, 00:01:42)
Anonymous  20/02/20 Чтв 16:58:53 6496318
>>64816 (OP)
russkies are ruled by jews too bruh, just another type of em
Anonymous  21/02/20 Птн 00:32:34 6497119
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