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SAVE US!!! Anonymous  20/04/20 Пнд 10:03:14 660751
refmf.mp4 11633Кб, 1278x720, 00:02:09
Please, save europe from rapefugees! We need help!
All european must be united against this foe!
Anonymous  20/04/20 Пнд 12:16:07 660772
15872387999440.mp4 7234Кб, 1440x720, 00:00:44
>>66075 (OP)
>save europe from rapefugees!
u're very retarded my pasta friend
Anonymous  14/05/20 Чтв 00:02:27 665183
malkolm-1.jpg 210Кб, 600x460
TASS11755558.jpg 243Кб, 900x506
ede9de8f46823c2[...].jpg 52Кб, 500x263
Anonymous  14/05/20 Чтв 02:11:24 665194
Anonymous  14/05/20 Чтв 03:30:05 665215
Get fucked Europoors
-America gang
Anonymous  15/05/20 Птн 20:59:49 665796
they(muslims) will get genocided, the reason they let them inside and do whatever they want aka rape, kill and terrorise only just the public to hate muslims, if that hate generates lots support from public "they" will eventually start up new concentration camps to boost the rotten economy. they will take organs from those who refuse. right now we have NWO=Nord West Ost, latter on they will build SNOW Süd Nord Ost West, which will adde arab countries after they kill most of them by nuking it aka israel vs muslims.
Anonymous  16/05/20 Суб 01:04:11 665827
ryssä 2.jpg 37Кб, 604x395
Das Rite
Anonymous  16/05/20 Суб 11:14:42 665878
CWn6oIvWwAE95eL.jpg 32Кб, 640x299
It's all about their Israel and your pacifists supporting muzzos instead.
Now you see who the fuck did you support. Take a lot of them!
Anonymous  16/05/20 Суб 18:01:19 665889
Anonymous  16/05/20 Суб 19:19:24 6658910
i dont understand what u said.
Anonymous  16/05/20 Суб 19:51:25 6659011
c48c49434782186[...].jpg 11Кб, 223x226
Anonymous  16/05/20 Суб 20:07:14 6659212
Anonymous  16/05/20 Суб 20:18:49 6659413
Hiy Anonymous  16/05/20 Суб 21:10:16 6659514
Anonymous  17/05/20 Вск 01:04:49 6659815
you gonna suffer all time because u r weaky cuckolds. the only way to reduce invasion of rapefugees is pure violence
Anonymous  17/05/20 Вск 05:17:35 6659916
Anonymous  17/05/20 Вск 14:58:24 6660117
btw guys, why this exact board is so empty? i saw so much anons in /b/who were showing off, texting in english, but here is no one
Anonymous  17/05/20 Вск 16:36:51 6660318
who needs int when there's b out there
Anonymous  17/05/20 Вск 19:24:31 6660419
Anonymous  17/05/20 Вск 22:26:03 6660820
but mostly "b" audience isn't even bilingual, and every english thread just ends up with argument between pro-speakers and ppl who tear their asses proving that foreign languages ARE NOT NEEDED 1111!!!1!!!!!1!!!!!
Anonymous  18/05/20 Пнд 12:00:52 6661521
but it's true that foreign languages are not needed
Anonymous  20/05/20 Срд 04:39:49 6664822
That's an interesting opinion. Mine is more down to earth. Leftists let refugees in to get more votes in elections.

Untermensch are known to vote for the left and sozial geschaft through generations. While the number of refugees is low and seems insignificant for elections, it does make a difference as big as win vs lost. A left party is always naturally guaranteed to get 48-49% support from the locals who benefit from income redistribution. So, they just need 1-2% extra votes to make >50% which constitutes the majority win. And they hope that a constant supply of refugees can always bring them those 1-2% extra votes they need to secure all the future elections.

The right understand this strategy. In order to disrupt the smart left plan they pull out the nazi card and start brainwashing the public about muh girls get raped and all the bullshit for emotional faggots. And this works.
Anonymous  20/05/20 Срд 22:28:25 6666423
i dont care as long as europe is in flames.
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