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Just an average russian male in 2020 Anonymous  20/09/20 Вск 02:23:01 691991
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Just an average russian male in 2020
Anonymous  20/09/20 Вск 06:55:30 692022
>>69199 (OP)
Виной всему аниме, не знаю почему но все кто смотря аниме заканчивают вот так
Anonymous  20/09/20 Вск 08:50:45 692033
EBew2cfW4AAtB7d.jpg 42Кб, 437x518
Anonymous  20/09/20 Вск 09:52:46 692064
Anonymous  20/09/20 Вск 19:13:30 692115
kavkazi men.png 496Кб, 765x304
Anonymous  21/09/20 Пнд 01:54:53 692146
Anonymous  13/10/20 Втр 23:16:24 697717
Anonymous  15/10/20 Чтв 09:15:07 698148
Anonymous  15/10/20 Чтв 15:08:09 698209
And me. My parents were irreligious at that moment and they fled to Moscow after the USSR fell apart and a civil war broke out in their republic, but none of this saved my penis from this ugly custom. Errors happen when it's done to a child, and I was unlucky with this too. I often think about the harm done. Sometimes it's the first thought in the morning. It gets me depressed.
Anonymous  16/10/20 Птн 01:35:31 6983410
it do be kinda helping you out via extra skin for your future neovagina
Anonymous  16/10/20 Птн 01:37:22 6983511
hey chill tf out. think about it this way - your cock doesn't smell or look purple. how do i know that? uh
Anonymous  16/10/20 Птн 10:18:22 6983712
I didn't expect sympathy from you on this matter, because, fortunately, most of people in our country have no idea. I'm shy about this topic and I never raise it because there is nobody who would understand.

Another time I said something about circumcision on 2ch, a funny guy mocked me, and he continued mocking me months after my last post in that thread. He envied me, and wished his parents circumcised him.

I won't share a picture of my penis. But believe me when I say you wouldn't envy me after seeing it unless you are sick. If you are curious you can find pictures of circumcision harm on the Internet as I did when I first realised that something is wrong with me.
Anonymous  17/10/20 Суб 02:41:36 6984813
i feel your pain bro, my penis is fucked up looking because of circumcision. It reminds me of frankenstein.
Anonymous  18/10/20 Вск 22:29:00 6987614
wdym 'no idea'? i for one dont know or want to know about people for i am antisocial so idgaf what they think. its mostly some discriminative hate speech anyways lol. so you say that it is a custom? didnt happen to me. now that i think about it - fuck im lucky af. i guess itll help me in my future endeavours...
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