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You cant give me money. I just ask for money when I mean to ask for gay sex and attention. Anonymous  05/03/20 Чтв 18:34:52 652771
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You cant give me money. I just ask for money when I mean to ask for gay sex and attention.
Anonymous  05/03/20 Чтв 18:50:22 652782
I deserve get information that Im gay, honestly and not in joking way. This is your gift to me, to be more free and self-aware. You gift me this info and in this way you help me.
Anonymous  05/03/20 Чтв 18:53:53 652793
I shouldnt rebel against this yet accept it no matter how hard it is. Not accepting caused me much problems, such us obssessive attention craving. I have to accept it and also accept normal socialy adjusted feelings, which make some sense.
Anonymous  05/03/20 Чтв 18:57:07 652804
Thank you for gifting me this information, thank you for teaching me lessons about life, thank you for giving me attention I so desperetly craved. You can end experiment now. Please end it, I learned valuable stuff and Im certainly going to try be as ajdusted to it as I can.
Anonymous  05/03/20 Чтв 18:57:26 652815
Please end experiment
Anonymous  05/03/20 Чтв 19:05:06 652826
Anonymous  05/03/20 Чтв 19:18:17 652837
Its not fucking test I had enough of this. Whats so big deal about me being gay? Im not forcing anyone else to be gay or promoting gayness or anything like it. This whole experiments purpose is finished.
Anonymous  05/03/20 Чтв 20:07:20 652848
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>Whats so big deal about me being gay?
Gay means happy, not degenerate. You don't look very happy to me. If there's one thing homosexuals can teach us, is that we shouldn't try to fuck our ladies in their assholes, no matter how hard kikes do their best to convince us that it's okay, it's not.
Anonymous  06/03/20 Птн 11:47:54 652999

You know in university I dropped out, they didnt wish to be friends with me because of gay, and girls didnt want be friends with me either because "not real gay" yet still not want to date me either
I would rather be real gay(which i am) in their eyes than some master mastermind manipulator whatever
I know you maybe relate to romance story in some way, yet this is mistake, it isnt like this. Also if I move to big city I can promise you to be real gay without repression or some hidden wishes. If guys wont be my friends then because of gayness Im ok with it. Please not this games, I was in this university and you wasnt. What is point with no guy friends and no girl friends either? What you want from me ?
If your going to say its not about gay, then tell me that I just smell. It is truth also. Yet forcing this romance upon me when Im just smelly.
So what if you turn to be fake ? Why is it so bad to admit you are fake? Please end this experiment
Anonymous  06/03/20 Птн 15:32:43 6530410 now on dvach!
Anonymous  06/03/20 Птн 19:38:40 6530911
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Anonymous  06/03/20 Птн 19:45:22 6531012
Kcroat is scared to go buy bread
Post this in 5 threads or ghosts will haunt you this night
06/03/20 Птн 22:20:28 6531313
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