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German diggas my best friends Anonymous  26/05/20 Втр 07:37:55 667301
maxresdefault ([...].jpg (86Кб, 1280x720)
Anyone that living in Germany, I need your help, I'm in love with your country,people,and food, please send me some secret files of german government that can ruin your country, I just want to save these files from a bad people from my country. Also you can send me the geolocation of german politics and people from a goverment.
Anonymous  26/05/20 Втр 08:42:20 667322
Anonymous  26/05/20 Втр 20:20:30 667513
kanzlerakte.jpg (81Кб, 481x614)
>>66730 (OP)
here i have something, you mean like "classified" stuff ?
Anonymous  29/05/20 Птн 03:25:32 667904
Can you translate it is to me please, I will be very glad of you will translate this to me and my people
Anonymous  30/05/20 Суб 10:12:15 668035
>and my people
who are this people ?
Anonymous  30/05/20 Суб 21:14:35 668116
Anonymous  30/05/20 Суб 23:43:38 668137
are you orthodox jew or israeli ?
Anonymous  31/05/20 Вск 05:28:47 668168
Orthodox Jew, not like you little goy
Anonymous  31/05/20 Вск 09:56:23 668179
How does your dnst3 treat you? Delusional much?
Anonymous  31/05/20 Вск 11:00:22 6681810
why do you use electricity on shabbos ?
Anonymous  31/05/20 Вск 11:42:15 6682111
We don't really shut down all electricity, its shit that we say for goys like you,we only can't buy anything at shabbat, and we can't use electricity for cook something, so don't say something you don't know, in tanakh time people didn't have electricity, and cooking food with electricity its like you eat something that don't even food
Anonymous  31/05/20 Вск 12:51:19 6682512
electricity is fire, your not allowed to light fire on shabbos.
Anonymous  03/06/20 Срд 01:35:59 6688813
Fire is oxidisation, electricity is movement of electrons. If rabby insists that it is the same thing, tell him that generations of jewish physics scientists are ashamed of his bullshit.
Anonymous  04/06/20 Чтв 22:12:58 6694714
Electrical-Emer[...].jpg (114Кб, 1000x667)
lol retard

You can create fire with oxidation(heat, fuel oxigen) and with electricity. The point is not to create fire. You can make fire before shabbos and keep it going. You can create fire with rubbing, thats what electrons do when the travel inside electrical cable.s

Anonymous  04/06/20 Чтв 22:18:28 6694915
> and with electricity.
Electric arc is not fire. Ordinary person cant make it at home though so its irrelevent.
You can create heat with elecricity, which in turn makes things exposed catch fire. Which is oxidisation still.
Anonymous  04/06/20 Чтв 22:20:40 6695016
>Which is oxidisation still.
Yes correct. In ordert to avoid the chance you just dont use it.
Anonymous  04/06/20 Чтв 22:23:32 6695117
Well you can get some static electricity complete with sparks by wearing synthetic stuff so you probably should undress too unless your stuff is 100% cotton.

Thats why Israel citizens hate those fucking orthodox jews.
Anonymous  04/06/20 Чтв 22:33:57 6695218
putin light men[...].jpg (52Кб, 667x397)
1putlazar-359x3[...].png (177Кб, 359x381)
>Thats why Israel citizens hate those fucking orthodox jews.
Well iam russian dont know all the rites exectly, and we like orthodox jews and hate israelies(zionist) we will destroy israeli state.
Anonymous  22/06/20 Пнд 20:53:26 6734319
merkel2.jpg (174Кб, 1024x844)
Anonymous  23/06/20 Втр 09:34:15 6735620
One on the left is 10\10 would fuck, other ladies look too manly for my taste.
Anonymous  23/06/20 Втр 20:11:51 6736621
> other ladies look too manly for my taste.
thats why i came to germany, all german women look like men, so its almost gay but without being gay
Anonymous  23/06/20 Втр 23:00:54 6736922
Меркель шикарна без своего брючного костюма.
Anonymous  24/06/20 Срд 19:39:05 6739323
merkel.jpg (148Кб, 713x1057)
вот тут по старшы, сиски болшые
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