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u mad? Anonymous  09/03/20 Пнд 03:50:58 653601
15837138196650[[...].png 4Кб, 573x87
u mad?
Anonymous  09/03/20 Пнд 23:42:27 653732
Л.Пайдиев о реж[...].mp4 14956Кб, 640x350, 00:05:31
As long as you can sell what you only promise to buy, there will be faggots who profit on things going down, no wonder they have bear as their symbol.
Anonymous  10/03/20 Втр 01:32:51 653763
Oil.JPG 23Кб, 597x275
>>65360 (OP)
russia doesnt need oil wtf. russia is 1100 years old. it existed before oil industry and will still exist.
lol this butthurt commie they steal our "oil" what do you want to do if the shit is everywhere, sell it to some idiots. oil is just poop from bacteria.

>saudi arabia
its a shithole and papertiger.
Anonymous  10/03/20 Втр 06:19:29 653814
>>65360 (OP)
All sales are in USD - united sucky dollars. Sucky murrica owns this shit. Pathetic midget wobbling their tiny dicks while sucky murrica gets all the profits.
Anonymous  11/03/20 Срд 01:49:02 653985
>Sucky murrica owns this shit
They dont, its federal reserve money.
Anonymous  12/03/20 Чтв 19:32:41 654256
hZbuPr-MZIU.jpg 197Кб, 1211x681
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