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Is Russia incompatible with democracy? Anonymous  16/11/20 Пнд 02:44:46 707391
1s89z9r8tc151.png 531Кб, 4592x3196
How come Russia has never been democratic for more than 2 minutes at a time? Do Russians hold democracy as an ideal? Putin is overwhelmingly popular, but he's an autocrat. If Russians feel they need to be ruled, does this mean they feel themselves less civilized than other democratic peoples?
Anonymous  16/11/20 Пнд 02:49:47 707402
>>70739 (OP)
>russia is not democratic but hungary is
biased meme index favoring nato friendly countries. yes i unironically think that
Anonymous  16/11/20 Пнд 03:24:50 707413
If Hungary continues on its course for 10 more years it will probably be just as red as Russia is now. Also fuck nato.
Is democracy the ideal regime type do you think?
Anonymous  16/11/20 Пнд 03:33:59 707424
Anonymous  16/11/20 Пнд 09:43:35 707465
>>70739 (OP)
Hey norg. Would you be so kind to execute your king first and only then teach us anything about politics?
Why Germany is green while Merkel rules for so long?
Anonymous  16/11/20 Пнд 11:22:50 707486
>>70739 (OP)
russia is matriarchat. everything is based upon pleasing russian women. men are basicly sex and workslaves. their is a reason its called "motherland" however russia is more free then most of europe. i know cuz i lived in both sided. i would even say the only country with democracy is switzerland und france everythingelse is dictatorship or mafiagoverment. well all scandinavian countries are monarchies, politicians are just larpers and have no saying.
we have a youth word called "merkeln" which means to do nothing.
Anonymous  16/11/20 Пнд 13:38:18 707627
Aztec-Human-Sac[...].png 1051Кб, 640x1136
>Is democracy the ideal regime type do you think?
Yeeeaah, ideal. Sssure.
Anonymous  16/11/20 Пнд 13:56:18 707638
problem with democracy is that most of the people are dumb as fuck. so if you let bunch of idiots decide important questions it mostly likely will be shit. if you get sick you go to a doctor, you dont aske random people on how to treat your health problems.
Anonymous  16/11/20 Пнд 14:01:56 707659
Oligarchy, dictatorship or monarchy has exact same problem though, people are mostly idiots, and will be ruled by idiots statistically, be it by majority voting or otherwise.
Anonymous  16/11/20 Пнд 14:08:41 7076910
pyramidarenamem[...].jpg 111Кб, 600x450
men, to become an oligarch, dictator or monarch needs a lot of skills, social skill and education in all fields of science. their is a reason they are on top, it is you who didnt reach those places jelly calling them idiots because they dont suit your own egoistic way of thinking or life.
Anonymous  16/11/20 Пнд 14:19:02 7077211
>become an oligarch, dictator or monarch needs a lot of skills
Most important of them is being born to right parents.
Anonymous  16/11/20 Пнд 14:22:08 7077412
thats why i wrote "education" they are sent to private schools where they learn real skills and shit. not "univerzitet"
Anonymous  16/11/20 Пнд 21:34:28 7079313
best countries.jpg 607Кб, 1200x1800
Anonymous  16/11/20 Пнд 22:01:41 7079414
>well all scandinavian countries are monarchies, politicians are just larpers and have no saying.
Scandinavian countries are democracies, monarchs are just larpers and have no saying.
Anonymous  16/11/20 Пнд 22:06:11 7079515
its a matter of legitimacy though. You can either have a few morons pursuing their own interests and imposing their idiocy on everyone else, or you can have the people's collective interest (and idiocy) be represented
Anonymous  16/11/20 Пнд 23:43:55 7079616
>>70739 (OP)

90% of older gen likes putin there is nothing we can do now.most younger people are for democracy
Anonymous  17/11/20 Втр 11:38:30 7081117
Anonymous  17/11/20 Втр 11:43:10 7081218
Macron1.png 308Кб, 703x716
Macron2.png 241Кб, 629x567
France is an empire, it will have their own constitution and wants to control europe no otherway around. They wait untill britons are gonne and take over.
Anonymous  17/11/20 Втр 11:52:49 7081319
why do foreigners believe this
Anonymous  17/11/20 Втр 12:25:23 7081620
macron with his[...].jpg 31Кб, 480x480
Russians like france, they have a "free thinking mind" also they are most successfull coloniziers which improves those countries(example senegal vs gambia) they colonize instead of exploiting and genociding them like british or germans. Of course we want france to be leaders of europe.
Anonymous  17/11/20 Втр 13:47:57 7081921
>they are most successfull coloniziers
laughs in British
Anonymous  17/11/20 Втр 13:51:10 7082022
I like France, but they have a literal cock for national symbol. Gaaaay.
Anonymous  17/11/20 Втр 14:24:30 7082223
France EU.jpg 196Кб, 786x501
cocks are alpha as fuck, they will never eat first before they feed their femals.
Anonymous  17/11/20 Втр 14:40:26 7082424
mediaEmKWMuYXIA[...].jpg 428Кб, 1536x2048
>>70739 (OP)
> fancy map with bad bad Russia
What else would you expect? They weaponised statistics and graphs and use them as tool of propaganda.

Vladimir Putin is extremely popular and we vote for him. Why isn't this democracy?
We held vote and change our Constitution. Why isn't this democracy?
The EU demands we change our Constitution back. This is democracy?
Crimeans voted to access to the Russian Federation on the referendum of 2014. Now western countries harshly punish Crimeans for their decision. This is democracy?

A crowd in Kiev overthrew democratically elected government, and Ukraine is democratic?
The US uses dead people and other things for Biden to win, and the US is standard of democracy? Look at the picture, these are observers on democratic elections. Laughable! But of course Ukraine and the USA are democratic, and Belarus and Russia aren't.

Everyone knows how Westerners show democratic ways. They drop DEMOCRATIC BOMBS as they did in Belgrade in 1999. They perpetrate revolutions. Don't be fooled, it's not democracy they care about. They pursue their own national interests even if it costs lifes.
Anonymous  17/11/20 Втр 20:16:37 7084025
everything this men said is correct
Anonymous  17/11/20 Втр 22:32:51 7084426
It is true that Putin is is overwhelmingly popular and that he is elected. Having elections doesn’t really help however if there isn’t any competition. Putin’s government regularly bans legitimate opposition candidates, and the mainstream political “opposition“ is a puppet play to give an illusion of democracy. Journalists are being repressed and murdered, and it is effectively impossible to hold the government accountable.

There are other democratic indexes out there if you don’t like this one. You can’t escape the fact that Russia is undemocratic. I hope the Russians will eventually get tired and want change like the Belarusians.

Western imperialism sucks. Agreed.
Anonymous  17/11/20 Втр 22:53:00 7084627
>and the mainstream political “opposition“ is a puppet play to give an illusion of democracy.
Ah, so you are Russian.
Any westerner would say something about Navalny being very influential and independent figure lol.
Anonymous  17/11/20 Втр 22:59:32 7084728
No, you got it wrong. He means LDPR, KPRF and other parties when he says about puppets. And Navalny is the banned "legitimate" criminal. It's system and non-system opposition thing so called liberals coined. The other stuff about oppressed media and implications that Vladimir Putin hires assassins to kill people is also what a foreigner would write.
Anonymous  17/11/20 Втр 23:02:20 7084829
>there isn’t any competition
Well duh. It is unreasonable to expect any significant support claiming that russian people are subhumans and Russia is a shithole, which is mainstream in our opposition, as well as suggestions to cave in to outer pressure. Look at basically any other country, opposition there wishes no ill to their motherland even if it dislikes current rulers or politics. And taking money from countries which explicitly state they wish your destruction is a very big no-no.
Anonymous  17/11/20 Втр 23:20:12 7085030
The thing about claims Russian government kills journalists is we have a lot of these "independent" media here which work day and night to defame Russia. Too many of them to the point there are gulliable people seriously begin to hate their own country. Why are their workers alive? and many others. Hundreds of channels on Youtube too.

I guess you heard a lot about monstrous propaganda machines that brainwash Russian population. Well, they translate foreign news so we can read them without knowing various languages. Why would they do that? Hm.

> I hope the Russians will eventually get tired and want change like the Belarusians.
Tired of what? No, thanks. We don't need any revolutions incited from outside.
Anonymous  17/11/20 Втр 23:47:10 7085131
>There are other democratic indexes out there if you don’t like this one.
They all basically can be reduced to "we are good, people we dislike are bad and painted in red".
Anonymous  17/11/20 Втр 23:53:58 7085232
>>70739 (OP)
We already had it in the 90's, it just doesn't work here, you can keep it
Anonymous  17/11/20 Втр 23:56:45 7085333

And Belarusian opposition is the same. Tikhanovskaya is busy calling for more sanctions for Belarus right now. She wants nobody to cooperate with Belarus, Belarus to be disconnected from SWIFT, etc. Worse for the people is better for her masters.

> Russia is a shithole
Yes, they even created dozens of insulting words for Russia. Rashka, Porashka, Pidorashka, Erefiya, Pederatsiya, Roissya, Pahomiya, Skotoublyudiya, Mordor, ... I guess they must be big patriots for that! Let's make Navalny our president!
Anonymous  18/11/20 Срд 01:39:10 7085434
Democracy doesnt work in russia. Russians have everage brain of 1299grams while chechens have a brain about 1420grams. You can bring democracy to chechens and make sure you make gay parades.
Anonymous  18/11/20 Срд 08:16:58 7086035
>>70739 (OP)
Democracy-xyiocracy. Ossie mates are queen's bithces and so they has less democracy then your northern villageland?
Anonymous  18/11/20 Срд 09:13:35 7086136
> Russians have everage brain of 1299grams while chechens have a brain about 1420grams
It has sonething to do with killing of chechen gays. Either this was a big brain move or gays made average brain volume lower.
Anonymous  18/11/20 Срд 14:20:33 7086737
cute-as-fuck.png 22Кб, 216x258
Anonymous  18/11/20 Срд 14:42:01 7086838
Anonymous  18/11/20 Срд 14:49:36 7086939
Anonymous  18/11/20 Срд 17:07:55 7088240
These are located in Russia and hire Russian employees:
Radio Svoboda Москва, Малая Дмитровка., д. 20
Deutsche Welle Москва, Грузинский переулок, 3, стр. 1
BBC Москва, ул. Бахрушина, 32, стр. 1
NEXTA is different and they are calling for the overthrow of the government.
Anonymous  18/11/20 Срд 23:31:28 7089841
This board was created only for lahta-holes?
Anonymous  19/11/20 Чтв 01:51:43 7090342
Pseudoliberal feels unpleasant. Don't forget it's 2%. There is no mistery or scary "Lahta". You got out of your cozy Russophobe information bubble and faced the reality, that's all.
Anonymous  19/11/20 Чтв 03:06:56 7090843
These three are just branches of international media agencies coordinated and funded from abroad.
Anonymous  19/11/20 Чтв 10:38:27 7090944
Sounds pretty based, tbh.

Democracy is for people with room temperature IQ's, especially true in countries that use Celsius. It's a form of soft power where a ruling elite convinces the populace that they're in control. The fact of history is that there are rulers and the ruled, the rich and poor, those worked for and those who work. This is true in democracy, oligarchy, and autocracy. It's just that in democracy there's the illusion that the lowest are in charge.

The best form of government, in my opinion, is one that follows the natural law and is composed of people who observe some higher moral law. If you drop humans on an island, they are going to follow one person who has their shit together, or else they'll tear each other apart. that's the natural law. Monarchy is the most natural form of government to man, and everything else is just utopian garbage.
Anonymous  19/11/20 Чтв 11:11:12 7091045
cms-image-00000[...].jpg 1113Кб, 1280x1280
Yes, monarchy. That's what the second most popular man in Russia Vladimir Zhirinovsky says.
Anonymous  19/11/20 Чтв 11:41:20 7091146
Monarchy is the cheapest form of goverment.
Anonymous  20/11/20 Птн 14:01:08 7094147
Monarchism term, for the record. Legitimacy per se has no connection with democracy.
Anonymous  20/11/20 Птн 21:17:07 7095648
>>70739 (OP)
> Putin is overwhelmingly popular
Yes, that's why he has to falsify elections. Even against his spoilers. Even with total control of TV.

> Democracy = when leaders frequently change

In Russia if you try to initiate referendum, you go to jail.

> Why are their workers alive
Half of your list are foreign media on Russian language. Others have red lines they shouldn't cross. And rusophobia is before that line since it only benefits current regime.
They had to move to Latvia.
> Why would they do that?
Because you can pick only convenient or neutral news, and don't translate others.

Who "they"? 2ch users? Did they try to participate in elections?
Anonymous  20/11/20 Птн 22:26:58 7096549
Снимок.PNG 2305Кб, 1576x777
Я норвежец, but I was in Russia during your last election. I remember Navalny came to town. Our rector implored us not to go to the rally, saying that he had been warned that all attendants would be put on FSB lists. I had heard about Navalny before and I thought of him as the head of Russia's opposition, but I was surprised to find that he was pretty insignificant in terms of real political influence.

It seems like when westerners and western media look for opposition figures in Russia (people that make real criticism of corruption and structural problems), what they find is Navalny. This shows how little proper opposition there is.
Anonymous  20/11/20 Птн 22:39:40 7096750
>people we dislike are bad and painted in red
Do you honestly believe that? By all means, its good being critical to studies. Go through the different variables they use to gauge level of democracy, and compare Russia's results with one of "their" countries. See if you find any big inaccuracies.

It's pretty scary how people can just write off studies and descriptions of the world as "their" propaganda. When you only accept information that reinforces your views you are by definition being delusional.
Anonymous  20/11/20 Птн 22:50:50 7096851
>in democracy there's the illusion that the lowest are in charge
I somehow agree with this, sadly. Economic and political elites always have an upper hand. Still I prefer democracy to the extent that it forces leaders to please the citizenry. Autocratic leaders can somehow get away with years of declining living standards, but this doesn't pass in democracies. I mean, in a consolidated democracy leaders CAN be voted out of office and replaced.
Absolute monarchy is garbage tho
Anonymous  20/11/20 Птн 22:56:01 7096952
I guess this is very subjective. A leader can legitimately lead over a group if that group chose him themselves. Democratic legitimacy. Probably leaders can claim legitimacy by other means too.
Anonymous  20/11/20 Птн 23:05:37 7097053
собянин.png 259Кб, 397x308
137866119771705[...].jpg 57Кб, 604x480
188021-762556-1[...].jpg 98Кб, 902x836
I believe they prepared him as a head of the country in case of "вот, новый поворот" (because he seems to be one of them, one of (((them))) and now everybody knows his name for whatever reason. They say he is a Yeltsin's bastard, and Sobyanin too)
Anonymous  20/11/20 Птн 23:12:47 7097154
jew ears.png 95Кб, 600x167
yes hes member of jelzin family :) always watch for their ushkies :)
Anonymous  20/11/20 Птн 23:40:01 7097555
> he has to falsify elections
There are violations but you are accusing Vladimir Putin with no evidence. Vladimir Putin suggested to provide live broadcasts from every voting station in the country to minimize falsifications in 2011. It made easy to spot violations, and those who violate are being held responsible.
> Half of your list are foreign media on Russian language.
Their workers are Russians.
> Others have red lines they shouldn't cross
Like abiding by the law? Every media in the world has to. Yes, they can't call for doxxing, lynches, overthrow and other things like that. They have freedom of speech though. I don't see how someone can call it "repressed". I also don't believe the government murders anyone.
Anonymous  21/11/20 Суб 10:22:07 7098356
>Probably leaders can claim legitimacy by other means too.
Like being son of previous leader. Which in fact worked for far longet than democracy exists.
Anonymous  21/11/20 Суб 11:00:01 7098757
> In Russia if you try to initiate referendum, you go to jail.
I think that's a manipulation what you are doing here. The header says "The court sentenced strugglers for a referendum to prison". That's one way to name it. "RBC journalist Sokolov got 3.5 years in prison in a case of extremism" is another and more appropriate one.

They were charged because they continued a banned extremist organization which was deemed extremist in 2010 because it basically called for overthrow. A guy in your article wears a shirt in coour with the symbol of the organization on it.Армия_воли_народа#/media/Файл:Flagavn.jpg

What a disgusting idea they suggested - to sentence politicians to years in prison if people say on a vote they were displeased with their service. Well, these guys need to spend some time in prison to understand what they suggested.
Anonymous  21/11/20 Суб 13:48:58 7099158
> I was surprised to find that he was pretty insignificant in terms of real political influence
This will explain a lot:
Only shill can say that guys like Mironov as the real popular opposition in Russia.

> basically called for overthrow
> Прокурор Москвы Сёмин заявил, что призывы проводить голосование после истечения срока полномочий президента, и в случае, если большинство населения оказывалось недовольным его действиями, то бывшего главу государства предлагалось отправлять в тюрьму на тот срок, в течение которого он правил, являются призывом к насильственному свержению власти и экстремизмом
Why do you say such obvious lies? Do you get paid for that?

> to sentence politicians to years in prison if people say on a vote they were displeased with their service
Do you really think "to propose such a law" = "basically call for overthrow"? If no, you must agree this sentence was politically motivated.
Anonymous  21/11/20 Суб 13:54:50 7099259
Seriously, only foreigner or shill can say "Russian court considered them extremist" like that means anything.

Here is example of how court considered phrase "kill the slave within yourself" extremist.

Here is courts in Russia work in general. Pranker called judges, pretending to be highly appointed official and asked them to commit specified decisions. They mostly agreed to do it. He was prosecuted for that, judges were not.
Anonymous  21/11/20 Суб 14:43:51 7099560
> Why do you say such obvious lies? Do you get paid for that?
How many US cents do you get per post?
> If no, you must agree this sentence was politically motivated.
Do you expect me to disagree? This whole thing is about politics. Their suggestion is political, their group was political, they were charged for their extremist political activity. And now you suggest I think it has nothing to do with politics. What a nice manipulation again. +15 US cents, I guess?
> only foreigner or shill can say "Russian court considered them extremist" like that means anything
+15 US cents, shill. Only shitty two percents can scream SHILL SHILL SHILL every post.

You see, this is how pseudoliberals engage in discussions.
"You are a SHILL!!!" they scream. "+15 ROUBLES!!! LAHTA!!! KREMLIN'S BOT!!!"
They don't see a person in you, but an enemy whose arguments they must overcome with their allegations in shilling. Their goal is to make passers-by believe your posts are not to be trusted. How boring.
Anonymous  21/11/20 Суб 23:13:21 7100061
Now note how shills engage in discussions.
He totally ignored my arguments, my links and examples. Instead he chose to pretend he is triggered by me calling him a shill and wrote a wall of text with his butthurt.
Anonymous  21/11/20 Суб 23:46:29 7100162
You don't think I am an independent person who says what he thinks. Why would I answer seriously?

I'd thought people like you make a joke calling other people shills, but then I came to the conclusion you don't. It's what you really think - it's what they make you think. You are brainwashed to the point you are looking for shills under your bed.

Do you think any serious conversation is possible from the moment you call someone a shill? For me it means you won't listen to my single word. It's where any serious discussion stops. I will call you a pseudoliberal. You will call me a shill, a Russian bot. That's it. You chose this.
Anonymous  22/11/20 Вск 00:04:08 7100463
>hey are most successfull coloniziers which improves those countries
Excuse me? Just compare Haiti with Dominican Republic
Anonymous  22/11/20 Вск 10:50:22 7101664
Haiti had BLM movement kill all whites though.
Anonymous  22/11/20 Вск 12:19:59 7102065
A good way to escape inconvenient questions when even demagogue doesn't help. I appreciate it.
Anonymous  22/11/20 Вск 13:12:35 7102266
To call someone a shill? I wouldn't call it good. It's disrespectful. But I guess you pseudoliberals sincerely believe it. You'd call eighthy percents of the population shills.

I don't see any inconvenient questions from you my dear. But I won't bother reading you articles when you disrespect me, that's it.

Your hate towards Russia was cultivated on a professional level. I'm not one who can persuade a pseudoliberal to stop hating his or her country. But I would chat with you with respect if you did the same to me. No meaningful talk is possible if you don't see me as an individual.
Anonymous  22/11/20 Вск 21:03:08 7103967
haiti was under france, then USA took over. and BLM happend. haiti was incriedible under france. i wouldnt mind if french legion genocide all niggas in haiti.
>Dominican Republic
they are mullatos, i know a guy from work(domincano), he said all this haiti niggas are worse then somalis. super inbreed super retarded, he told me that they used to come to dom rep and kill people for food, they asked them why did you eat our people ? they reply "we was hungry" they also rape haiti women. most of this is not getting reported because USA hides those crimes. i say UK is fault.
Anonymous  22/11/20 Вск 21:21:29 7104268
>kill all whites though.
no, they also killed mullatos.
Anonymous  22/11/20 Вск 22:36:42 7104769
Eh, who counts half-bloods anyway.
Anonymous  23/11/20 Пнд 18:04:01 7110070
>>70739 (OP)
Okay now stop with this silly talk and bring me there so that I can be neet in peace thanks
Anonymous  23/11/20 Пнд 23:54:38 7111271
fuck democracy
Anonymous  24/11/20 Втр 00:51:22 7111872
I know that, I have dominican cousings, my grandma's brother went there during the post-war. They come here sometimes to my grandma's house.
Anonymous  24/11/20 Втр 22:47:27 7114673
Anonymous  24/11/20 Втр 22:58:56 7114774
Anonymous  30/11/20 Пнд 02:32:25 7131375
>>70739 (OP)
If russian government becomes democratic, people living in the distant russian regions will realize they are better on their own. They will vote to stop funding Moscow and to separate from it to make trade agreements with their respected neighbors. So, Russia can not be democratic until the end of its existence.
Anonymous  30/11/20 Пнд 05:14:49 7131876
Good point, especially considering the various ethnic groups that might want national independence. Does there exist a “Russian” identity across the country and its ethnicities? I know that there’s a difference between Русский and российский. Depending on how strong it is it could unite people. I mean, everyone speaks Russian fluently, which is pretty remarkable.

I wonder in what other ways Russia’s enormous territory affects its governance,

Anonymous  30/11/20 Пнд 10:52:23 7132177
> various ethnic groups that might want national independence
I heard there are people with ideas of independence, but these are not popular ideas. It's not ethnic groups only by the way. I also remember reading about ideas of independence of Saint-Petersburg - they called it Ingermanland.
> Does there exist a “Russian” identity across the country and its ethnicities?
Sure. And both words русский and российский/россияне are suitable if we speak about nationality or place of production.
Anonymous  30/11/20 Пнд 11:05:09 7132278
Sure Moscow has a big budget, but Moscow (12.7 mil people) and Moscow Oblast (7.7 mil people) are two federal subjects with the biggest populations.

Does Moscow grab money though? It's Moscow, Moscow Oblast and some other regions who pay subsidies to all the other regions.
Anonymous  30/11/20 Пнд 16:44:37 7132579
>>70739 (OP)
democracy is not effective.
also monarchies are not really democratic.
Anonymous  30/11/20 Пнд 21:12:34 7134080
Anonymous  30/11/20 Пнд 22:00:45 7134181
No. Norway is an absolutist monarchy. In fact the same goes for all of Europe’s so-called “democracies”. The only truly democratic country in the world is the Republic™ of the United States of America.
Anonymous  30/11/20 Пнд 22:16:09 7134282
>both words русский and российский/россияне are suitable if we speak about nationality or place of production
Really? I was taught that русский is for white ethnic Russians, and that Российский is used in regards to Russian state/government. That a Tatar from Kazan is российский but not русский. Seems I’ve been misled.
Anonymous  30/11/20 Пнд 22:44:24 7134383
gux31sn7otak.jpg 83Кб, 800x695
>>70739 (OP)
Petty nationalism of european regimes urges to enslave slavic nations simply because they think slava means nothing but slave (whether because the slave-merchants stole people from those place, where VyacheSlavs, YaroSlavs, VladiSlav's, and other slav's lived, so europeans don't seem to know that just like germans are guys named German, french are guys named Frantz, dannish are guys named Dan, svenska are guys named Sven. So rusland is the land of Rustams, Ruslans, but we're so Racist, we want to be Slavia and Rusland is an ignorant european name, who give these lands to mutts, but russian mutts don't want to be rustams, they want to be Vlads. And there are more obscene names for this country, tartaria is coming into fashion among the alternative historians, but such names I don't know, and that could be some other tradition of naming the nations.
Anonymous  30/11/20 Пнд 23:22:39 7134584
> Really? I was taught that русский is for white ethnic Russians, and that Российский is used in regards to Russian state/government.
You were taught right. Though people do use the word русский in its other meaning in regard to Russian state/government too. Vladimir Putin congratulates россияне on the 31st of December, and it's always россияне in all official papers. But русский is used towards non ethnic Russians though it's less common. We say русская литература and русское кино and it doesn't mean the authors of these books and movies are ethnic Russians.
Anonymous  01/12/20 Втр 01:28:03 7134885
Okay thanks. This Россиянин word interests me too. I was taught that most nationalities has noun words (such as Норвежец, Немец), but that there is now such word for Russians. You simply have to use Русский/Российский. But apparently there's Россиянин.
>Термин «россияне» часто встречается в федеральных законах РФ, указах президента РФ, постановлениях и распоряжениях правительства РФ, в актах субъектов РФ, постановлениях, определениях и других актах высших судов РФ.
Perhaps this word is very formal and not used in daily conversation?
Anyways, the next time I have to make a toast in Russian company, I'll definitively start with "Дорогие Россияне"
Anonymous  01/12/20 Втр 02:04:06 7134986
>was taught that most nationalities has noun words (such as Норвежец, Немец),
Русский is the word for that
Anonymous  01/12/20 Втр 08:17:03 7135387
Русский behaves like if it were a noun, российский doesn't. Русские пошли на пляж sounds good. Российские пошли на пляж does too but only in a context - you better say российские отдыхающие/туристы/граждане пошли на пляж or just россияне пошли на пляж. It's not that formal and it's a common way to address a Russian citizen. It's used in documents because it has a single meaning.

I said Putin congratulates россиян, though I watched the 2020 New Year congratulation, and he says Уважаемые граждане России. And in 2019 too. And in 2017, and in 2016. In 2018 he just said Dear friends.
Anonymous  01/12/20 Втр 08:38:25 7135488
Anonymous  01/12/20 Втр 09:01:02 7135589
Another example
Roy Jones says he is русский (and it sounds natural to me), but some posters insist he is not.
One of the posters even says the author of the article shows his desire to destroy Russian ethnic group and hatred towards ethnic Russians by putting Roy Jones' words about being русский in the title.
Anonymous  01/12/20 Втр 18:27:11 7136990
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