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Leave your shit hole of a country. Come live in prosperity, come where social benefits Anonymous  12/03/20 Чтв 03:23:23 654131
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Leave your shit hole of a country. Come live in prosperity, come where social benefits amount to 65884 rubles a month. Send money home whatever. Come and get paid 247068 a month for skilled labor. Also, it's not grey and poor. Bring your sisters though. Love ya'll crazy ruskies
Anonymous  12/03/20 Чтв 03:23:41 654142
Anonymous  12/03/20 Чтв 03:24:22 654153
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Anonymous  12/03/20 Чтв 03:25:09 654164
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Anonymous  12/03/20 Чтв 03:25:42 654175
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Anonymous  12/03/20 Чтв 05:02:29 654196
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>Leave your shit hole of a country. Come live in prosperity, come where social benefits amount to 65884 rubles a month. Send money home whatever. Come and get paid 247068 a month for skilled labor. Also, it's not grey and poor. Bring your sisters though. Love ya'll crazy ruskies
Anonymous  13/03/20 Птн 01:50:28 654297
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That lunch actually looks based
Anonymous  13/03/20 Птн 19:39:40 654408
>>65413 (OP)
> Come live in prosperity, come where social benefits amount to 65884 rubles a month. Send money home whatever. Come and get paid 247068 a month for skilled labor. Also, it's not grey and poor. Bring your sisters though.
What country are you talking about?
Anonymous  13/03/20 Птн 20:52:32 654419
Anonymous  13/03/20 Птн 22:57:12 6544310
Anonymous  14/03/20 Суб 17:31:18 6544811
Anonymous  14/03/20 Суб 21:42:19 6545612
finnish women.jpg 33Кб, 480x360
>>65413 (OP)
finland is a poor shithole
pic related a typical fin
Anonymous  25/03/20 Срд 14:59:09 6567113
Anonymous  25/03/20 Срд 15:19:45 6567314
>>65413 (OP)
And do what? Work my ass 24/7 for shit salary and all prices are high ass fuck. Here I do nothing and have all, there I work as slave and hove nothing. Exchange is not even.
Anonymous  25/03/20 Срд 22:36:47 6567815
Sorry Mika, I used to watch other people berrypicking rather than doing it by myself.
Anonymous  26/03/20 Чтв 13:06:58 6568616
Way better than Germany Franz so relax
Anonymous  26/03/20 Чтв 17:42:17 6568717
>>65413 (OP)
It would be hard for me to learn finnish since it doesn't belong to indoeuropean language family
Anonymous  26/03/20 Чтв 18:22:39 6568818
>>65413 (OP)
Kyllä kyllä!!! Ottaa minua!!! Mä haluan !!!! Opiskelen teidän kieli!!!
Anonymous  28/03/20 Суб 00:41:18 6570519
Anonymous  01/04/20 Срд 21:21:35 6578820
3 Finland

Me rated
Anonymous  02/04/20 Чтв 18:06:48 6579621
>>65413 (OP)
>it's not grey and poor
it's grey and rich, feel the fucking difference
Anonymous  02/04/20 Чтв 20:20:30 6579722
Anonymous  03/04/20 Птн 20:34:43 6581323
Anonymous  03/04/20 Птн 20:38:51 6581524
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main ideas. how to change the world Anonymous  17/04/20 Птн 13:41:54 6602825
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It is necessary to create the main Internet resource where everyone can publish, view and evaluate the importance of unfair events, actions and decisions, to protect against system errors, unfair rules and laws and unfair actions and decisions of any government, organizations and people. The authorities will be obliged to resolve / analyze the most important issues. Everyone will be able to publish, view undeniable evidence, propose solutions, offer other useful functions for the Internet resource.

Create the main Internet resource for help and support for those who need it. Everyone will be able to publish, view, and rate the importance of requests for help. The main thing is to create an organization that will be engaged in checking requests / appeals, storing, distributing / sending funds and resources. Everyone will be able to publish, review and evaluate the importance of requests for help, will be able to send to the organization involved in the distribution of funds and resources any amount of funds and resources, and the organization will independently distribute the funds and resources according to the importance. Everyone can choose a specific person, a specific request, and each request / appeal has a status of verified or unverified.

Just realize that most people simply can’t prove almost nothing of the most important thing that they know about this world, history, their body, food and nutrition, and the information is disseminated without conclusive evidence and ways to verify evidence, including for this for every sphere of life which is important for the formation of a correct understanding of reality, it is necessary to create Internet resources where all the most important information will be published, along with undeniable evidence and ways of verifying evidence. So gradually you check and find out the true story about this world, those who live in it, their food, nutrition and everything else.

just translate and read


in the world there should be a single / main Internet resource on which the main and most important events and incidents are published. The main thing is that on the page of the event / incident there is published conclusive evidence that this happened and how to verify the evidence, and if there is none or everyone can not get / check the evidence, this should be indicated on the page of the event / incident. The bottom line. It is necessary that people have less opportunity to manipulate people's opinions and publish / disseminate false information, and those who do this, if necessary, must be punished and publish information and their recognition / comment about who they are, what they did and why. The main thing is that all media should be obliged to publish a news / event on the main Internet resource before publishing on their resources, along with undeniable evidence and methods of verifying evidence, so that everyone can check any information for reliability / veracity at any time and be able to verify evidence or to know that they are, and if there is no conclusive evidence or anyone who wants to receive them cannot, this should be indicated on the event information page and. The main thing is to create a section where everyone can publish, view and evaluate the importance of events and incidents.

create a (almost) unlimited in number group of people (rulers and directors), for interaction with the authorities, for active discussion and suggestion of ideas. A group of people into which anyone can enter, of any age, at any time, all you need is to get a certain number of votes of people over twenty years old (or another conscious / reasonable age).
... create groups of the most developed people involved in different areas of life. Each group is engaged in its own sphere / direction of life, offers and discusses ideas, solves and discusses problems and difficulties, solves important issues (in its sphere).
Anyone interested in this field or engaged in activities in this field can enter the group if a certain number of people who are connected with the field / direction that the group is engaged in vote for it.

... please ... remember the main thing, the main thing is not ideas, but how you will apply them. You (humanity / civilization) are responsible for how you use / apply any idea, any creation / creation ... the one who "first" created the knife or described / wrote its concept is not responsible for how it was applied / used throughout the history of the world / humanity.
Anonymous  17/04/20 Птн 17:41:37 6602926
Anonymous  22/04/20 Срд 01:56:29 6609727
>>65413 (OP)
Maybe I would but you finnfags steal immigrants' children and put them into Muslim foster families. I don't want any of that shit.
Anonymous  22/04/20 Срд 02:55:47 6609828
e7a71d3a.mp4 8348Кб, 1920x1080, 00:00:26
Anonymous  22/04/20 Срд 02:57:24 6609929
What the fuck is wrong with russian internet. You had one single job and you couldnt do it.
Anonymous  22/04/20 Срд 14:22:24 6610430
Anonymous  22/04/20 Срд 19:45:26 6611231
Prolly butthurt about Karelia.
Anonymous  23/04/20 Чтв 03:38:48 6611332
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Anonymous  26/04/20 Вск 02:50:55 6618333
i heard even beer in funland is overpriced. while here beer cost even less then soda trash like pepsi.
Anonymous  26/04/20 Вск 20:35:05 6619734
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finnishtraditio[...].jpg 65Кб, 480x432
>>65413 (OP)

This cuck is probably an FDF (Finnish Defence Forces) shill peddling his lies, don't believe a word he says. Just go straight to Germany if you want to prosper and have a decent life. This grey shit hole is going to collapse inevitably after this corona nonsense is over and the subsequent economic depression.
Anonymous  26/04/20 Вск 21:43:49 6619835
averagedayinhel[...].jpg 92Кб, 960x720
The fuck, somebody deleted my post. Just advising you to go to Germany if you want to live well and prosper. There are more possibilities over there and the country will fare a lot better than Finland in the post-corona global depression world.
Anonymous  26/04/20 Вск 22:04:16 6619936
N9PsHyZn1-E.jpg 250Кб, 1200x800
It makes no sense to go to other countries, because other countries will become parts of Russia.
Anonymous  27/04/20 Пнд 10:19:08 6620537
Suomifeels.jpg 21Кб, 617x392
My bad, this thread updates like shit or then I just can't into 2ch.
Anonymous  27/04/20 Пнд 11:07:42 6620638
Anonymous  01/09/20 Втр 16:48:53 6880139
Anonymous  01/09/20 Втр 17:39:28 6880340
Anonymous  02/09/20 Срд 06:44:20 6880741
2027041C-C4EC-4[...].jpeg 139Кб, 900x1200
Anonymous  02/09/20 Срд 10:08:22 6880942
>>65413 (OP)
I lived in Lappenranta for about six months while taking a course at a local institute. I would like to say that I liked it. But it also becomes clear that most Russians will not be able to live like the Finns. Even with my calm and homely character, it was sometimes hard to withstand this endless chill. In order to live in Finland outside of Helsinki, you must love nature and silence and be a latent anarcho primitivist or you must be the last autistic.
By the way, why do you specify your large unemployment benefit as a plus? As for me, it is disgusting to support foreigners at the expense of your people. I've met such Russians in Finland, all of them were shit that you successfully accepted, it was unpleasant for me to see it.
Anonymous  02/09/20 Срд 17:35:28 6881143
>>65413 (OP)
I'd love to, but it is almost impossible. We are not a part of some union and can't just move in so free. I need a job offer, to do that, I need to be some kind of great specialist. Well, I'm not.
Anonymous  02/09/20 Срд 17:50:31 6881344
Anonymous  02/09/20 Срд 18:22:54 6881545
You're just a fucking dumb, the demographic crisis is fucking them in the mouth and in the ass, and the new generation wants to be great programmers, designers, etc.
So there is a very lack of technical specialists, get a certificate of some welder or concrete paver, work for six months in Russia, learn the language to a minimum and go, shit.
Anonymous  12/09/20 Суб 16:06:38 6899346
>>65413 (OP)
If I am not mistaken, Finno-Ugric people from other countries do not have any privileges in obtaining Finnish citizenship or residence permit. Unfortunately.
Anonymous  13/09/20 Вск 15:56:29 6901747
>>65413 (OP)
> Leave your shit hole of a country.
We love Russia and we do not do drugs here. President Putin himself would never do drugs (and nobody would vote for a drug user), so this caricature is just silly. I didn't get the point of the second caricature to be honest. I only see a distorted image of President Putin and our Chinese friends.
> get paid 247068 a month
It's nice that euro costs a lot today, but it's you who can benefit from it. Come and visit and have a great vacation in beatiful clean cities of Russia for small money. I personally couldn't care less how much USD and EUR are unless I want to buy electronics or travel.
I got a meal like this for 60 rubles at my previous job (it's about 80 euro cents today, I guess), and it was vegan also. And where is soup? It is not a lunch if there is no soup. Oh my, they give them only half of lunch in this country.
18/09/20 Птн 00:01:12 6913348
Anonymous  18/09/20 Птн 19:10:34 6915549
How much are your kike overlords paying you to shill, faggot?
Anonymous  18/09/20 Птн 19:52:43 6915650
160927210830-tk[...].jpg 34Кб, 780x438
Anonymous  18/09/20 Птн 21:39:44 6915751
I guess the 'kike' word is a racial slur. I kindly ask you to refrain from those. What exactly made you assume that I am being paid for posting here? This kind of thing you said is exactly what a certain political minority here in Russia could say. Those are people who consume news from Meduza, Radio Liberty, TK Dozhd and other so-called independent, collaborationist media. They love screaming abot shills. Every opinion or fact that contradicts with what they were told to believe is something they must ignore, and the person who said it is a shill. If a person loves his or her country, and supports the elected president, he or she is certainly a shill in their eyes. If, like them, you call me a shill because of my trust in President Putin (basically because I said that the caricature was silly and meaningless, so it is not even about my trust in him), then please answer this: can one buy trust and support of more than 70% of population?
Anonymous  19/09/20 Суб 00:05:45 6916252
Everyone knows your elections are rigged to hell and back retard, you should kill yourself for spreading this cringe propaganda.
Anonymous  19/09/20 Суб 00:25:16 6916353
> Everyone knows
You know nothing.
Anonymous  19/09/20 Суб 00:30:56 6916454
he knows everything, he's a proxyhohol
Anonymous  19/09/20 Суб 00:35:44 6916555
Yes, that is probably true.
Anonymous  19/09/20 Суб 02:39:55 6916756
Or not. I guess it is easy for an American to be ignorant about our country. They don't speak Russian, so it would take effort for them to get unbiassed information. These things are what they are being told from all their "independent" media. Here we have about 2% of people who think this way. There it may be all one hundred.

Look what happens in Belarus, where majority of population voted for President Lukashenko. Today the EU claims him to be an illegitimate leader and recognises Tihanovskaya as the elected leader. Even if Lukashenko were "illegitimate", how can Tihanovskaya be "elected" when only 10% voted for her? Nobody cares what Belarusian people think. Без меня меня женили. I can easily imagine them trying to pull the same trick here in 2024 or earlier. They may try to appoint Navalny as the Russian president in exile. On the West he is probably considered as someone well-known and well-supported here, they even nominated him for Nobel Prize.
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