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How do I learn Russian I can read Cyrillic ok it takes time to put the sounds to each letter but I can't for the life of me remember any words Anonymous  07/03/20 Суб 15:57:07 653251
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How do I learn Russian
I can read Cyrillic ok it takes time to put the sounds to each letter but I can't for the life of me remember any words
Anonymous  07/03/20 Суб 16:36:19 653272
>>65325 (OP)
The key to learn any russian is to start think in it (get a habit of translating every thought of yours into the language you'd like to know) which is the opposite of what school teachers tell, no wonder it takes you a couple of years to learn a language in the field, but it may take you over ten years to learn it with those fuckers who get paid by hours.
Anonymous  07/03/20 Суб 16:36:59 653283
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>to learn any russian
to learn any language
Anonymous  07/03/20 Суб 18:15:17 653314
>>65325 (OP)
do you really? well, it's a loooong journey ahead, because russian is one of the most complicated languages - if only you're not some kind of linguistic genius
you'd better think twice and start to study spanish or something
Anonymous  07/03/20 Суб 22:38:26 653405
>russian is one of the most complicated languages
good thing is you can ignore that complexity:
as it is told: the preposterousness of our laws is well compensated by optionality of their enforcement.
Anonymous  08/03/20 Вск 19:07:24 653556
Anonymous  10/03/20 Втр 06:27:08 653837
True, never bother to learn elnglish grammar as well. Fuck these present continious gerund and other bullshit, three times are all it matters the most.
>>65325 (OP)
No how, piss off sucky murrica.
Anonymous  12/03/20 Чтв 05:40:03 654208
Anonymous  15/03/20 Вск 16:50:02 654739
я изучал русский, это не так трудно. просто надо иметь голову, и у многих американцев ее нет.
Anonymous  15/03/20 Вск 21:14:07 6547910
а как же американцы едят без головы?
Anonymous  15/03/20 Вск 21:23:01 6548011
thats bs, many americans are pretty smart. they are just fed lies all the time
Anonymous  15/03/20 Вск 21:43:34 6548212

meiner meinung nach, wenn man an alle lügen glaubt, dann ist er etwas dumm, oder?
Anonymous  15/03/20 Вск 22:33:35 6548513
Anonymous  15/03/20 Вск 23:27:31 6548614
wenn einer quran auswendig kann, wird er extrem reich in arabischen ländern trotzdem steht dort das mond und sonne um die erde kreist.

wir wissen nicht ob es stimmt.
Anonymous  10/04/20 Птн 19:00:19 6592015
>>65325 (OP)
>How do I learn Russian
The best way is to watch courses, series on Russian and communicate with Russians.
Anonymous  12/04/20 Вск 06:13:47 6593916
Anonymous  17/04/20 Птн 13:22:48 6601817
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main ideas. how to change the world

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Create the main Internet resource for help and support for those who need it. Everyone will be able to publish, view, and rate the importance of requests for help. The main thing is to create an organization that will be engaged in checking requests / appeals, storing, distributing / sending funds and resources. Everyone will be able to publish, review and evaluate the importance of requests for help, will be able to send to the organization involved in the distribution of funds and resources any amount of funds and resources, and the organization will independently distribute the funds and resources according to the importance. Everyone can choose a specific person, a specific request, and each request / appeal has a status of verified or unverified.

Just realize that most people simply can’t prove almost nothing of the most important thing that they know about this world, history, their body, food and nutrition, and the information is disseminated without conclusive evidence and ways to verify evidence, including for this for every sphere of life which is important for the formation of a correct understanding of reality, it is necessary to create Internet resources where all the most important information will be published, along with undeniable evidence and ways of verifying evidence. So gradually you check and find out the true story about this world, those who live in it, their food, nutrition and everything else.

just translate and read
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