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what Russians think of this? Anonymous  21/11/20 Суб 16:09:35 709961
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Anonymous  21/11/20 Суб 21:05:03 709972
What we needs a[...].webm 237Кб, 426x240, 00:00:06
Anonymous  22/11/20 Вск 13:54:37 710253
>>70996 (OP)
The characters say "Russia is exactly like movies". Soviet symbols, Gulag. It's more like they are mocking American movies with Russian villains.

But the uploader's title says it's mocking Russian media. That's where the problem is - different people see the video differently. The only real thing in this video is Vladimir Putin, and I don't like the way they portray Vladimir Putin as a cold man and the "ask no question" thing - because some people will get wrong impression.

Overall, I think it's friendly. It's more simple when Russians do the same thing because I understand their motivation.
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