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How do Russians feel about the fact that we're destroying their outdated Soviet shit equipment in Libya, Syria and Karabagh? Anonymous  13/10/20 Втр 20:00:10 697671
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How do Russians feel about the fact that we're destroying their outdated Soviet shit equipment in Libya, Syria and Karabagh?
Anonymous  13/10/20 Втр 23:22:13 697732
>>69767 (OP)
> outdated
We don't need that shit anymore, as we have modern weaponry.
Anonymous  14/10/20 Срд 12:55:13 697873
>>69767 (OP)
Peace is better than war. Are you excited with war? Bad for you. Imagine it's your family who is dying there. Now look, these people are someone's family, and even if a person has no family they still wanted to be alive and live in peace. We destroy our own old stuff here because it's for war not for peace. We had chemical weapons as effective as nuclear ones and we have zero today.
Anonymous  14/10/20 Срд 12:58:24 697884
>>69767 (OP)
President Aliev says Turkey doesn't fight in Artsakh/Karabakh. Did it change?
Anonymous  14/10/20 Срд 13:08:17 697895
Turkey isn't fighting but Turkish made weapons are there operated by Azerbaijanis.
Anonymous  14/10/20 Срд 13:47:41 697906
>>69767 (OP)
>we're destroying their outdated Soviet shit equipment
very good, this equipment was to be disposed anyway
Anonymous  14/10/20 Срд 15:25:11 697927
>>69767 (OP)
>their outdated Soviet
It's not ours, kebab, piss off.
Anonymous  14/10/20 Срд 16:08:02 697948
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>>69767 (OP)
Animals suck at creating, so they're glad to destroy, because it makes them feel powerful. Children and retards are often like that. This is why military faggots are all retarded: their task is to destroy, so as long as military faggots from one side kill military faggots from the other side and leave civilians alone, I don't give two shits about them.
Anonymous  14/10/20 Срд 18:10:26 697969
>>69767 (OP)
I don't care about equipment, but I do care about people. Are you destroying that equipment personally or is a computer keyboard the only equipment you good at? If it's the latter than better leave it that way.

You and me might think lightly about a war, but Vladimir Putin knows well what a war is. He was born in Leningrad some time after the war end and he was never able to meet his older brothers one of whom died during the blockade. I know whatever this man does is done in the name of peace, and the best decision are taken to stop bloodshed and protect people.
Anonymous  14/10/20 Срд 23:26:09 6980210
>>69767 (OP)
the goal of russia is spread turkeys army all over the place, they turkey goverment spents all money on war and security, this will make turkey go bankrupt and russia will buy turkey for pennies.
Anonymous  15/10/20 Чтв 05:24:18 6980711
The goal of Turkey is to spread Russian army all over the place, then Russian goverment spends all money on war and security, this will make Russia go bankrupt and Turkey will buy Russia for pennies.
Anonymous  15/10/20 Чтв 23:36:34 6982612
Anonymous  16/10/20 Птн 00:06:19 6982713
Ouch. The truth is a tough pill to swallow.
Anonymous  16/10/20 Птн 00:41:55 6983014
>>69767 (OP)
absolutely fucking saturnian. what a bless you are casting upon our old ass mf monuments. they were ruins anyway. whatever. keep up the work, my fellow sand nigger
Anonymous  16/10/20 Птн 23:48:21 6984615
Thats what osama bin laden did to USA, he created some terrorism in middle of desert and usa go in spent billions on defense "searching" for peoples. While tthose "terroris" gets payed 200$ and us soldier 4000$+guns+tanks+milbase+all other stuff. Russia did the same, lured turks in syria, lybia, now karabagh(akbar) wagner gets 2000$ for 3 month while turk fighter 10 000 liras(2000$) for 1 month. Russia copy tactic of bin laden :D
Anonymous  18/10/20 Вск 23:57:08 6987916
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>>69767 (OP)
We see you sucking a fat Slavic cock in the Caucasus. And this has been going on for three hundred years. Good luck with your blowjobs!
Anonymous  19/10/20 Пнд 05:21:19 6989617
24043181000.jpg 174Кб, 1000x562
>Turkey isn't fighting
Erdogan effectively destroys Turkey, wasting its economic and military potential in numerous hopeless wars and conflicts with France and Greece. We can only wish him success.
Anonymous  19/10/20 Пнд 18:40:36 6991118

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