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sdsdsdd # OP 05/04/20 Вск 22:04:06 658501
kisu.jpg (28Кб, 400x400)
Do you russians enjoy living in a corrupted, poor country where all citizens should be rich af if you only didnt have that manlet cuck Putin running the shithole. Hahahahh your lives will start and end in commieblocks lmao
Anonymous  05/04/20 Вск 23:39:02 658512
>>65850 (OP)
russia is the richest country in the world. what are you talking about ? you mean like papermoney rich ? how do you define rich ? why should people be rich ?
Anonymous  06/04/20 Пнд 00:55:04 658553
Anonymous  21/04/20 Втр 13:00:12 660904
ohyou.jpg (44Кб, 800x450)
>>65850 (OP)
Okay, you're a stupid 12 y.o finngolian who's still mad at Rashka because of the winter war and thinks this country wants to attack you? In fact there are many smart russian citizens with no microcephaly and pooteen worshipping, they know that this country has always been shithole and will be, so they learn english (or other language) and immigrate. Those vatniks with down syndrome who still love rusia and the king stay here, work on a slave conditions and serving in army to prepare to be cannon fodder so THEY will attack your and other countries to spread coprophile pidorashkan world. U get it, dumbfuck?
Anonymous  21/04/20 Втр 13:03:55 660915
this country and all russians wants to attack you*
Anonymous  21/04/20 Втр 14:28:11 660926
изображение.png (1295Кб, 716x1024)
yes we do want to attack finland for absolutely no reason and reinstate the glorious empire with finland as a principality
Anonymous  21/04/20 Втр 19:44:04 660947
Anonymous  21/04/20 Втр 22:22:06 660958
koalitsijasv.jpg (104Кб, 600x400)
no we wait for diversity to kick in where whole europe be niggers and arapes and we will destroy everything with this thing here.

ps my favourite howitzer koalitzia(70 kilometers range + satelite navigation+laserpointer)
Anonymous  22/04/20 Срд 07:36:11 661029
Anonymous  26/04/20 Вск 19:56:14 6619110
When Finland will ask to join Russia, we will forgive you your words and I will agree.
Anonymous  29/04/20 Срд 19:31:08 6623411
hahahah you'd get your shit handed to you like you did in the winter war
Anonymous  30/04/20 Чтв 13:58:57 6624412
Anonymous  18/07/20 Суб 16:48:18 6778813
>>65850 (OP)
Ya know wot?

USA has this kind of pizdec:


did you mean Awoo? Awoo lives matter!

Anonymous  18/07/20 Суб 19:09:53 6778914
>>65850 (OP)
>Hahahahh your lives will start and end in commieblocks lmao
g:Le Corbusier

It may be a little old-fashioned kind of architecture by now, but still more modern than classic finnish wooden shack.
Anonymous  19/07/20 Вск 01:39:50 6779815

vittu saatana aisankannattaja))))))
Anonymous  19/07/20 Вск 08:40:31 6780016
Glory to perkele!
Anonymous  19/07/20 Вск 19:55:16 6780317
Anonymous  20/07/20 Пнд 08:53:00 6781118
>>65850 (OP)
Se on totta. Me emme pida sitä kovasti. Venäläiset yrittivät muuta kaikki. Mutta se on vaikea.

p.s. On sääli, että nordchan suljettu
Anonymous  20/07/20 Пнд 13:07:59 6781719
>>65850 (OP)
>Hahahahh your lives will start and end in commieblocks
same for finnoids except its "commieblock deluxe" lol
Anonymous  23/07/20 Чтв 12:44:23 6793620
14488691967420.webm (553Кб, 320x320, 00:00:20)
Anonymous  26/07/20 Вск 19:20:36 6803421
the point of winter war was to shift the borders
that was achieved
Anonymous  26/07/20 Вск 23:47:34 6803722
no, the point of winterwar is to sent ukranian conscripts to get killed by fins and then steal finnish lands. russia always does multiple stuff at the same time. smart, smarter, genius, russian
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