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Anti-commie thread Anonymous  22/05/20 Птн 14:51:57 666801
15181957965adcc[...].jpg (71Кб, 600x700)
I loathe neo-communists praying on and mourning USSR.
What's so fascinating about 75 years of genocidal brain-washing dystopia terrorizing the entire world and almost destroying it completely (say howdy to Cuba)?
Anonymous  22/05/20 Птн 16:30:06 666822
at least you can milk it selling moscow as the world capital of leftism
Anonymous  23/05/20 Суб 06:51:00 666863
Russia was big, strong and unified then just like how Russia is big and strong now. What is not to like about the USSR?
Anonymous  23/05/20 Суб 10:13:21 666904
it was shit, russians worked for all other subhumans republics. now russia is best.
Anonymous  24/05/20 Вск 13:13:12 667055
>Сдаёт квартиру, которую кровавый совок выдал бабушке
>Нахуй никому не нужен в швитой капиталистической рашке
>Кокой плохой эсесер!!!
Anonymous  24/05/20 Вск 16:04:37 667066
USSR was not Russia. It was another country much bigger than Russia. Like US and California.
Anonymous  24/05/20 Вск 16:08:52 667077
>>66680 (OP)
They know nothing about Gulag and all the oppression. They are brainwashed by their marxist professors in academia that socialism was good and nazism is bad, but they omit the fact that nazi stands for national socialism. Goebbels was a german communist.
Anonymous  24/05/20 Вск 19:26:59 667088
communism, socialism and nazism is all german invententions, everything that german invents is trash.
Anonymous  24/05/20 Вск 19:46:49 667099
>imageboard politic
Anonymous  25/05/20 Пнд 01:42:13 6671010
Anonymous  25/05/20 Пнд 06:12:54 6671211
Commie-Socialism originates from France, particularly from Saint-Simon's writings. While nationalism was also born in France, those where germans Vichte and Hegel who added totalitarian aspect to it.
Anonymous  27/05/20 Срд 15:34:59 6676412
>white nationalists
Belarusian education as it is
Anonymous  27/05/20 Срд 19:56:29 6676513
hes not belarus, hes a retard
Anonymous  28/05/20 Чтв 09:41:54 6677414
>green text strawman
Russian bitard do you even realize how silly you are?
Anonymous  02/06/20 Втр 08:04:59 6686815
AVlJDqUG7RY.jpg (139Кб, 1280x1024)
yeSW39k0bbY.jpg (223Кб, 808x1080)
tHcS5yroE-k.jpg (173Кб, 810x1080)
LBNBSquhTQ.jpg (52Кб, 840x440)
>points out the barbarism that is communism
>always some shitty butthurt westerner that crawls out of the woodwork to defend it
Westerners have forgotten what made their countries great and are now various degrees of leftist trash. It's such a pitiful thing to see these once proud people reduced to low-T soyboys begging for someone to give them nice things and to put them in their proper place. Anyway, you can enjoy your upcoming socialist utopias on your own, we've have had enough of that shit.
Anonymous  02/06/20 Втр 15:50:27 6687316
Anonymous  02/06/20 Втр 15:59:00 6687417
Anonymous  02/06/20 Втр 16:07:28 6687518
Anonymous  02/06/20 Втр 21:11:06 6687819
russia libertar[...].jpg (316Кб, 1280x720)
Anonymous  02/06/20 Втр 22:20:35 6688020
They are posers and a fake puppet party to make dumb people think that the opposition exists. And they are lead by xenophobic loudmouth clown.
Anonymous  02/06/20 Втр 22:25:13 6688221
>posers and a fake puppet party
>And they are lead by xenophobic
THIS is the reason i like them.
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