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Yo international anons, the imageboard I use the most is primarily Americans. It Anonymous  15/03/20 Вск 01:19:12 654641
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Yo international anons, the imageboard I use the most is primarily Americans. It would be nice if people could drop by and type Cyrillic or whatever foreign language you use to us. We are ignorant of your ways and wish to learn.
Anonymous  15/03/20 Вск 16:48:01 654722
>Cyrillic or whatever foreign language you use

How do I live in the same country as morons like you?
Anonymous  15/03/20 Вск 18:12:20 654753
N0mMkskshE.jpg (46Кб, 800x470)
>>65464 (OP)
I gave you some replies in random threads, now let me give you some backup of what's fuckedup:
> button "Reply" just adds some >>1488 in the reply top of the page (on 4chan) it opens a reply-frame next to the message)
> after reply you're sent back to main page
> when you push the same Reply button, you don't see your responses in the thread, you have to push F5
Anonymous  15/03/20 Вск 18:16:42 654764
>>65464 (OP)
also add some more space between threads so board doesn't look like one big thread (or just place the name of the thread before the name of the image (as it is made here)
Anonymous  15/03/20 Вск 18:17:49 654775
>>65464 (OP)
also add some "Update" button" ("Обновить тред" button here)
Anonymous  18/03/20 Срд 16:06:13 655326
0s1200.jpg (55Кб, 730x1095)
Thanks a lot for the posts and constructive criticism, I definitely agree with your suggestions. I showed the site owner your posts, and she is working on the improvements. We have a journey ahead of us, but we always listen to good feedback and try to do as much as possible for the users.

Thanks again
Anonymous  18/03/20 Срд 17:40:54 655347
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