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Anonymous  02/09/20 Срд 21:14:15 688181
15990664233690[[...].png 800Кб, 1280x852
Anonymous  03/09/20 Чтв 16:19:38 688332
being friends w[...].jpg 63Кб, 297x720
>>68818 (OP)
>Many russians complains that hes puppet of west
>So nawalny closed his Fond of Fighting coruption which recieved money form US budget
>West agents panicks, maby navalny will betray us and tell russkies the names.
>quick poison him with old novickthon we got from old soviet republics
>wuaah russia bad, putin bad.
Anonymous  06/09/20 Вск 02:41:14 688623
You gotta love the deadly kgb poison that consistently fails to kill the target. Very convenient.
Anonymous  06/09/20 Вск 02:43:34 688634
>>68818 (OP)
>be Nawalny
>wake up from coma
>everyone around speaks German
>cry tears of joy bc this is the russia u've been dreaming about
Anonymous  08/09/20 Втр 22:13:01 689125
>fails to kill the target
I don't think Poutin wanted to kill him. Probably just wanted to make him disabled for life.
Anonymous  09/09/20 Срд 21:56:43 689296
Yeah sure. And then he released him to Germany so that German doctors could identify the poison and the West could use the incident against Russia. So clever I can almost believe that's what really happened.
Anonymous  10/09/20 Чтв 18:45:40 689547
>be elzin
>sell everything russians
>wester elite suck russian resources via jewish oligarchs
>putin comes does wierd shit western world doesnt like
>western put sanctions on those oligarchs companies
>putin "see! see i told you about those westerns bro, i told you bro!" to oligarchs
>oligarchs start to cry
>putin lets nationalise our resources and ruble, otherwise we will die.
Anonymous  12/09/20 Суб 18:46:20 690008
Anonymous  13/09/20 Вск 22:43:42 690339
>>68818 (OP)
Всем поебать, кого он там чем считал. Мы немецких омежек ёбнули и трахнули всех немок, а ты куколд до сих пор ходишь и подлизываешь с пола что мы накончали.
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