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Who they are so hard to women Anonymous  13/09/20 Вск 17:44:20 690211
OMOH.png 419Кб, 422x514
Who they are so hard to women
Anonymous  13/09/20 Вск 18:29:31 690232
>>69021 (OP)
If you don't speak Russian, you most likely haven't heard about the female antiOMON. This idea was proudly developed by husband of Svetlana Tihanovskaya. Its objective is to make people ask questions like one you asked here and to make them feel resentment towards Belarus police and democratically elected President Lukashenko.
Anonymous  13/09/20 Вск 19:15:10 690253
>>69021 (OP)
Women are getting wet in their pussy when strong russian bull grabs them. All women love violence. Men dont like violence, but use it as necessaty
Anonymous  13/09/20 Вск 21:38:01 690284
>>69021 (OP)
Watch this and count women to men ratio.
There are no men to be hard with. They gather women not men, because use of force against men and use of force against women are two different things in public eyes.

By the way, their main chants are
Nobody will give you [sex]
You are not men (or You are not machos, Vy ne muzhiki)
You are someone's children too (implying their mother is ashamed)
Where is your mom? (Gde vasha mama?)
And near the end of the video they chant infamous in Russia "We are the authority here". They also scream like sounds from slaughterhouse. I'm glad I don't live in Minsk, it's terrifying to hear even through headphones.

Posters on 3:46 got my attention. One of them says "What would you do with a person who raped your sister, brother?". I have no idea what does it mean. I doubt these poor police officers raped someone. The second one says "Do you have MOTHER, WIFE, SISTER?.. Maybe DAUGHTER?.. Are you not ashamed towards them?"
Anonymous  13/09/20 Вск 21:57:48 690295
Anonymous  13/09/20 Вск 22:08:32 690306
Мордыхай Блинчиков
Anonymous  14/09/20 Пнд 17:18:18 690627
15996958152500.mp4 13339Кб, 640x352, 00:02:34
Anonymous  14/09/20 Пнд 19:54:15 690678
16000996717530.mp4 13158Кб, 1280x720, 00:01:00
Belarus cities are the cleanest in Europe.
Anonymous  17/09/20 Чтв 12:58:44 691139
Anonymous  17/09/20 Чтв 22:26:47 6912610
Anonymous  17/09/20 Чтв 23:44:45 6912711
it means "özel polis birimi"
Anonymous  18/09/20 Птн 01:17:39 6913712
Anonymous  19/09/20 Суб 03:17:14 6916813
president of uk[...].webm 4015Кб, 1280x720, 00:00:45
"Lukashenko is not the legitimate president of Ukraine"
Anonymous  19/09/20 Суб 10:49:35 6917114
>>69021 (OP)
I get hard too when exposed to some tiddies or bagina. Don't you? Are you gay? Gays are not welcome here.
Anonymous  19/09/20 Суб 10:59:36 6917215
It is mirrored "ОМОН", "special purpose police unit". It is not "spetsnaz" though, which some western journalists incorrectly assume, it is good old riot police. They are sometimes used to arrest criminals when dude in question is somewhat dangerous, but not enough for SOBR (anti-terror, organized crime) unit to participate. Mirroring ОМОН to HOMO is an old joke.

It is all about Russia though, but belarussian omon is basically the same.
Anonymous  19/09/20 Суб 21:04:08 6918716
ukraine attaq.jpg 62Кб, 650x365
he will be, putin offered him ukraine and baltics as exchange for become part of same goverment
Anonymous  26/09/20 Суб 15:06:02 6934417
Anonymous  26/09/20 Суб 16:24:11 6934618
Anonymous  27/09/20 Вск 03:29:29 6936119
>>69021 (OP)
Check France and the USA to see real police brutality. Surprisingly no country puts under the question their presidents' legitimacy, no country meddles with their internal politics.

All this noise (big part of which is proven to be fake news spreaded by Polish NEXTA) is not about people of Belarus and their rights. It is about interests of Lithuania, and Poland, and other Western countries. All except Belarus. Only things people of Belarus will get from this are sanctions and declining economy.
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