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Finno-Ugrics of Russia. Now is the the time. Till we all FREE Anonymous  07/06/20 Вск 07:42:52 670021
Sankarikansa.mp4 7794Кб, 672x480, 00:01:04
Finno-Ugrics of Russia.
Now is the the time.
Till we all FREE
Anonymous  07/06/20 Вск 19:54:31 670152
Anonymous  08/06/20 Пнд 01:31:32 670263
ha-ha, suomalaiset are pure cucolds. They even learn Swedish in schools as 2nd language
Anonymous  08/06/20 Пнд 21:12:14 670434
Anonymous  11/06/20 Чтв 20:34:25 671115
Anonymous  11/06/20 Чтв 20:37:10 671126
Anonymous  13/06/20 Суб 05:22:27 671497
Anonymous  13/06/20 Суб 11:23:03 671588
Anonymous  13/06/20 Суб 20:03:13 671689
Anonymous  14/06/20 Вск 12:29:28 6718510
Anonymous  14/06/20 Вск 19:54:33 6719011
Anonymous  14/06/20 Вск 21:25:49 6719212
Anonymous  15/06/20 Пнд 18:51:20 6721113
>>67002 (OP)
My finno-ugric Gospodin please gime me source of this good trakc!
Anonymous  15/06/20 Пнд 18:52:02 6721214
Anonymous  15/06/20 Пнд 18:52:19 6721315
Anonymous  15/06/20 Пнд 19:42:59 6721416
gime gime gime a trakc after midnight
Anonymous  12/09/20 Суб 00:19:49 6897817
Anonymous  12/09/20 Суб 16:06:18 6899218
>>67002 (OP)
If I am not mistaken, Finno-Ugric people from other countries do not have any privileges in obtaining Finnish citizenship or residence permit. Unfortunately.
Anonymous  11/12/20 Птн 14:59:22 7164419
Hey OP!
Anonymous  11/12/20 Птн 18:06:31 7164920
>>67002 (OP)
Was always surprised by attempts of ukranians to troll russians by calling them finno-ugrics, not slavs.
Slavs are Bulgarians and Czech. Pretty low-mediocore euro countries. Only poles are more or less successful among the all slavic countires.
And finno-ugrics are finns. Finns has a lot better lives, salaries and education, compared to those "uberslavs".
Idk, don't really care about TEH BLOOD PURITY and shit, but if it was my choice, I'd definitely choose to be finno-ugric, since finns>>>slavs.
Anonymous  12/12/20 Суб 17:00:59 7168121
you don't call germans slavs
Anonymous  12/12/20 Суб 19:15:37 7168622
tox14pRrgqY.jpg 84Кб, 650x445
-sqiaAp2SY.jpg 86Кб, 650x445
ufUQMxE0dk.jpg 82Кб, 650x445
reXk84LldSs.jpg 80Кб, 650x445
Czech is a slavic language, many slavic nations used to live at the territory of modern Germany. Probably some of them still do.
Anonymous  13/12/20 Вск 02:39:11 7169923
>>67002 (OP)
The funny thing about this is that Finns, like Germans, do not consider Russian-speaking Finns as their own. When I studied in Finland, I knew several dudes who were bullied at school because of this.
The Finns still have a grudge, but I don't know what it's about.
Anonymous  14/12/20 Пнд 05:58:31 7171724
>>67002 (OP)
You have already been told that "finno ugrics of Russia" have not existed for a long time.
Anonymous  14/12/20 Пнд 11:47:56 7172125

Есть у меня приятель из Новосибирска, Виктор, ведёт бизнес с китайцами на севере и немного нахватался по-китайски. Приехал он ко мне в Шанхай, пошли мы с моим тайваньским партнёром ужинать. И решил Витя «блеснуть», позвать официантку: 姑娘! Все рядом сидящие поперхнулись и притихли, а тайванец тихонечко попросил ему перевести, что в Шанхае этим словом называют исключительно девушек лёгкого поведения. А официанток, если девушка намного моложе, зовут 小姐. Витя офигел и сказал, что если на севере Китая так позвать официантку, то можно и в рожу схлопотать. Потому что там именно 小姐 называют проституток. Вот такое вот зеркальное отражение в путунхуа...
Anonymous  14/12/20 Пнд 21:59:17 7174526
>>67002 (OP)
In Pidorashka, all Finno-Ugrians and Tatar-Mongols. Take them out of here. All of Russia is the Caucasus.
Anonymous  17/12/20 Чтв 00:24:48 7187227
Ёр лэнгвич скилз ар экселент, лет ми спик фром май харт
Anonymous  17/12/20 Чтв 22:44:56 7195528
>>67002 (OP)
Finns are all Slavs and all Slavs are Russians in denial.
Anonymous  18/12/20 Птн 00:41:17 7196329
And Russians are Finns according to hohols.
20/12/20 Вск 04:38:30 7207030
Da voobshe pohyiu. Idi nahuy pidoraha
1 and only Finno-Ugric !!p24qjI5I/U 24/12/20 Чтв 10:45:15 7222131
!!p24qjI5I/U 28/01/21 Чтв 14:20:58 7398732
assholes -_-
Anonymous  28/01/21 Чтв 20:27:58 7399733
Anonymous  28/01/21 Чтв 20:48:55 7399834
Anonymous  28/01/21 Чтв 23:23:32 7401135
It was not trolling, but informing you since you are do not learn your ancestry at school. Russians depending on the location decended from ukrainians, ugrofinns and tatars.
Anonymous  28/01/21 Чтв 23:24:39 7401236
>lavs are Bulgarians and Czech. Pretty low-mediocore euro countries. Only poles are more or less successful
Czechs are more successful than polands. Bulgars are turks.
Anonymous  28/01/21 Чтв 23:43:33 7401737
Screenshot2021-[...].png 68Кб, 1947x865
Anonymous  29/01/21 Птн 02:46:11 7403738
What about Slovenia? It seem like they are most developed Slavic country that didn't have to subjected with socialism. And one of the most developed slavic countries in common. If not a most developed at all though...
!!p24qjI5I/U 30/01/21 Суб 13:08:53 7407739
gtfo from here fucking r*ns
Anonymous  03/02/21 Срд 21:21:10 7426940
I'm a half-moksha by blood, but i identify myself as Russian anyway. Russians are more powerful national identity than all Finno-Ugrics in sum.
Anonymous  06/02/21 Суб 05:46:37 7436441
Let us define power as an ability to put on knees. It is true that Russia can put on knees more nations than Finland or Estonia. But how does this relate to you? The power of Russia can be devided among 130 mln of its population. So you have only 1/130,000,000 of power which is negligible.

Another option to put someone on his knees rests in economic means. An Estonian with his salary can afford ruffly 24 Natashas. A finn can afford even more. While you can not buy a single estonian with your 400 euro.

The most important question is how did they manage to achieve this. The secret key is to make right decisions. They, eesti and suomi have made right decision to identify as ugrofinnic ethnicities. This helped them to set free of russian occupation and without imperialist opression they've chosen the policies most fit for their economic development. You're now making the same choice as your ancestors. If they choose to go finnish or estonian way you would live better now and could afford some 20-30 Natashas per check. Unfortunately, your ancestors have made a mistake and because of this Natasha is you.
Anonymous  06/02/21 Суб 05:47:26 7436542
Screenshot2021-[...].png 179Кб, 900x701
Monthly salaries
Anonymous  06/02/21 Суб 06:26:22 7437743
Screenshot2021-[...].png 50Кб, 1272x705
They were subject to socialism as they were part of Yugoslavia and you were right to notice their GDP per capita is among the highest for Slavs.

Slovenia rarely comes up as an example of successful reforms. I think the country is too far from here and their starting point was very different. With independence they inherited economy which was already well integrated with their rich western neighbors Austria and Italy. Notice, Slovenia-1995 = Russia-2010. So, they started the race in better conditions and no surprise they are doing better now.

For us more interesting comparison would be with neighbor countries who inherited soviet economy and approximately similar GDP per capita. It makes a stronger argument that this countries reformed better than us. And it would be possible for to live as good as they if we made right decisions earlier. Well, at least now we know what needs to be fixed.
Anonymous  06/02/21 Суб 06:33:39 7438244
Screenshot2021-[...].png 39Кб, 1370x620
I think I added wrong image. This matches the previous >>74017 .
Anonymous  08/02/21 Пнд 12:58:11 7453945
2500 in germany is like 1600 net, flat costs 600-700€ then food 300-400€ car about 200-300€(shitty car), cheap internet 50€. TV-tax 20€ clothes 75€(some 100-200) depends on the job. So you are left with 100-200€. Disco one night 30€. Watching Movie about 10€. Vacation once a year about 1200€.

So if you live normaly, not luxurious you are left with nothing.
!!p24qjI5I/U 08/02/21 Пнд 21:38:32 7455746
> i identify myself as Russian
shots u
Anonymous  10/02/21 Срд 02:12:43 7467547
Anonymous  10/02/21 Срд 08:02:08 7468048
Would be better to say:
>I identify myself as a Russian.

Thus you signify that Russian is now a noun and not an adjective.
Anonymous  !!p24qjI5I/U 11/02/21 Чтв 17:04:33 7476049
-----------.jpeg 862Кб, 2810x2203
Read your post 1 more time.
Anonymous  12/02/21 Птн 23:45:48 7481750
>>67002 (OP)
Да, балты мы,
да, финно-угры мы,
с... [тут надо что-то придумать в рифму, как у Гумилёва]
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