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At the end of September 1941, Lord Beaverbrook (Max Aitken) arrived in Moscow as Anonymous  05/06/20 Птн 16:39:08 669701
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At the end of September 1941, Lord Beaverbrook (Max Aitken) arrived in Moscow as the trustee of Churchill. His task was to coordinate the volume of Soviet aid from the United Kingdom and the United States on the spot (Harriman represented the American side in Moscow).
The visit of Beaverbrook was a great honour for Stalin and symbolized his rise of importance in the bureaucratic hierarchy of the British Empire. The Moscow Nabob organized a royal reception for an expensive guest and, knowing about his passions, singled out from the Kremlin harem a sex pearl - a handsome boy with a charming arse. When the visit was over, Beaverbrook kindly said goodbye to the Secretary General and unexpectedly added:
And I'll take the boy with me. such a smart little boy.
Stalin threw himself on his knees, trying to save his moon bottomed peach, so delightful to the eye, his only joy in the universe. Nothing helped. The Englishman rushed his prey on to a plane and flew away.
The point here is not only in the high feelings of Mr. Aitken, but also in the diplomatic school. British diplomacy had accumulated a lot of experience in lowering eastern animals. Knowing how to dissect and manage expertly: heel-doggy-heel.
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не пидор,а Иосиф Виссарионович
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classic DEG
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