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δείτε τα έντερα Anonymous  14/04/20 Втр 09:42:42 659861
baffometi.webm 2595Кб, 1152x720, 00:00:10
Russians of /int/, I have a very serious question.

I'm a connoisseur of baffometi videos, however, since I don't speak russian, I know very little about the backstory of it.

How did it originate? Did it really originate in Russia? If so, why? Where did the δείτε τα έντερα phrase come from? Who's making the videos? Is it tied to any specific group in Russia? Are there any articles on it? Why did the videos stop?

I find it very interesting that the videos never seem to signal any actual political or philosophical bias, it just questions the worth of human life and makes you stare at the harshness of reality.
Anonymous  14/04/20 Втр 13:43:58 659882
give us your entrails
Anonymous  14/04/20 Втр 18:39:27 659893
Whatafak am i reading?
Anonymous  03/05/20 Вск 22:15:40 663114
please respond
Anonymous  04/05/20 Пнд 01:26:15 663165
>>65986 (OP)
Honestly, I myself don’t know where it originally came from, but I guess that around 2010-2014 when the video 6996 was released, a bunch of edgy minors started making similar videos and creating groups with a dismemberment stolen from kaotic.
Around the same time, I began to stumble on VK, OPG NABEG, WEBTERROR, and realized that it was somehow connected with raids on groups with open walls with pictures of dissected coprofilia and CP to ban vk groups.
Anonymous  04/05/20 Пнд 01:27:36 663176
>>65986 (OP)
+ I discovered two private groups 6996 and all of them apparently abandoned
They are available by invitation and I myself do not remember how I got there.
Anonymous  04/05/20 Пнд 01:41:55 663187
omg thank you. Where can I find the 6996 video? What does it contain? Did the media every catch attention of these groups? Are such small obscure groups common on VK?
Anonymous  04/05/20 Пнд 01:56:55 663198
At your own peril and risk, search the VK for videos or other video hosting sites (not youtube, vimeo, dailymotion)
Regarding the media, the topic of “Blue Whales” or “Siniy Kit” was covered, but this is a naive topic. Which was a simple stuffing and the reason for the adoption of amendments to the constitution, named "Paket Yarovoi" that allows police to bust people for any kind of these video which is also bullshit. Look for groups yourself, I will not be your gunner.
Anonymous  04/05/20 Пнд 02:17:51 663209
I understood, it's dangerous. However, I managed to find a Polish post about δείτε τα έντερα, turns out it's based on some sect in Berlin from the 80s. I was not able to find any information about it though.

Anyways, thank you. Russia is a very interesting place regarding these youth manifestations.
Anonymous  04/05/20 Пнд 13:40:56 6632310
ZR0n3n4bbFA.jpg 103Кб, 400x400
Anonymous  04/05/20 Пнд 17:19:19 6632511
Это не то, официальные видосы намного жёстче.
Anonymous  06/05/20 Срд 21:31:30 6637512
Anonymous  20/05/20 Срд 08:47:32 6665113
Karatelnajapsih[...].webm 5490Кб, 640x480, 00:01:46
After I watched this video, my fish died instantly.
Anonymous  20/05/20 Срд 20:42:59 6665814
>>65986 (OP)
Just a young man with maximalism having fun. And the same students try to seem different from everyone else
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