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what is sosach? Anonymous  07/03/20 Суб 13:41:03 653231
E6C9C359-CC81-4[...].jpeg (280Кб, 2322x2875)
what is sosach?
Anonymous  07/03/20 Суб 14:05:07 653242
Anonymous  07/03/20 Суб 16:13:54 653263
Anonymous  07/03/20 Суб 16:58:24 653294
Anonymous  07/03/20 Суб 17:25:42 653305
Anonymous  07/03/20 Суб 21:49:14 653386
>>65323 (OP)
sosat means to suckle, so its combination of 2chan and sosat thus sosa-ch a rather derigatory word for this board.
Anonymous  07/03/20 Суб 22:51:48 653417
>>65323 (OP)
You might have seen also 'fourcheparasha'. This is compbination of 4chan and parasha that means a toilet in a prison.
Anonymous  18/03/20 Срд 12:10:38 655268
>>65323 (OP)
Okay disregard those retards. I'll give you the answer.

Sosach is an unofficial name of this whole imageboard that refers to one of its old domain names, It's a bit of a pun; the Russian word "сосать" (pronounced kinda like so-SUTT) means "to suck", as in, "to suck a dick". So sosach may be translated into English as "cocksucker channel".

So yeah, welcome to sosach. You're part of us now.
Anonymous  18/03/20 Срд 15:09:59 655289
Anonymous  18/03/20 Срд 18:17:04 6553510
Yeah, it's also harkach, which is a reference to the domain the site had to move to when .so was... denied to us for some reason.

We're kinda like gypsies at this point, aren't we?

Harkach is also a pun, btw. It's derived from "харкать" (pronounced har-CUT) which means to spit in a particularly rude manner. SO it's like a board only worth spitting on.
Anonymous  19/03/20 Чтв 06:47:50 6555711
Anonymous  19/03/20 Чтв 11:59:04 6556012 is sosach
Anonymous  19/03/20 Чтв 12:18:17 6556113
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