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What do russians think about vtubers? Anonymous  29/09/20 Втр 21:43:08 693871
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What do russians think about vtubers?
Anonymous  29/09/20 Втр 21:56:19 693882
Anonymous  29/09/20 Втр 23:33:41 693893
Anonymous  30/09/20 Срд 09:30:44 694004
Anonymous  30/09/20 Срд 11:18:05 694015
Oh my god, you're so freaking dumb. Vtuber means virtual youtuber. It's just a kawaii girl/boy behind a 3d model playing games or some kind of that stuff.
Anonymous  30/09/20 Срд 11:19:58 694026
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>>69387 (OP)
It is the third time I see this thing, I didn't know the word before.

For those who are like me I'll explain. Vtuber is a virtual YouTuber. It's when a person doesn't show his or her real face to viewers, but uses software to generate an anime face.

I think it's great, and beautiful. It's just that I rarely watch this type of content where it is appropriate to hide your face behind a cute mask. Imagine Soloviev using this, it would be fun.
Anonymous  30/09/20 Срд 11:41:15 694037
А, i've seen this shit, some people with ugly faces substituting them with anime girls or doggos. Disgusting. Why do they clip their faces in video in the first place? I came to youtube to watch videos, not streamers, even streamer girls.
Anonymous  30/09/20 Срд 18:02:49 694058
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>>69387 (OP)
I think that Korone shoul be next Russian president.
Anonymous  30/09/20 Срд 18:03:10 694069
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>>69387 (OP)
I think that Korone should be next Russian president.
Anonymous  14/10/20 Срд 02:14:32 6978010
Anonymous  15/10/20 Чтв 05:14:34 6980611
Anonymous  15/10/20 Чтв 12:08:12 6981712
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nope peko~
usagi is next
ha \ ha / ha ¦ ha
Anonymous  15/10/20 Чтв 12:11:04 6981813
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konpeko konpeko konpeko
Anonymous  16/10/20 Птн 00:46:11 6983114
the fuck's a vtube? some kind of fuckin bootleg ripoff of yt? no thanks that's a no for me. we've already got helluva lot of shit up in this red triangle bitch. oh i suppose vtube is an asian video hosting service? meh whatever.
Anonymous  16/10/20 Птн 00:48:00 6983215
oh alright. shit, so that's what it is. yeah i guess vtube's pretty cool. but why not gtfo to vrchat and be an attentionwhore there? why not facecam? why not show your real face and man the fuck up
Anonymous  22/10/20 Чтв 12:53:27 6996216
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