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Chechens Anonymous  17/10/20 Суб 20:28:22 698531
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Anonymous  17/10/20 Суб 20:36:19 698542
Anonymous  17/10/20 Суб 20:59:05 698553
Anonymous  17/10/20 Суб 22:56:49 698574
Anonymous  18/10/20 Вск 01:32:32 698595
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They, along with you, should go back to russia.
Anonymous  18/10/20 Вск 11:00:56 698656
nope, those moderate beheaders which was "rebels" and fled away when loose war. so enjoy, my dear west kek.

bretty sure Boston blow up have same roots.

support moderate behaders
pikachu face when they messing up with west
hurr durr, they are russian!
Anonymous  18/10/20 Вск 14:32:27 698667
Anonymous  19/10/20 Пнд 09:11:30 699058
Nah. Dont you remember, chechen diaspora are mostly freedom fighters who fled from evil Russia, they will get jailed for life. Surely some beheadings here and marathon bombings there are not reasons to rebrand them as terrorists because they are still mostly aganist Russia and westerners get only some collateral damage.

One would think that Bin Laden story might teach something about "freedom fighters".
Anonymous  19/10/20 Пнд 09:45:48 699069
bin laden was always the enemy for the usa
oceania was always at war with ostasia
war is peace
Anonymous  23/10/20 Птн 02:17:40 6997010
>>69853 (OP)
I think they're based for how assblasted they make Russians ngl.
Anonymous  23/10/20 Птн 17:29:51 6998111

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