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You'll never be European Anonymous  23/03/20 Пнд 21:30:31 656321
ppp.jfif (8Кб, 211x239)
You'll never be European
Anonymous  23/03/20 Пнд 23:08:29 656342
Anonymous  23/03/20 Пнд 23:48:46 656353
>>65632 (OP)
ok muhammad. I am a pure nordic, aryan. blue eyed, skin white as milk, beautiful, thiccish posture, unlike your shitskin subhuman race. Prepare to be exterminated, rat.
Anonymous  24/03/20 Втр 15:55:37 656494
>i'm kokoko
LeFace has spoken suddenly.
Anonymous  24/03/20 Втр 18:04:19 656505
Anonymous  24/03/20 Втр 23:57:08 656566
Anonymous  25/03/20 Срд 00:04:19 656577
15850815866450[[...].jpg (93Кб, 1080x1435)
Anonymous  27/03/20 Птн 00:58:24 656908
>>65632 (OP)
Russia is russia. We have nothing to do with europe or asia.
Anonymous  29/03/20 Вск 02:32:13 657219
It is a depressing g prospect
Anonymous  29/03/20 Вск 15:50:59 6572910
Без названия (1[...].jfif (7Кб, 283x178)
0623c60b0f9819c[...].jpg (56Кб, 550x412)
makronstemnokoz[...].jpg (78Кб, 1200x1181)
Кадыров ахаха.webm (533Кб, 480x360, 00:00:08)
>that is France
>thinks he's white
Anonymous  29/03/20 Вск 23:30:51 6573711
Thank god, I hate old worlders so much like you wouldn't believe it
Anonymous  31/03/20 Втр 14:26:49 6576012
i'm tall, blonde and speak dutch, retard.
Anonymous  31/03/20 Втр 14:30:30 6576113
Dutch Retard is an accurate description of Flemish.
Anonymous  31/03/20 Втр 16:13:40 6576314
Anonymous  31/03/20 Втр 20:09:16 6576615
what a useless nation anyway. just make the whole europe german speaking. i hate those ossis, bavarians and all kinds of useless cultures nobody gibes a shat
Anonymous  31/03/20 Втр 20:35:54 6576716
hey, you had your chance once, now just shut up
Anonymous  31/03/20 Втр 22:31:54 6576817
я пидорашка, 5 мужыков моей симейки погибли пот сталинградом. слишком много ебучих языков
Anonymous  31/03/20 Втр 23:11:43 6577118
Тебе и русского слишком много, лмао
Anonymous  13/04/20 Пнд 21:00:19 6597919
15271977233680s.jpg (6Кб, 220x219)
>i'm tall, blonde and speak dutch, retard.
Anonymous  13/04/20 Пнд 21:06:23 6598020
i am already european
Anonymous  14/04/20 Втр 19:08:01 6599221
Anonymous  17/04/20 Птн 13:20:52 6601722
img568x320x2420[...].jpg (88Кб, 568x320)
main ideas. how to change the world

It is necessary to create the main Internet resource where everyone can publish, view and evaluate the importance of unfair events, actions and decisions, to protect against system errors, unfair rules and laws and unfair actions and decisions of any government, organizations and people. The authorities will be obliged to resolve / analyze the most important issues. Everyone will be able to publish, view undeniable evidence, propose solutions, offer other useful functions for the Internet resource.

Create the main Internet resource for help and support for those who need it. Everyone will be able to publish, view, and rate the importance of requests for help. The main thing is to create an organization that will be engaged in checking requests / appeals, storing, distributing / sending funds and resources. Everyone will be able to publish, review and evaluate the importance of requests for help, will be able to send to the organization involved in the distribution of funds and resources any amount of funds and resources, and the organization will independently distribute the funds and resources according to the importance. Everyone can choose a specific person, a specific request, and each request / appeal has a status of verified or unverified.

Just realize that most people simply can’t prove almost nothing of the most important thing that they know about this world, history, their body, food and nutrition, and the information is disseminated without conclusive evidence and ways to verify evidence, including for this for every sphere of life which is important for the formation of a correct understanding of reality, it is necessary to create Internet resources where all the most important information will be published, along with undeniable evidence and ways of verifying evidence. So gradually you check and find out the true story about this world, those who live in it, their food, nutrition and everything else.

just translate and read
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