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Guo teaches us to live. ” Go symbolizes the importance of balance, the "golden Anonymous  16/02/20 Вск 15:49:51 648881
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Guo teaches us to live. ” Go symbolizes the importance of balance, the "golden mean." To reliably occupy territories, you need to place stones close to each other, but to capture most of the board, you need to play wider. In order to keep up with your opponent, you need to play aggressively, but an overly aggressive game leaves weaknesses in your own position that your opponent can use. Stones that are too close to the edge of the board give too little territory, and too far - leave the opponent a chance to invade. Often growth is hindered not by lack of skill, but by a flaw in character: distraction, forgetfulness, indecision, greed. To improve in go, the player has only one thing - to improve himself.
Anonymous  18/02/20 Втр 18:40:52 649312
dota 2 is better
Anonymous  19/02/20 Срд 19:32:52 649453
Anonymous  20/02/20 Чтв 08:16:37 649594
Anonymous  20/02/20 Чтв 10:45:24 649615
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Anonymous  21/02/20 Птн 00:39:06 649756
1524009804833.jpg (522Кб, 1191x1140)
look at this fucking majestic parrot, hes beatiful and fantastic
Anonymous  21/02/20 Птн 09:16:04 649837
Anonymous  21/02/20 Птн 11:31:37 649878
did you just fssume his gender?
Anonymous  22/02/20 Суб 21:54:13 650129
Anonymous  23/02/20 Вск 23:21:26 6503410
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