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Who is this? i need to know her name! Anonymous  15/10/20 Чтв 12:07:08 698161
15982265448420.jpg 128Кб, 604x604
15982265448431.jpg 128Кб, 604x604
Who is this? i need to know her name!
Anonymous  15/10/20 Чтв 12:20:58 698192
15982265448432.jpg 119Кб, 604x596
please help me /int/
Anonymous  15/10/20 Чтв 16:04:08 698213
>>69816 (OP)
Some Buryatka, Yakutka or other sort of these small peoples beyond the Urals.
Anonymous  15/10/20 Чтв 16:20:46 698234
Anonymous  15/10/20 Чтв 22:01:15 698255
Uralic girl
Anonymous  16/10/20 Птн 01:00:54 698336
i was hoping for more info i saw her photos being posted on 2ch so i was wondering if anyone knew who she was.
Anonymous  16/10/20 Птн 01:40:07 698367
Scroll /fag or /soc
These whores are too much on the Internet for 2 cripples in /int to help you.
Anonymous  16/10/20 Птн 13:35:48 698388
Anonymous  16/10/20 Птн 22:20:48 698439
god please help me find out who she is. amen
Anonymous  16/10/20 Птн 23:08:22 6984410
Only one day it will cost u $149.99
Anonymous  17/10/20 Суб 02:36:54 6984711
deal. do you want that paid in full with pennies or dimes?
Anonymous  17/10/20 Суб 15:29:37 6985112
CGYRFf-bPMU.jpg 105Кб, 450x600
Rp4LOHAFaKY.jpg 227Кб, 960x960
Tbd2tZfJf4.jpg 159Кб, 1280x902
Z-Pe8YZpU6I.jpg 85Кб, 720x960
No matter how, the only thing that matters is the numbers on my Paypal account.
Do you like women with this type of appearance? Using my Slavic magic powers, I found you 100 similar semi-asias in Russian Facebook. Here is a couple for you:
Anonymous  18/10/20 Вск 02:05:33 6986013
15982265448421.jpg 102Кб, 604x601
very nice but they cant compete with her
Anonymous  18/10/20 Вск 08:13:34 6986214
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