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Check this out!
Chechens Anonymous  17/10/20 Суб 20:28:22 698531
800.jpeg 60Кб, 800x537
Anonymous  17/10/20 Суб 20:36:19 698542
Anonymous  17/10/20 Суб 20:59:05 698553
Anonymous  17/10/20 Суб 22:56:49 698574
Anonymous  18/10/20 Вск 01:32:32 698595
e01c40850b8fe53[...].jpg 231Кб, 1024x1821
They, along with you, should go back to russia.
Anonymous  18/10/20 Вск 11:00:56 698656
nope, those moderate beheaders which was "rebels" and fled away when loose war. so enjoy, my dear west kek.

bretty sure Boston blow up have same roots.

support moderate behaders
pikachu face when they messing up with west
hurr durr, they are russian!
Anonymous  18/10/20 Вск 14:32:27 698667
Anonymous  19/10/20 Пнд 09:11:30 699058
Nah. Dont you remember, chechen diaspora are mostly freedom fighters who fled from evil Russia, they will get jailed for life. Surely some beheadings here and marathon bombings there are not reasons to rebrand them as terrorists because they are still mostly aganist Russia and westerners get only some collateral damage.

One would think that Bin Laden story might teach something about "freedom fighters".
Anonymous  19/10/20 Пнд 09:45:48 699069
bin laden was always the enemy for the usa
oceania was always at war with ostasia
war is peace
Anonymous  23/10/20 Птн 02:17:40 6997010
>>69853 (OP)
I think they're based for how assblasted they make Russians ngl.
Anonymous  23/10/20 Птн 17:29:51 6998111

Заткнись нахуй
Anonymous  24/10/20 Суб 16:39:16 6999112
image.png 635Кб, 640x480
>>Заткнись нахуй

Anonymous  24/10/20 Суб 19:45:40 6999613
In Russia we do not care about white niger skin color and place of birth, the main thing is to speaks Russian and belongs to Russian culture.
Anonymous  25/10/20 Вск 02:51:44 7000714

На тебя? А ты хочешь?
Anonymous  25/10/20 Вск 13:42:14 7001515
Chechnya kruto !!!
Anonymous  28/10/20 Срд 02:38:08 7006216
Тут че русские тролят русских с разных айпи? Что за клоунада
Anonymous  28/10/20 Срд 16:10:23 7008317
> Националист высунул нос из safe-space и столкнулся с неправильными мнениями.
Ждал, что чеченцев будут ругать? Иди дальше своего Навального смотреть, мякиш.
Anonymous  29/10/20 Чтв 00:38:53 7009618
Anonymous  29/10/20 Чтв 19:21:17 7010619
>>69853 (OP)
Great people and community cuz they appreciate each other despite lots of difficulties, have self-respect due to long tradition and sustainable connections within their territory. Either hater and loser must face up to this fact. That's all. Don.
Anonymous  29/10/20 Чтв 19:37:45 7010820
>>69853 (OP)
Great people, strong traditions and faith, above average suplex, great manners.
Anonymous  30/10/20 Птн 19:59:11 7013221
Chechens don't drink alcohol in general. There is one chain of stores which sells alcohol from two hours a day in the morning. But even with that consuming alcohol is strongly discouraged and of course is not a symbol of celebrations. This is something we should learn from them.
Anonymous  30/10/20 Птн 20:00:07 7013322
which sells alcohol from 8:00 AM till 10:00AM.
Anonymous  30/10/20 Птн 22:06:28 7013523
>Chechens don't drink alcohol in general.
Actually they drink alcohol and eat pig, but yes, a little less than Tatars, and ashamed to openly anmit it unlike them.
Anonymous  30/10/20 Птн 22:07:38 7013624
powerfull.jpg 1699Кб, 3629x2419
why macron doesnt fear chechens ? and putin is afraid of them ?
Anonymous  31/10/20 Суб 14:26:05 7015725
Cuz marcon hugged wet black people. Putin haven't. Obviously there is the main reason.
Anonymous  31/10/20 Суб 17:25:39 7016126
Anonymous  31/10/20 Суб 20:42:49 7017827
Anonymous  03/11/20 Втр 12:37:00 7026928
Then you might suggest your body for him. But i would recommend to wash up in advance or get wet.
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