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Nords vs Meds Anonymous  # OP 08/10/20 Чтв 18:01:07 696321
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Know the difference.
Anonymous  08/10/20 Чтв 18:18:14 696332
Ok, men
Anonymous  10/10/20 Суб 20:26:27 696993
All whites must be eliminated
Anonymous  10/10/20 Суб 21:49:14 697004
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Anonymous  11/10/20 Вск 00:29:31 697035
> VbKYMIg7vlA.jpg
Bad, bad excuses. A person who writes about such a tragedy in this way is trash.

> You want apologies and reparations from people who were stronger and smarter than you
1. Let's award murderers instead of putting them in prisons.
2. The author has nothing to do with those stronger and smarter people. Those who commited the genocide are long dead.

> hsVFv4cm7AA.jpg
This one is even worse, and most likely a fake quotation. Too absurd to be real.

> who brought the element of civilization had the right to [kill millions and millions of people]
Even if the first part were true, nothing gives you a right to commit genocide.

But it is a lie. Americans had much longer history than their invaders. Their civilizations were as ancient as Chinese, Indian, Iranian. There already had civilization when English and Spanish people were nowhere to see.

Saying they had no right to their land is the same as saying they had no right to live, since living people inevitably occupy land. Which Generalplan Ost was about actually. Why don't you remember that this exact argument was used against our country, against us?

I can't fathom how a fellow human being, my countryman can spread these disgusting ideas especially after what pain and sorrow the same ideas brought to our homeland. I wouldn't shake your hand.
Anonymous  11/10/20 Вск 00:57:34 697046
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> Americans had much longer history than their invaders.
It is almost true. The actual truth is both cultures were of the same length.
Anonymous  15/10/20 Чтв 09:35:13 698157
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