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when did you realize 4chan is dead Anonymous  07/03/20 Суб 20:48:56 653331
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when did you realize 4chan is dead
Anonymous  08/03/20 Вск 10:59:19 653462
>>65333 (OP)
when they banned me for no reason
same thing with captcha here when phone posting btw
Anonymous  08/03/20 Вск 15:21:52 653493
is 2ch the only IB you browse now?
I need an English /lit/, and 4chan seems to be the only one that has a somewhat active literature board
Anonymous  08/03/20 Вск 17:00:36 653514
well i guess nothing can compare to 4chan in size and you probably won't find anything that active
but if you only need chatting in english you could try kohlchan, at least there are people to talk to
Anonymous  08/03/20 Вск 17:28:34 653525
eh, I suppose I should just buy a 4chan pass then
Anonymous  08/03/20 Вск 18:42:47 653536
Anonymous  10/03/20 Втр 06:41:45 653867
Anonymous  10/03/20 Втр 13:48:51 653898
that website is kind of weird;
nazi uniform, pedo banners, also lacking basic IB features;
their /int/ seems very active though
Anonymous  10/03/20 Втр 14:54:58 653919
1582428348260m.jpg 124Кб, 768x1024
>>65333 (OP)
In 2011, about the time Croatian and Serbian niggers started finding it.
Anonymous  10/03/20 Втр 15:26:40 6539210
>nazi uniform
kinda stereotypes about germans
>pedo banners
er... stereotypes about germans imageboards?
>lacking basic IB features
which is?
>their /int/ seems very active though
yep, the largest outside 4chan and they see themselves as continuing krautchan's /int
Anonymous  10/03/20 Втр 17:11:10 6539311
>kinda stereotypes about germans
>er... stereotypes about imageboards?
as in they're making fun of themselves? possibly
as for the features, it kind of sucks that there's no thread watcher, I know about dollchan, but still, I'd rather not install anything when all I need is such a basic feature
Anonymous  10/03/20 Втр 19:47:24 6539512
>they're making fun of themselves
yes, irony, sort of
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