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Check this out!
If she says vote for Biden i will Anonymous  11/05/20 Пнд 19:18:56 664751
1587585066753.jpg 76Кб, 540x810
If she says vote for Biden i will
Anonymous  12/05/20 Втр 04:19:35 664812
Anonymous  12/05/20 Втр 21:51:55 664923
buff jew.jpg 26Кб, 425x425
>>66475 (OP)
i dont know her, but i voted for biden(iam russian spy) biden is even more incompetent then trump, usa will be for ever laughing stock.
Anonymous  14/05/20 Чтв 05:24:38 665234
Anonymous  25/11/20 Срд 01:01:17 711575
Lil pimp1.jpg 213Кб, 1049x1260
he says vote for Trump
Anonymous  25/11/20 Срд 11:53:49 711636
Anonymous  25/11/20 Срд 12:07:40 711657
Anonymous  26/11/20 Чтв 16:48:57 712008
>>71180 →
if she brings along several niggers and begins orgy with them you will take black cock out and lick her pussy.
Anonymous  06/02/21 Суб 09:13:27 744049
d364c9ba3ade54a[...].jpg 25Кб, 630x401
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