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SPUTNIK-V Anonymous  05/10/20 Пнд 08:32:07 695111
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What is happening with this vaccine and when will it be available? I read various stories about a stage3 trial with 40,000 or 60,000 people in Moscow (or all over the world? it's not clear).

But how long will this go for? 1 month? 3 months? 12 months?

When will mass-production and mass-immunization actually begin?

How many doses per day can Russian companies produce? 100,000 ? 1 million ? 10 million?

When will I be able to fly to Russia, and get vaccinated at a private clinic?

Have they discussed who will get it first - ie. will it be equally distributed to different parts of Russia. Will it be given to older people or other people at-risk first? How will that work?

Or are people just going to line up on the street every day hoping to get in and get a dose?

Will Russia first vaccinate people inside their own country before exporting it to others? Or will it export only vaccines produced in India?

I see some articles like 25 million to Egypt, 25 million to Nepal, 100 million to India.

But what is the time-frame for this, and where will they be produced (ie. in Russia or some other countries)?

Thank you.
Anonymous  05/10/20 Пнд 23:49:38 695372
>>69511 (OP)
it will be sent to different countries first, in russia for medical personal and important people. it does work but you wont get it i guess.
Anonymous  13/10/20 Втр 23:25:04 697743
> it does work
How do you know?
Anonymous  14/10/20 Срд 05:51:25 697824
Vaccine sputnik v is a great! glory to the russia
Anonymous  15/10/20 Чтв 05:13:42 698055
>>69511 (OP)
this is fake shit, we dont have vaccine , just mass media bullshit
Anonymous  15/10/20 Чтв 05:59:02 698096
We now have 2 VACCINES bitch) Eat it
Anonymous  15/10/20 Чтв 06:30:35 698127
You should take them both.
Anonymous  15/10/20 Чтв 08:57:22 698138
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