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What, guys? What are we, the chief, or what, let us down? Are we swimming beetles Anonymous  21/11/20 Суб 03:07:13 709811
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What, guys? What are we, the chief, or what, let us down?
Are we swimming beetles or Russian rye buckwheat men? Ali won't go on underpaid shifts? Have you bargained for a peasant's conscience? No, I can see from your peasant eyes that there are no salaries here.
Wrong breed! Here the temper is centenary, Siberian, taiga. Here the cedar is fonite on the bottom! Here the peasant guards his river, his meadows and his plow tightly! Here, heal the good of the frivolous, heal the lace and bank accounts of women, no one will even move! There are different motivations, different morals grow!
Here the peasant observes one-man command. We ourselves are INTO small. Dry wind will carry us through the fields, and we can get lost. The boss fixes us with roots to the ground, like a century-old oak rhizome! With the boss, we will endure any winds. And from that we ourselves have served it - from our side, with a chill.
If we see, as the chief is not well, then the last shirt off the torso - "Wear it, commander!" For us, peasants, and a piece in the throat does not go, if the authorities need gnaw! And whoever climbs against our boss, who spreads unrest in the basin - we are like this: by the neck - and to the well! Because distemper is beneficial to nimble, nimble, sweetish and mint. To those who, like a viper, climbs our bed. Someone strives to fall from the ceiling with wood lice into porridge. This is alien to us! Not those fairy tales for us mother baila in the cradle! We sang other songs in the army!
Come on guys, come and sign the schedule! Tomorrow we will work in two shifts, we will provide porridge during the break, the tanks will be brought directly to the workshop.
We will be full, and the rest is that for us, the peasants, we will survive, we will earn, we will pour it into the shag, but during the break we will smoke!
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