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Hi, i'm from finland and i want to learn russian language. Does anyone have good tips? Anonymous  12/03/20 Чтв 18:22:53 654241
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Hi, i'm from finland and i want to learn russian language. Does anyone have good tips?
Anonymous  12/03/20 Чтв 22:39:54 654262
>i want to learn russian language
Well i hope you want it for other purose than read a sites like this/
Russian has a great asset - the words pronounsig the same way as they writing. So you car learn an alphabet and 1000 most popular words - and you will understod 90% of russian speech and text in the same time!
Anonymous  12/03/20 Чтв 22:45:12 654273
Anonymous  13/03/20 Птн 01:48:46 654284
>>65424 (OP)
Read Manga and watch series in the language you're trying to learn.
Anonymous  15/03/20 Вск 22:08:41 654845
Anonymous  16/03/20 Пнд 02:12:52 654896
>>65424 (OP)
You may try to learn some words via comparison modern words with their proto-language form, indo-european.
For example word "water"
indo-eur : wódr
english : water
russian : voda (вода)
same for apple - h₂ébl, h₂ebōl - apple -yabloko (яблоко)
Anonymous  16/03/20 Пнд 18:01:38 654977
Anonymous  16/03/20 Пнд 18:37:31 654988
>via comparison modern words with their proto-language form
that's... quite a detour
Anonymous  18/03/20 Срд 15:47:23 655319
Every language learner must have a purpose, as it was mentioned in the first reply. What is your purpose and your goal? Read Russian literature without dictionaries? Or talk to Russian customers because you live nearby the border? These are two completely different levels of shit.
Unfortunately, Russian requires some grammar basics learned until one can talk properly, it's, of course, the same with English and other languages, but a system of declensions, cases and conjugations needs drilling from the first day of studying. Unfortunately, one can't go 100% communicative when starting.
>saying that to Finnish anon
Lol you dumb fag, this can't be recognized without the proper knowledge of Russian affixes like roots. Of course, he's Finnish and he will learn to decompose words very easily, but at the moment words look to him like solid bricks. I used to think about the productivity of this learning method. Came to conclusion that it is fully available at the level which allows to study words following the past abundant practice.
Anonymous  19/03/20 Чтв 00:14:51 6554910
Anonymous  19/03/20 Чтв 15:59:01 6556311
Anonymous  21/03/20 Суб 17:44:20 6558412
>>65424 (OP)
take courses from high school. I learnt some that way
Anonymous  27/03/20 Птн 01:27:38 6569313
Turn your office or small room in your house to a classroom, complete with posters of cyrillic alphabet and a tv that only plays russian shit. You can start by making this room, you will turn the room into little russia. You will make a rule to think in russian, all literature in room is russian etc. You will eventualy obsorb it all, like a kid in a high school foreign language classroom
Anonymous  27/03/20 Птн 08:04:36 6569414
>>65424 (OP)
Sup. I’m learning Suomi with YouTube and suomen mestati just do the same.
There’s only one problem Russia can’t into exercise books
Anonymous  27/03/20 Птн 18:19:08 6570015
У хохла забыли спросить.
Anonymous  27/03/20 Птн 18:22:13 6570116
> watch series in the language you're trying to learn.
> russian
Anonymous  29/03/20 Вск 10:44:07 6572417
Sounds pretty good although a lot of effort. Another good thing would be to play the Russian version of video games. There's a patch online for TES Oblivion that I used. An RPG like Oblivion is a good learning tool for beginners because everything is labeled. You look at a plate on a table, it tells you in the corner that it's a plate. Also, all the speech has subtitles, which is also useful for beginners.
Anonymous  29/03/20 Вск 10:44:46 6572518
>>65424 (OP)
Дед 90 лет с бабкой решил заняться сексом,вскарабкался на неё и кряхтит пыхтит...,ничего не получается,попробовал сменить позу-опять облом,закинулся виагрой..,бесполезно...,провозился 3 часа...результат 0.В итоге вскакивает с кровати и кричит:грёбанный П?тин...,чтоб он сдох..........бабка крестится и спрашивает: а П*тин тут причём????...Дед: нуууууу, при Брежневе такого не было
Anonymous  01/04/20 Срд 08:43:40 6577919
Anonymous  01/04/20 Срд 09:29:27 6578220
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Anonymous  01/04/20 Срд 20:12:50 6578421
this video is bullshit btw
Anonymous  01/04/20 Срд 20:18:35 6578622
i agree, hes bad mi6 agent.
Anonymous  06/04/20 Пнд 03:25:28 6585623
Yes, russian bydlo can't to voice.
Anonymous  06/04/20 Пнд 05:39:17 6585824
i watched gurran lagann in russian
now i know how to say transform and i veryu v tebya in russia
Anonymous  06/04/20 Пнд 13:52:31 6586225
Reanimedia the best russian voicer. But other voicers very bad.
Anonymous  10/04/20 Птн 03:42:49 6591326
Anonymous  10/04/20 Птн 06:18:17 6591427
It's russian films. But russians very bad to voice other films, especially anime.
Anonymous  10/04/20 Птн 18:23:41 6591928
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Anonymous  17/04/20 Птн 13:23:47 6601929
img568x320x2420[...].jpg 88Кб, 568x320
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just translate and read
Anonymous  18/04/20 Суб 15:46:29 6604730
Anonymous  20/04/20 Пнд 03:01:46 6607031
22/04/20 Срд 18:59:46 6610732
Anonymous  23/04/20 Чтв 16:27:32 6612533
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Anonymous  13/05/20 Срд 08:17:03 6650334
Anonymous  22/07/20 Срд 09:40:59 6787335
Yep, I have one. To begin with, teach how to do the Slavic squat correctly. This way the information is better absorbed.

Muten minä opisekelen suomea ja suomalainen kulttuuri. Jos sinä halusit, me voisimme auttaa toisiamme. Koska kommunikointi äidinkielenään puhujan kanssa on aina iso plussa oppimisessa. Joitakin ominaisuuksia voi selittää vain äidinkielenään puhuja.
Toinen vinkki on älä pelkää puhua venäjää. Vaikka puhutkin virheillä.
Anonymous  22/07/20 Срд 14:29:19 6787536
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Hey, I've got a good tip for you!
Anonymous  12/01/21 Втр 07:58:22 7306437
>>65424 (OP)
if you're over 21 it will be extremely hard because your brain lost it's "plasticity". Learn languages before 21...before 16 is even better
Anonymous  13/01/21 Срд 12:41:58 7313938
Anonymous  13/01/21 Срд 17:14:43 7315539
Can you guys recommend any good russian tv show to watch?
I just finished To The Lake and this stuff was dope.
Now I started watching Sparta and it looks good too so I need more stuff like this.
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