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Дела путинзма тред Anonymous  30/09/20 Срд 08:10:21 693981
9niappbvdosc-7-[...].jpg 65Кб, 640x480
В этом треде мы спасаем бездуховных иностранцев и переселяем их в Россию.
Anonymous  30/09/20 Срд 20:41:35 694122
1592075044223.png 816Кб, 1080x1277
Anonymous  02/10/20 Птн 17:49:28 694463
sketch-16016501[...].jpg 327Кб, 2402x1600
Anonymous  02/10/20 Птн 20:51:00 694574
>>69398 (OP)
Что-то никого нет в треде. Видимо из Америке приятнее мечтать о БАЗИРОВАННОМ ПУТИНЕ СПАСИТЕЛИ БЕЛОЙ РАСЫ.
Anonymous  03/10/20 Суб 07:18:28 694775
>>69398 (OP)
How difficult is it to obtain refugee status ?
Anonymous  06/10/20 Втр 23:57:04 695816
very easy in russia, say you are orthodox christian and offended by gayness in USA, they will give you kalashnikov and passport.
Anonymous  07/10/20 Срд 02:12:32 695827
Anonymous  07/10/20 Срд 05:20:28 695858
Anonymous  07/10/20 Срд 19:40:14 695919
Anonymous  08/10/20 Чтв 00:03:50 6960310
Дело, скорее всего, в женщинах. Жене Евгения, Луизе, и их старшей дочери, на которых были все младшие дети, пришлось здесь, конечно, не сладко. Луизу понять можно, мать прежде всего думает о детях. Что мы будем лицемерить? С материальной точки зрения в Германии, конечно же, жить лучше. Там зарплаты и детские пособия гораздо выше наших. Здесь на их долю выпали сильные морозы, разбитый дом, еще и пьяные подростки, которые ходили мимо дома и кричали, чтобы оскорбить Мартенсов, нацистские приветствия. Все это могло ускорить их отъезд.

Сам же глава семьи, Евгений, был очень идеологически мотивирован. Я думаю, что он бы справился со всеми трудностями...

German women wanted that BBC just like her daughter.
08/10/20 Чтв 03:49:19 6960811
Maybe it's worth trying then.
Anonymous  08/10/20 Чтв 08:18:47 6961312
Do they keep Justus without citizenship for 20 years because he doesn't agree to accept orthodox church (est. 1943 by uncle Joe) even though he helped to collect funds for one of those.
It seems uncle Poo prefers muzzo tadzhiks to soulless murricans.
(because he is a moth in comparison. and in comparison to tadzhiks he's a god, but actually he's a goat)
Anonymous  08/10/20 Чтв 10:36:11 6961713
Too much freedom here, poor rotting gayropeans just can't bear it.
Anonymous  08/10/20 Чтв 23:44:37 6964014
putin knows who justus realy is. and what his real goal in russia is, so do i, when i saw him first time i saw his aura and it was glowing.
Anonymous  09/10/20 Птн 02:53:44 6965015
Anonymous  09/10/20 Птн 10:54:02 6965916
It is very difficult, the procedure is very bureaucratic, but we are working to ensure that any inhabitant of the planet can obtain a Russian passport and move to Russia without any problems.
HOT!!! Anonymous  09/10/20 Птн 10:58:02 6966017
lRSLTueGUis.jpg 99Кб, 800x541
g3e4WfEU0U.jpg 136Кб, 676x1012
September 2020 in Russia became the warmest in the entire history of meteorological observations.
Anonymous  09/10/20 Птн 11:10:22 6966118
Anonymous  09/10/20 Птн 12:01:02 6966419
Anonymous  09/10/20 Птн 14:56:02 6966720
HDJHeHaHPHKutaH.mp4 2033Кб, 568x320, 00:00:54
Come from Black Land to Russia.
Anonymous  09/10/20 Птн 15:38:28 6966821
putin-1524845546.jpg 31Кб, 580x360
Россия прекрасна.
Anonymous  10/10/20 Суб 14:47:15 6969122
Anonymous  11/10/20 Вск 20:30:42 6972523
140818-zemlya.jpg 61Кб, 800x500
I solemnly swear that I will do everything possible to facilitate the simplified issuance of Russian citizenship for useful citizens of the Russian planet and far abroad. In the future, all inhabitants of the earth will receive a Russian passport and become useful.
Anonymous  28/10/20 Срд 01:34:22 7006024
B0E2DE42-C082-4[...].jpg 79Кб, 1200x675
The number of abortions in Russia has decreased by 30% over the past five years.
Anonymous  28/10/20 Срд 02:40:25 7006325
Соглы, а не прекрасна она тем кто готов любому гейропейцу на кукан прыгнуть
Anonymous  28/10/20 Срд 10:26:54 7007326
5c230cab8d4c8.jpg 90Кб, 500x343
Due to the caronovirus, there are half the number of migrants in Russia. Thanks to this, the quality of services such as taxi and delivery has improved.
Anonymous  31/10/20 Суб 22:28:47 7018527
Anonymous  02/11/20 Пнд 13:06:39 7024128
WVUq9ZljUaY.jpg 81Кб, 1170x714
Anonymous  03/11/20 Втр 01:21:55 7026129
245721024.jpg 54Кб, 707x433
Quality standards.
Russia is a gastronomic paradise with a wide variety of cheap ecological food.
Anonymous  03/11/20 Втр 08:26:48 7026830
Well duh. Any cuisine is better than british.
Anonymous  03/11/20 Втр 22:02:44 7027931
9.jpg 43Кб, 720x405
Double citizenship. You can vote for Trump in the United States and for Putin in Russia.
Anonymous  04/11/20 Срд 00:45:52 7028732
i like fish and chips tho.
Anonymous  06/11/20 Птн 08:32:29 7038333
Anonymous  07/11/20 Суб 21:00:42 7043234
Anonymous  12/11/20 Чтв 21:38:36 7062735
stariypidoraszh[...].jpg 58Кб, 630x394
I'm glad to hear that he supports LGBT LDPR community.
Anonymous  15/11/20 Вск 00:45:45 7069336
LDPR.JPG 29Кб, 559x345
Kuaban-bairam.jpg 100Кб, 779x520
lol germans describe it as ultra-nationalistic, rightwing populistic AND rightwing extremist party.

oh boy this is funny
Anonymous  15/11/20 Вск 12:57:10 7069737
It's not even a party to begin with. "Parties" in Russian parliament don't struggle for power. They only exist in order to imitate democracy since Putin is too modest to officially declare himself czar.
They really used nationalist slogans, but not so radical as they say. As radical as Donald Trump.
BTW there is meme about party leader. He said "My mother is Russian, and my father is (((lawyer)))".
Anonymous  15/11/20 Вск 14:33:37 7070038
LDPR is joke, nobody takes them seriously
Anonymous  15/11/20 Вск 20:30:02 7071039
Anonymous  16/11/20 Пнд 11:42:19 7075440
Anonymous  16/11/20 Пнд 14:16:36 7077141
Get redpilled on LDPR.

LDPR is basically one man party, and that man iz Vladimir "Zhirik" Zhironowsky. People vote not for party, but for him. He is some sort of political jester - mostly he talks some stupid shit, but occasionally he says something which comes true later. Off-stage he is very clever man, like Boris Moiseyev is not really gay, I know a woman who knows a man who lived in same commieblock with him in USSR. Some people suspect that our government uses him sometimes to test people's opinion on things before implementing them, but he may be just that smart to discern future events, or just randomly get a lucky guess amidst garbage. Pick what you like.

LDPR votes as United Russia and commies most of time, it has no independedt agenda even if it declares otherwise.
Anonymous  16/11/20 Пнд 14:27:56 7077542
LDPRvotes.JPG 51Кб, 444x448
>LDPR is basically one man party, and that man iz Vladimir "Zhirik" Zhironowsky. People vote not for party, but for him.

so much bullshit right at the start, then why do people vote more for party then zhirinovski ? you just like a parrot using same pharases over and over again.
Anonymous  16/11/20 Пнд 14:29:07 7077643
they are a meme party. only 60 year old babkas living in the 90s vote for them
Anonymous  16/11/20 Пнд 14:32:37 7077744
thats united russia

LDPR voter base is mostly men in their 30-40
Anonymous  16/11/20 Пнд 16:03:29 7077945
>you just like a parrot using same pharases over and over again.
Wide spreadth of sentiment does not make it magically false.
Anonymous  16/11/20 Пнд 17:21:59 7078046
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